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Clean your sports equipment quickly and easily with the Nuvo Clean Sports gym cleaner!

We are the Irish distributor for Nuvo Clean Sports. The distribution is made in cooperation with Nuvo Clean from the Sportief BV warehouse in Sittard, NL. The demand for Nuvo Clean Sports was enormous after the launch on the biggest Sports Fair in Europe, the ISPO in Munich. The demand for a product that really attacks the bad sweat smell turned out to be huge.

Become also a distributor or reseller of the product that really helps! Because of the huge applicability of the product it will become a success in every sports store. Think about products like sport shoes, (boxing)gloves, shin guards, skates, helmets and many others, in general all products that got dirty because of sweat and are hard to wash.

Why Nuvo Clean Sports Probiotic Cleaning?

The Answer is Simpl…because it is safer and more effective.

Let’s start with some stats about how toxic those common cleaners in your home really are. In 2003, 90% of all reported poisonings in America (of which 60% were children) occurred at home due to common household cleaners. Research has also found that women who worked in their home have a greater risk, as much as 55% higher, of developing cancer and/or chronic respiratory disease than women who work outside of the home. Household cleaners, cosmetics, and paints contain so many toxic chemicals that this group now represents a leading source of air pollution in some major metropolitan areas, only second to car and truck exhaust emissions. There are an estimated 90,000+ chemical compounds in the USA today, of which less than 1% has actually been tested by the government for carcinogenicity. Less than 12% has been tested for ANY kind human or environmental safety. That said, we have absolutely no idea how these various combinations of chemicals will affect our health and that of the planet. The research is all there, so why do we continue to use toxic cleaners in our home, near our pets and children? Enter Probiotic cleaning—the new way to clean.

What is Probiotic cleaning?

Our Probiotic cleaners are specially formulated as safe, organic green cleaners meant to reduce germs in your home by as much as 86%. But wait, we’ve all heard the advertisements claiming certain toxic cleaners reduce 99.9% of germs, right? Why isn’t this better? The reason for this is that those cleaners kill ALL the germs, the good and the bad. Probiotics are essentially friendly bacteria. You see, most people only recognize bacteria as bad germs that need to be killed, but in reality, bacteria are part of the balance of nature and are absolutely necessary to our good health. Usually, favorable bacteria coexist harmoniously and it is only when harmful microorganisms gain the upper hand that we can become sick. Good bacteria and bad bacteria are often fighting against one another for survival. Naked Clean® lays down such a large quantity of friendly bacteria, or Probiotics, that the bad germs can’t compete and essentially die—exactly the way nature intended. That’s right, Probiotic Cleaning is actually cleaning with germs!

How exactly do Probiotics work to kill germs?

Probiotics clean at the microscopic level to reduce germs, allergens, and viruses by getting rid of bio-film—the secret hiding place of 90% of harmful bacteria. Bio-film is like a microscopic city full of all the bad stuff. It’s on almost all surfaces that are somewhat wet and warm, including on our teeth as plaque. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) believes that 65% of certain types of infections in hospitals are a result of diseases (e.g. H1N1, MRSA, Staph, E.coli) that live and hide in bio-film. But here’s the real kicker—bio-film cannot be removed with any cleaning products including acids. Not even the strongest disinfectant can penetrate its hard crust-like layers. It’s an armor-plated home for bacteria to live. Pictured here is bio-film magnified many times by an electron microscope. You can actually see the microorganisms under the bio-film. When you eliminate the bio-film, germs and viruses have no place to live and reproduce which causes them to die out. Viruses ‘outside’ the bio-film can only survive for a very short time so removing it is very helpful for a healthy home. The great thing about Probiotics is that the bio-film is actually food for them. Unlike toxic cleaners, Probiotics literally eat away the bio-film that holds the bacteria and viruses that can make you and your family sick.

How does Probiotic cleaning continue to clean up to 3-days later?

Since Probiotics are “living” microbes, once they’re exposed to a surface they continue to live up to 72 hours, on average. Therefore, Probiotic cleaning continues to clean long after the maids have left your home. This differs greatly from standard toxic cleaning because the germs jump right back onto the surface within 8-hours after a standard cleaning. With Probiotic cleaning you get a 3-day reprieve from the bad germs.

Check out our full range for home and commercial us.

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Tiernan Bradley – Custom Boxing Shorts

Tiernan Bradley started his new chapter last night as he entered the pro ranks in Poland. Bradley got a first round stoppage on his debut.

Below are his custom shorts along with masks and caps.

Standard boxing shorts in white with gold leaf. The shorts are made from a very light satin. All the golf logos were embroidered while the rest were printed.

The custom face masks were made to match the boxing shorts. 3-Ply (satin & cotton). Covers your nose and mouth in order to minimise cross-infection. Lightweight and comfortable.

Tiernan Bradley - Custom Boxing Shorts
Custom Face Mask with Tiernan’s Logo Embroidered in Gold.

Custom black caps with Tiernan’s logo embroidered in gold.

Tiernan Bradley - Custom Boxing Shorts

Contact us if you are looking to get your own custom gear.

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Tony Browne – Custom Boxing Shorts

Tony Browne started his new chapter last night as he entered the pro ranks in Poland. Brown got a first round stoppage on his debut.

Below are his custom shorts along with masks and boots.

Retro boxing shorts in yellow and purple. The shorts are made from a very light satin. All the logos were made purple to match the style of the shorts.

The custom face masks were made to match the boxing shorts. 3-Ply (satin & cotton). Covers your nose and mouth in order to minimise cross-infection. Lightweight and comfortable.

Tony Browne - Mask
Custom made masks in yellow/purple/white with the Super Fly logo embroidered.

We customized the Adidas Varner Wrestling Boots from White/Gold to White/Yellow/Purple to match Tony Brown’s shorts.

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Gym Finance now available from FlexiCommercial x Fighstore Ireland

Gym Finance now available from FlexiCommercial x Fighstore Ireland

Want to build up a gym or fitness centre with treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, boxing bags, and more, but don’t want to weaken your cash flow? A leasing solution can help keep your business moving.

Fit out your gym with all the latest equipment. Our flexible lease agreements mean manageable monthly payments which are 100% tax deductible.* You can also easily add extra equipment as your gym membership grows.

Lease Almost Any Equipment You Need

You can lease just about anything your business needs from a treadmill to circuit training equipment. Talk to us about our cash-flow friendly leasing solutions for:

Example Costs

  • Lease exercise bikes & treadmills valued at €35,000 from just €889 per month.**
  • Lease universal gym machines valued at €15,000 from just €402 per month.**
  • Bundle an equipment package worth €10,000 from just €268 per month.**

Our flexible terms offer a simple way for you to finance your ongoing needs and stay up-to-date with the latest technology. A number of end-of-term benefits also gives you the option to upgrade to new equipment, extend your term or make an offer to purchase.

5 Top Reasons To Lease Fitness Equipment Through Us

  1. Flexible 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 month term options
  2. No capital outlay means steady cash flow
  3. Tailored solutions support growing practices
  4. Ability to finance a single machine or your entire business
  5. Fully tax deductible*

Adding New Items

As your business grows, we can help you accommodate your changing equipment needs. You can add new items to your lease at anytime.

End of Contract Options

You can upgrade your equipment, hand it back to us, or offer to purchase it at the end of the agreement. Flexibility at its best.

Looking to apply for gym finance? There are just five simple steps to being approved for the finance you need:

  1. Select the equipment you would like to lease.
  2. Tell the salesperson you would like to take a FlexiCommercial lease.
  3. Apply online for finance or by calling 01-4513222
  4. Submit your details and select from a wide choice of payment terms to suit your budget. Choose from a 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 month term.
  5. When finance is approved, sign and return the paperwork. Then arrange to have your new equipment delivered or collected.

Have any questions? Contact us on 01 4055024 or sales[at]

NOTE: Finance is provided by FlexiCommercial and NOT Fightstore Ireland. All payments have to be made to FlexiCommercial and NOT to Fightstore Ireland.

* Tax deductions may apply. FlexiCommercial does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax advisor for details. Finance subject to credit assessment and approval. Please see product terms and conditions for full details.

** Monthly prices quoted are based on a 60 month Operating lease agreement paid monthly (VAT inclusive). Prices and rates are correct at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice. Terms & Conditions apply.

Choosing the Right Size Boxing Gloves

If you’re new to boxing or kickboxing, finding the right pair of gloves can seem pretty daunting. There are hundreds of types and brands. They also come in a large selection of sizes.

Choosing the right pair of gloves is one of the most important things you can do when you’re just getting started. In addition to affecting the quality of your training, wearing the wrong glove can increase your chance of injury over time.

Here we aim to give some general advice and guidance to help make that decision a little bit easier. Starting with the 2 main areas to consider:

  1. Are you hitting the mitts/the bag, sparring or fighting?
    • Bag gloves have a harder padding and small while sparring gloves are big and have soft padding. Fight gloves only come in 8oz and 10oz and only in lace up. To find the best boxing gloves for beginners, you must first determine the right size for your needs. The most common sizes are 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz. 10oz gloves are the most popular size for bag/pad workouts while 14oz, 16oz, 18oz, and even 20oz gloves are used for sparring.
  2. What’s your weight/size?
    • At 40-54kg and 5.5” – 6.5” you would be using an 8oz pair of gloves on the bag while if you are 85kg and 8.5″ – 9.5″ you would be sparring in a paid of 16oz+ gloves.

Your boxing gloves should have a snug, comfortable fit with your fingertips grazing the top of the gloves. Be sure to try them with hand wraps on. The gloves should be snug around the straps but not tight, and it should be easy to make a fist.

Bag Gloves: As the name suggests, bag gloves are meant to be used in heavy bag, speed bag or pad training. Bag gloves are designed with less padding in the knuckles than other boxing glove models. While it might seem counter-intuitive to have a product with less padding, bag gloves are constructed this way to allow fighters to feel their punches and become accustomed to the impact. If an awkward punch is thrown or a fighter’s form is broken, they should be able to feel it in a bag glove and adjust accordingly.

Regardless of type, the best boxing gloves for beginners should always be comfortable to wear with hand wraps and perfectly fit the shape of your hand, wrist and fingers. A good pair of gloves should never hurt your hands after a punch.

Note: all gloves have a break-in period. Chances are they won’t be comfortable right away, so give them a few weeks to fully adapt to your needs and fit.

Training gloves are a great all-around option for boxers who are new to the sport. These gloves are built with sufficient padding and can be used for both bag work and sparring but aren’t necessarily specialized for either. Training gloves can be a great introductory glove with ample support for novice and veteran fighters alike.

Sparring gloves: In contrast to training gloves, sparring gloves are built solely for sparring and have extra padding, not only to protect you, but also your sparring partner. Sparring gloves will be sized the same as trainers but can be a tad bit heavier due to the extra padding.

Rival Sparring Gloves Size Chart

Competition boxing gloves are designed with the fight in mind. With less padding in the knuckles, these gloves are built for your opponent to feel your strikes. There are two levels of competitive boxing gloves: amateur and professional. Each follows sizing by weight division, with amateur gloves being more regulated due to the stricter rules at this level. A good way to typically identify amateur gloves is by the red or blue color scheme accompanied by a white knuckle overlay for easier scoring by judges.

Professional Boxing bouts use 8oz/10oz lace up gloves while Amateur Boxing bouts use 10oz/12oz velcro boxing gloves.

Lace-up or velcro?

Laces do offer a tighter fit and better wrist support, however they’re also sadly not as practicable. You can’t tie laces by yourself, so you’ll have to count on your training buddy to lace you up before each training. For this reason, lace-up gloves are almost always used by professional boxers.

Velcro can be secured almost as tightly as laces, and can be done yourself. 9 times out of 10 the hassle of laces isn’t worth the benefits, unless you’re a pro.

Leather or vinyl boxing gloves?

The most common materials used for boxing gloves are vinyl and leather. The glove material will likely impact your comfort, the durability of the glove, and the cost. Vinyl gloves are usually cheaper; ranging from about €20 – €60. For that reason, vinyl gloves make for good boxing gloves for beginners. However, if you plan to train very regularly, leather may be a better choice, both for comfort and durability.

Vinyl/PU is far less breathable, and may cause your hands to get excessively hot and sweaty. It’s also not nearly as long-lasting as leather. However, this is still a great option if you plan to use your gloves to partake in fitness classes, or any other activity where there is little actual hitting.

Leather, while more expensive provides quite a few more benefits than vinyl. In addition to durably, leather will mold to your hand and become better fitting over time.

If you are still not sure what to go for, feel free to contact us for more information. 🙂

BlazePod Academy

BlazePod Academy: Come and learn more about how to use BlazePod and start to truly get the best out of your Flash Reflex Training

Setup – Training – Track

Connect to your Pods

Learn how to connect your Pods to the app and all the actions you can perform in the Pods settings screen.

High level settings:

Now let’s look at the BlazePod settings that provide endless solutions to exercises, drills, competitions and more.

Choose a predefined activity:

Dive into BlazePod’s predefined activities that we’ve created for you. understand the layouts, the settings and how to customize them to suit your specific needs.

Create your own activity:

Your place to create drills that fit your training goals and requirements.

Analyze your results:

Check out where all your results and data are stored.


Base your activity on single Pods lighting up in a randomized order – Great for activities ranging from basic to highly complex exercises, drills and competitions.

All at Once:

Base your activity on multiple Pods lighting up at once – Great for big movement drills.


Base your activity on multiple Pods lighting up in distracting colors while only one Pod lights up in the color that you set – Great for brain processing training.

Home Base:

Base your activity on single Pods lighting up randomly with a home base Pod to return to after every hit – Great for shuttle drills or trigger based drills.


Base your activity on a predefined sequence of Pods lighting up in the order and colors that you set – Great for physical and cognitive testing.

BlazePod Challenges and Drills

Plank Challenge: Challenge yourself with this great classic BlazePod drill.

Squat Touch Press: Check out this amazing full body drill on the app.

BlazePod Triangle Competition: Challenge your clients, friends and family with this great BlazePod competition.

Train anywhere: Don’t forget, BlazePod is a solution for training almost anywhere you wish.

Have fun with the kids at home: Keep your kids active at home with obstacle courses and challenges that will get their brains working overtime and burn all that bundled up energy.

Get the free app. It already contains integrated training for different training areas. It is free to download for iOS and Android users in the relevant app stores. This allows you to create your own tests and record and analyze response times.

BlazePod Academy: Not seeing what you were looking for? Feel free to contact us.

BlazePod FAQ

BlazePod FAQ

Does the BlazePod support other languages besides English?

At this stage, BlazePod only supports English.

Do I need a phone and a Bluetooth connection to use the BlazePod?

Yes. The Pods connect via a Bluetooth connection to the BlazePod app on your phone. BlazePod uses BLE technology to connect to the phone.

What is the BlazePod adapter and how do I use it?

The BlazePod adapter is the housing unit that holds the Pod in place when using one of the accessories.

In order to use it, first make sure that the Pod is lined up properly, and then firmly click it into place. The Pods hold extremely well. Next, simply pick the accessory you require. Both the suction cup and the straps attach themselves to the BlazePod adapter.

How do I charge my Pod?

Connect the USB cable to the power outlet and the charger unit.

Place one Pod on top of the charger and firmly press on top of them to make sure there is proper contact. If the indication light starts blinking red, move onto the next step. If the indication light changes between blue, green and red, leave the Pod on the charger for at least 10 minutes. Next remove the Pod for a moment, and then return it to the top of the charger and make sure the indication light then blinks red.

Add an additional Pod on top of the Pod currently charging and repeat the first 2 steps.

You can charge up to 6 Pods stacked one on top of the other.

How far away can my mobile phone be from the Pods?

Your Pods can be placed at a distance of up to 40 meters from your mobile device. 

How many pods can I connect to simultaneously?

The maximum number of Pods that you’ll be able to simultaneously connect to will depend on the mobile device itself.
Most of the phones we tested could connect to 12 Pods, assuming the software version was up to date, but we know that some phones could connect to fewer Pods at a time.

In the past 2 years, we have seen the max number of simultaneous connections increases by phone manufacturers, so it’s a matter of time until all phones will have this support.

Please see further information regarding phone connectivity and your device’s capabilities using the following link.

What are custom activities?

If you can’t find what you are looking for among the predefined activities, then the custom activities function allows you to control the Pods’ capabilities to suit your own activity need, and build an activity according to your specific requirements. 

Can I customize and save activities?

It is possible to create activities using the different light logics for immediate use and save up to 10 customs activities. 

Still have questions? Contact us via social media, e-mail or phone call.

BlazePod FAQ

Logan takes the Lightweight Title at Ryoshin Fighting Championship 8

Dylan Logan (SBG) wasted no time in defeating Ron Butler (Ryoshin Academy) when the two met on Saturday night at Ryoshin Fighting Championship 8.

The crowd was buzzing with excitement as both fighters made their way to the octagon but Logan kept a cool head and efficiently went about his work.

Speaking exclusively to FightStore Media after the victory he said, “At the start of the fight Ron hit me with a shot and I knew that he wasn’t messing but I composed myself, took a step back and landed my right hand. Then I felt that panic rush and I knew what was coming. He dropped his hand and I got him in a triangle. When I get that triangle, as Paddy Holohan says I make them go ‘Jingle Jangle’.

When asked about his game plan, Dylan was quick to say that he never plans any of his fights. “I don’t game plan. I literally go in and flow. At SBG we’re prepared for everywhere,” he said.

This fight was important to Logan because it was the first time that he’d brought people to one of his fights. “I had my dad, uncles, brother, my girlfriend and all my mates here tonight. I was a bit nervous beforehand because I didn’t know how I’d perform but once I got out there and heard all the cheers it filled me with energy. I felt like they could off done no time limit and I wouldn’t have got tired. At past fights I’d show up and two rounds in I’d be gassed. I felt a real hunger to perform. When I landed that check hook, he paused and then wobbled. I threw a kick and then he panicked and rushed. As soon as I locked the triangle there was no doubt in my mind that he’d tap,” said Logan.

Speaking about winning the Lightweight title, Dylan said that ‘it feels good to take it back to SBG’. But he has bigger aims than the Ryoshin belt, “At the end of the day this Ryoshin belt means nothing to me. I don’t want to be the best in Ireland or Europe. I’m looking to be the best in the world. That’s just the way it is and that’s bred into us at SBG. If you’re not in it to be the best then why are you in it?”

Logan felt like he was at a higher level than the rest of the fighters. “. I feel like I’m a professional and all these other guys are amateurs. I think that the difference between us is huge,” he said.

He told FightStore Media that, “The preparation up to this fight was correct, I trained like a pro and cut weight like a pro. For my last four fights I’d show up in the morning and have 3 kg to cut but I’ve been on weight since Tuesday for this fight. I was having three meals a day and six litres of water. I showed up to the weigh-in fully hydrated with breakfast in my belly.”

There is a sense that every fighter from SBG has huge respect for John Kavanagh and Dylan Logan is no different. “I can’t go wrong with John in my corner. He knows how I feel without me saying anything. I’d be bouncing around back stage putting on a front in front of the other lads but obviously you get nervous, I am human. The nerves build up and you try to cover it but John knows what to say and when to say it. His instructions are so clear. You don’t hear that from the other corners. When you do what he says you win fights. There are so many waves of fighter coming through SBG. I feel like we’re just going to take over the game and dominate,” he said.

Dylan Logan will go straight back to training on Monday but he has his sights set on turning pro in the near future.

Ryoshin Fighting Championship 8: A showcase of raw talent and exciting MMA prospects

It was a night of slick submissions and impressive KO’s in the Roadstone Sports Club as two belts were on the line.

The Ryoshin Fighting Championship 8 delivered some very exciting contests and we witnessed some of Ireland’s best MMA prospects in action.

The Lightweight title fight headlined the show and it delivered on its promise to be one of the fights of the night. Dylan Logan (SBG Concorde) made light work of his opponent Ron Butler (Ryoshin Academy) with a fast submission inside the first minute of their bout. The two exchanged strikes but Butler was caught by a right hook from Logan. The fight went to the ground and Logan did impressively to sink a triangle and forced Butler to tap out.

Speaking to Fightstore Media after the fight, Dylan Logan said, “As soon as I locked the triangle there was no doubt in my mind that he’d tap.”

In the Flyweight title fight Hughie O’Rourke (Team Ryano) defeated Matiss Zaharovs (Cill Dara MMA) via arm bar. It was a fight which Matiss had been dominating after a barrage of shots and successful takedown attempts but Hughie showed great determination to stay in the fight and got his reward with a well-constructed arm bar to take the victory. O’Rourke was presented with his belt by team-mate and UFC fighter Neil Seery.

Elsewhere on the night we witnessed an all-out war between Jamie Finn (Team Caveman) and Nathan Kenna (Full Power MMA). The flyweight bout will be well remembered by everyone in attendance as both fighters settled their feud inside the octagon. Kenna was very dominant in the first round, taking top position on the ground and attempting an arm-bar. For his part, Jamie Finn showed an impressive resilience to survive the submission attempt when many felt he would tap.

The second round was a more even contest with both fighters taking control on the ground. In the third round Nathan Kenna finished Finn by TKO. He caught Finn with a one-two and launched a vicious ground and pound which forced the stoppage.

After the fight Nathan Kenna told Fightstore Media, “I think it was an easy opponent. The first two rounds were hard. I couldn’t get the arm bar, that’s what I was going for but in the third round I saw the knock out and I took it. My brother told me to go for the one-two and it came off.”

Fresh from his victory Kenna wasted no time in calling out the new Flyweight champion, “I want to fight Hughie O’Rourke for the title next. I’m going for the belt and I’m going to keep it then I’ll think about going pro.”

Another highlight of the night was the contest between Ian Coughlan (Paul Cummins School of Judo) and Makinde Adeyami (Ryoshin Academy). This match showcased both fighters grappling abilities as they went back and forth on the ground. Both men had successful takedown attempts but ultimately Makinde won by split decision. He produced some great athleticism to spin out of trouble and proved to have the edge over Coughlan.

The preliminary card produced one of the most memorable moments of the night. Adam Nowak (Arena Wexford) finished Dillan Douglas (IMMA Next Gen) by tap-out due to strikes. Nowak caught him with a heavy knee to the body which left Douglas in agony. When Nowak launched his ground and pound straight after there was little that Douglas could do and was forced to tap out.

The Ryoshin Fighting Championship 8 was an entertaining night of MMA action. It is a great platform to develop young MMA talent and it’s clear that the future of Irish MMA is bright with so many exciting fighters on display.

Check out Ryoshin Fighting Championship 8 on Facebook.

Ryoshin Fighting Championship 8: A showcase of raw talent and exciting MMA prospects
Dec Larkin, Alastair Mcgee, Rhys McKee

A look inside Warriors Gym with Head Coach Cian Cowley

Warriors Gym Thai Boxing/K1 is one of the most respected Muay Thai gyms in Ireland. It was originally founded by Mike Dockery in 2002 who had been an accomplished fighter but found his calling as a coach. He instilled an attitude of discipline and sportsmanship in his fighters. Mike handed the gym over to Cian Cowley, current ISKA Irish K1 Champion and the Golden Belt 4 Nations Muay Thai Champion, when he was only 20 years old. In the years since that takeover, Warriors have went from strength to strength and now boast 17 champions across all age groups.

Cian has been involved with Warriors for the past ten years. In that time he became one of the best Thai boxing fighters in Ireland and recently decided to pursue a career in MMA. He told FightStorePROi what the gym means to him, “I was always involved in martial arts because my dad got me into boxing and kickboxing in other gyms but Warriors was my first home when I started. It was my club and who I represented, I never mixed and matched with any other clubs. For the last ten years it’s been my club. The longest I’ve ever been away is when I’ve gone to Thailand to train. I’m always in and out of the gym, it’s like a religion to me. My whole life revolves around Warriors gym and Thai boxing. People say that the gym is their second home but this genuinely is my second home because it’s all I’ve known for the last ten years. I dropped everything for Warriors gym and always put it first before everything else.”

This level of dedication is clear when he admits that he’s ‘turned down endless amounts of opportunities because I put this gym first.’ “I’ve had offers of full-time work running gyms in America and Australia but that thought wouldn’t even come into my mind. That’s how much Warriors means to me,” he admitted.Warriors Gym Dublin - FightstorePROi

Many had questioned whether Cian would be able to run the gym when he was handed the keys by his trainer, Mike Dockery, but now the two men look back and ‘laugh about it’. “I never expected it. I never had a plan that in a few years I’d take over Warriors; that was never mentioned by anyone,” he said. Mike took a chance on Cian but he had ‘faith’ in him. “Back then most people did knock it because they probably said Mike was mad giving the gym to a nineteen year old. Everyone asked questions about him giving it to a young lad, they didn’t think I’d know how to run it and organise fighters but Mike had faith in me and now when we talk about it we laugh about it. He was the only one the actually believed that I could do it but know all those doubters have been proved wrong. The gym has gone from strength to strength,” says Cian.

Since the takeover Warriors has grown under Cian’s tutelage and he has been happy with the progress achieved. “When Mike had the gym he had a full time job and a wife and kids at home so it was very hard for him to juggle all that together while trying to push all his fighters to the top and bring in new people to the gym. When I took over I had no job or responsibilities so I could put all my work into this project. I was able to coach all the classes and organise the fights so within the first year I was organising all the trips away and I also had the time to go away with fighters to England and abroad,” admits Cowley.

Looking around the gym it’s not hard to see how far they’ve come in a small amount of time. Cian points towards a wall full of belts which is testament to his dedication in coaching. “We’ve 17 champions now and that’s gone from just me and Karl McCallig as Mike’s champions. We were his first two champions but the work he put into us to get the belts was huge dedication, he put years of work into us to get them and since then we’ve drove this club forwards. Now we have champion after champion coming through and I would consider Warriors gym the best stand-up gym in the country at the moment in terms of fighters. All the other gyms are great in their own way but I think for stand-up, K1 and Muay Thai, Warriors is one of the highest level gyms in the country,” said Cian proudly.

Warriors Gym Dublin - FightstorePROiSpeaking of champions there are a few fighters in Warriors that we need to look out for in future. Cian mention’s Daryl Flood, a sixteen year old with a bright future ahead of him. Cian explains that Daryl started out as a junior but now he’s gone pro. “He’s fighting at a high level and he’s already been around the block at such a young age. You can’t compare that experience he has to anyone else at sixteen. He’s without a doubt one to watch out for in the future. Daryl will go all the way to the top. Another fighter, Conor Keogh, who trains with Daryl is also very handy on the mat.”

But they aren’t the only talent in the gym according to Cian. “Obviously we also have Karl Mccallig who’s another big name. I know he had a bad loss at Cage Kings but that’s nothing to go by, look at all his other fights before that and you’ll see why he’s such a big name. We also have loads of very dangerous juniors and it’s sickening to see just how good they are at that age. It’s scary to think about what they’ll be like in five to six year’s time. There’s loads of good talent in the gym,” said Cowley.

As one of the biggest Muay Thai gyms in the country, Warriors has a lot of aspects which separates it from the rest. Cian believes that it’s down to the way they train and their attitude to training. “I think it has a lot to do with me being younger. I know I might have less experience and people think you need to be more mature to run a gym. I’m in a position where I’m still an active fighter and it’s been making the gym better. I’m coaching and still actively fighting at a high level so I’m not teaching my fighters any old techniques. Each day I get new ideas to add different techniques to training. Anyone that has trained here knows we train different to other gyms. I also have the atmosphere down here very family orientated; we’re all mates and everyone gets along. Our attitude towards training is unique; most gyms are ignorant to the fact of learning and evolving with times whereas I’m not and we are always looking to learn so that’s why I think we’re so successful,” said Cian.Cian Cowley - Warriors Gym Dublin - FightstorePRO Ireland

Cowley has not thought too much about the future but he would like a ‘bigger gym’ at some stage. He says, “Two years ago I never thought the gym would have as many champions as we do now. I want to keep training the lads day to day, keep the classes consistent and bring lots more kids through our doors. We’re mad about the kids here and I dedicate a lot of time to the juniors because they’re the future at the end of the day. I would like to get a bigger gym; I like our current one and I think it’s perfect but it would be nice to get a proper facility with more space for the lads. As a coach that’s what I’d love to be able to do for everyone at the gym.”

If you are thinking about joining Warriors you should get on to their website – – and then give them a call so you can get started. Cian admits that he knows the ‘hardest part is getting started’. I think at Warriors our beginners classes are a great way to get going; it’s laid back and I teach the beginners classes which is good. I try to keep them to a max of 15-20 people but that’s on a busy day, normally we’d get an average of 5-10 people and I try to keep it like that so everyone gets a chance,” he said.

He also added that, “Some people might be turned off by the fact that I’m the coach because of the way I fight and might think they’ll have to jump in and spar with me but that’s not the case. We don’t have egos here and I would never tolerate anyone having an ego in my gym.  I don’t care how good a fighter is, I won’t tolerate any egos. The only person that has an ego in this gym is me and that’s because I’m the coach. I need to have it to keep everyone in check. That’s why I believe this is a great gym for people to join.” So if you think you’d like to join get down and get involved!

Warriros Gym Dublin - Cian Cowley - Daryl Flood - FightstorePROi Warriors Gym Dublin - FightstorePROi Warriors Gym Dublin - FightstorePROiWarriors Gym Dublin - FightstorePROi Warriors Gym Dublin - FightstorePROi