BAMMA 22: DuQuesnoy vs Loughnane Results:

Tom DuQuesnoy vs Brendan Loughnane (Decision (split) 05:00 in round 3)

Chris Fields vs Christopher Jacquelin (Submission (tap out) 04:55 round 2)

Alan Philpott vs Regis Sugden (Decision (split) 05:00 in round 3)

Catherine Costigan vs Celine Haga (Submission (verbal) 04:46 in round 1)

Jack Grant vs Jack McGann (Technical knockout (strikes) 00:52 in round 1)

Conor Cooke vs Paul Byrne (Technical knockout (strikes) 02:06 in round 1)

Marc Diakiese vs Rick Selvarajah (Knockout, 00:24 in round 1)

Kane Mousah vs Myles Price (Decision (unanimous) 05:00 in round 3)

Sinead Kavanagh vs Hatice Ozyurt (Technical knockout (strikes) 00:17 in round 1)

Frans Mlambo vs Darren O’Gorman (Technical knockout (strikes) 02:45 in round 1)

Jonathan Dargan vs Lukasz Parobiec (Technical knockout (strikes) 03:27 in round 1)

John Redmond vs Rhys McKee (Submission (tap out) 01:38 in round 1)

Adam Caffrey vs Dylan Tuke (Submission (tap out) 03:27 in round 1)

Karl Moore vs Paul Craig (Submission (tap out) 00:46 in roud 2)

Tim Wilde vs Stephen Coll (Decision (Majority) 05:00 in round 3)

Sean Tobin vs Mark Andrew (Submission (tap out) 01:16 in round 3)

Patrick Wixted vs Connor Dillon (Technical knockout (strikes) 02:09 in round 2)

Gerrard Gilmore vs Alexandre Liete (Submission (tap out) 4:33 in round 2)

Arnaud Dos Santos vs Keith Coady (Technical knockout (doctor stoppage) 00:20 in round 1)

Diamond MMA now available in Ireland and across Europe from Fightstore PRO Ireland

Diamond MMA is a sporting equipment company that designs, manufactures, and distributes high end protective gear.

Diamond MMA sets a new standard for groin protection equipment: empowering athletes to be at their best during high impact sports and it is now available across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

As of 1st of September 2015 we also delivering to the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy (mainland), Poland, Sweden, Slovakia and Slovenia, Finland, Spain (mainland), Norway and Portugal (mainland), Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Cyprus, France: Corsica, Greece, Malta, Portugal: Azores, Madeira, Spain: Balearen, Spain: Canary Islands, Turkey.

Diamond MMA - Satisfaction Guarantee - Fightstore PRO Ireland

Diamond MMA was founded by a group of athletes and designers to provide protection to athletes who participate in high-impact sports. After viewing “one too many” groin shot time-outs in professional mixed martial arts, the team focused it’s efforts to develop the best protective gear for MMA and high-impact sports. After in depth research, it became clear that there was no cup system that worked properly for high-impact sports. From this need, the Diamond MMA Compression Jock and Cup system was born, leveraging the expertise of pro and amateur fighters and athletes throughout the world.

State-of-the-art equipment, including jock straps, compression shorts, etc., do not protect athletes properly to prevent cup shifting. Severe injuries continue to be a problem in sports where groin protection is necessary.

Diamond MMA has designed, tested, and proven its first to the market Compression Jock and Cup Diamond MMA Compression Jock Shorts and Cup SystemSystem. It can hold an athletic cup completely in place (without any shifting), eliminating vulnerability for the fighter (even in the most extreme positions). The Diamond MMA Compression Jock and Cup System is the ultimate in groin protection for high impact sport athletes. Made from the best materials available, the Diamond MMA Compression Jock leverages a high
performance 4 strap jock system to hold a specially designed cup firmly in place. The Diamond MMA Cup incorporates a co-molded elastomer design coupled with a polycarbonate core to provide uncompromising comfort and protection for the athlete. The Diamond MMA Compression Jock is hand made with craftsmanship and care.

Diamond MMA Quad Strap Jock & Cup SystemThe Diamond MMA Quad Strap Jock & Cup System is a groin protector designed for high impact sport athletes. Made from the best materials available, the Quad Strap Jock & Cup System is a unique system specially designed to hold the jock cup firmly in place. The Diamond MMA Cup incorporates a co-molded elastomer design coupled with a polycarbonate core to provide uncompromising comfort and protection for the athlete.

Diamond MMA’s compression jock is used by the most elite athletes on the planet. These Mixed Martial Artists, Jiu Jitsu Players, Wrestlers, Football Players, and Military trust in Diamond to protect their manhood.

Diamond MMA is used by Anthony “Showtime” Pettis, Chael Sonnen, Cain Velasquez, Joe Rogan, Micky Rourke, Glibert “El Nino” Melendez, Michael Chandler. LaMarr Woodley, Daniel Morales, Jon Fitch, Alex “AC3” Coriano, Anthony “Herschel Walker, Sergio Pettis, Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis, Bart “Bartimus” Palaszewski, Alex Meraz, Phil “New York Badass” Baroni, Spencer “The King” Fisher, Gleison Tibau, Matt Gentry, Travis Lee, Roddy “Doc” Rieger, TJ Dillashaw, Ben Saunders and many more.

Get your own shorts and cup system here.

Ben Forsyth stops by our store for a video shoot with Onnit Supplements

Last weekend we had the pleasure of meeting Ben Forsyth. Ben stopped by our store to shoot an ad for that will be out on Saturday the 11th of July. Ben kindly gave us a few minutes to get to know him better and ask the questions we think you would like to know the answers to…

Q. First off, for all the readers that don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m a Mixed Martial Artist from Dublin with extreme self belief and drive.

Q. How did you get in to the sport?

It was a natural progression.  Tae Kwon Do age 6, then kickboxing, boxing, muay thai, eventually BJJ at about 18 and first MMA fight at 19.

Q. Why did you stick with MMA?

I liked the freedom of it.  The realness.  I was never a fan of limitations in style and padding and headguards whilst competing.  My first MMA fight just felt right.

Q. What’s your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight?

Spinning hook kick…expect to see a finish with this soon.

Q. Do you like to stand with your opponents or take them to the ground?

I usually tend to stand but work a lot on wrestling and ground in SBG so I like to use that too when I can.  Usually makes for an easier night too!

Q. What separates you from every other fighter in your division?

I believe that I am the most tenacious Amateur Middleweight in the country.  Only one person in the division has beaten me and it was a close one.  I’m always improving and always moving forward.  I like to outwork everyone.

Q. How would you describe your relationship with SBG?Ben Forsyth at Fightstore PRO Ireland 2015

My relationship with SBG is purely physical. (great sense of humour!)

Q. How would you describe yourself as a fighter?

Hard working, self driven, tenacious.

Q. How do you spend your days training and what are you doing outside of the gym?

I work a 9-5.  I try to get a 6.30am session in as much as I can.  Then train for an hour for my lunch. Then either train or coach in the evenings.  I mix it up with a balanced amount of strength and conditioning work as well as hot yoga too.

Q. Do you have a strict diet you stick to and what does it consist of?

A lot of good stuff, and a little bit of bad ;).

Q. What supplements do you take at the moment and what would you recommend to other athletes?

I only take a few supplements.  Hemp protein, creatine monohydrate in the mornings, a supergreen supplement called Earth grown nutrients, Some Alpha Brain and a multivitamin in the mornings too.  Powerful Ireland sort me out and I have a great relationship with them.  Been with them since the start and will be until the end.

Q. What do you consider to be your best fight?

I felt really good against Johnny Bowden but haven’t seen the tape yet!

Q. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

To date, the one that’s meant the most to me was getting my blue belt from John.

Q. If you weren’t fighting, what would you do for a living?

Running my own company, although that’s in the works anyway.  I like to keep busy, like very busy.  I thrive on it.

Q. Who are your idols and who inspires you?

Hmmm tough question.  I’d say GSP is a big one. Conor for his work ethic and self belief.  John for his pure dedication.  There are many.  Inspiration can be taken from anywhere if you look hard enough.

Q. What’s your favorite fight of all time?

Dillashaw vs Barao.  Watch it!

Q. When is your next fight and how do you feel about it?

This Sunday, 5th of July, on Kumite II.  I feel excellent.  Very excited to see how I’ll perform.  I’ve worked extremely hard the past few months and can’t wait to see the fruits of my labour.

Q. What is your plan for 2016?Ben Forsyth at Fight Store PRO Ireland

Keep moving forward.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I don’t like thinking too far ahead but I am hoping to have my own house.  That would be nice.

Q. What is your advice to someone looking to take up MMA, or any other contact sport?

If you’re passionate about it.  Go for it.  Just find what you love,  forget what everyone says, through caution to the  wind and just go for it.

Q. Your message to the readers?

Follow me on twitter @Spydermonkeymma 🙂 (Ben Forsyth is also on Facebook)

Random questions:
Do you enjoy reading? What are some of your favorite books?

Love reading.  I have a lot of favourite books but if I have to recommend one it would be the War of Art by Stephen Pressfield.


Music depends on my mood but ranges from Ben Howard to Stone Sour.  I love all movies too.


Sucker for Romantic comedies and comedies in general.  Looking forward to Ted 2!!

Fightstore PRO would like to wish Ben Forsyth good luck on his upcoming fight and if there is anything we missed, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Uvais Bisayev’s interview with Fightstore PRO Irl

Fightstore PRO Ireland had the opportunity to recently interview Uvais Bisayev, who is originally from Chechnya but used to train in Ireland under Bridgestone. We appreciate him sitting down with us and hope you will enjoy this interview!

Q. First off, for all the readers that don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Uvais Bisayev, I’m married and I’m originally from Chechnya. I’ve been involved with sports most of my life, from karate, wrestling and judo to kickboxing, Muay Thai and recently taking up Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
I never liked violence but I’ve always enjoyed sports, it teaches you discipline and respect!!

Q. How did you get into Muay Thai?

When I met the guys in the old Bridgestone gym. I enjoyed the way the guys were training… Paul Kelly, Wayne, Tommy, Didler… so much love in Muay Thai, and respect.

Before Bridgestone I used to do kickboxing, but after my first day in the gym I went home and watched Muay Thai fights. It was a litttle brutal and not what I wanted but I stuck with Muay Thai because I liked the guys in gym.

Q. What made you move to Austria?

My relatives live in Austria. My uncles and cousins are here, It’s like a big family sport here in Vienna…

Q. How would you describe yourself as a fighter?

I don’t know. I think a real man and a fighter should never speak about himself to big and must be humble. The people around him should describe him.

Q. How do you spend your days training and what are you doing outside of the gym?

I’m training the young fighters and helping them achieve their goals. I enjoy spending time with my family and friend. Whenever I can, I get involved with charities with my guys!!

Q. What do you consider to be your best fight?

I think every fight is the best for me because you fight only to win. But the hardest fight for me was the K1 Max title fight because on the plane from Thailand I got sick and was a bit ill on the day of the fight.

Q. What is your relationship with Tiger Muay Thai?

I’m sponsored by Tiger Muay Thai. I represent them when I fight.

Q. If you weren’t fighting, what would you do for a living?

Maybe I would be doing business 🙂 But you never know 🙂

Q. Who are your idols and who inspires you?

I always like the way Andy Souwa fights and Masato. In Boxing, it has to be Mohammed Ali.

My inspiration comes from a very humble man. His name is Buvaisar Saitiev, a 4 times wrestling Olympic Gold medalist.

Buvaisar is a Russian wrestler of Chechen heritage, who has won nine world-level gold medals in freestyle wrestling. He Is widely considered the greatest freestyle wrestler of all time

Q. What’s your favorite fight of all time?

There is no favorite fight. All fighters deserve respect, win or lose.

Q. What is your plan for 2016?

Should be taking a big step with the new fighters we have in our gym. Will see…

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In UFC with the guys haha

Q. When are we going to see you back in Dublin?

I’m not sure, probably September to visit my family.

Q. What is your advice to someone looking to take up Muay Thai, or any other contact sport?

Be constant in what you do. Less talk and more actions. Respect your coach/trainer and work hard.

Q. Your message to the readers?

Message to readers…. Help people in need and then you will find someone helping you when you are in need.

You can find Uvais Bisayev’s club Facebook page here.

Also, check out his YouTube channel here.

Uvais Bisayev interview with Fightstore PRO Ireland

Anything we missed on Uvais Bisayev? Please comment bellow and we can ask on our future interview.

Enfusion Live #30 – Saturday July 11th 2015

Primal Fighting Championship presents: Enfusion Live #30
Spin Roller Disco Arena, July 11th 2015.

The Number One Televised Fighting promotion in Europe returns to Ireland, July 11th 2016, at Spin Roller Disco Arena on the Long Mile Road.

Enfusion Live #30 will showcase the very best fighters fighting Enfusion Rules & Full Thai.

Fighters have been selected to represent their own countries and will be flown to Ireland from across the world to show their talents on Enfusion Live. This is a very special edition of Enfusion LIVE as there will be two massive Enfusion World Title fights on the same night. The card will showcase the very best talent from all around the world, and the very best Irish fighters.

Check out the promo video for Enfusion Live #30:

Some of these fights have been confirmed as follows, with more being released over the next few days: 

  1. Karl McCallig (Ireland) Vs Mattew Janik (Poland) – 3X3 -75Kg
  2. Iman Barlow (England) Vs Samantha van Doorn (The Netherlands) – 5X3 -54Kg
  3. Connor White (Northern Ireland) Vs Antonio Gomez (Spain) – 3X3 -70Kg
  4. Conor Cooke (Northern Ireland) Vs Ibrahim El Boustati (Morocco) – 3X3 -85Kg
  5. Ilias Bulaid (Morocco) Vs Simon Santana (Norway) – 5X3 -67Kg
  6. Alan Philpott (Northern Ireland) Vs Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco) – 3X3 -70Kg

Enfusion World Champion Iman PK Barlow will defend her title against Dutch Dynamite Samantha Van Doorn and Enfusion World Champion Ilias ‘The Blade’ Bulaid will defend his Enfusion World title against the very tough Simon Santana.

European and World Champions from MGM gym in Spain and fighters from Poland, UK & Holland will also be present on the night.

The show as always will have state of the art full professional production in lighting, effects, sound and video.

MC Noel O’Keeffe will be on the mic as always.

Doors open at 5:30pm. First fight at 6pm sharp.

Full bar and the beautiful Enfusion Ring Girls and Enfusion Hostesses.

Tickets from following outlets:
Fantom Gym on Mary Street
FighstorePro on Harold’s Cross Road
All fighters & participating gyms
Ticketmaster and by phone: 085 101 3222

Enfusion Live #30 at Spin Roller Skating, Walkinstown Cross, The Longmile Road, Dublin, Ireland.

A night not to be missed!

Enfusion Live - Saturday July 11th 2015 poster

The official Facebook page for the event can be found here.

Please share this article with friends on Facebook if you think they would be interested.

Muay Thai Equipment – What do I need to train?

If you have ever considered taking up Muay Thai, chances are you’ve gotten slightly nervous at the thought of your first lesson. After all, Muay Thai is a brutal looking sport: two guys, girls or, in some parts of the world, young kids fighting in a ring or a cage (John Wayne Parr’s CMT new era of stand up Muay Thai fighting with mma gloves), punching/kicking/kneeing/elbowing each other, and hoping to come out unscathed.

Even seasoned martial artists have been known to dread taking up Muay Thai, as the sport is renowned for its emphasis on hard sparring, as opposed to forms, and its demanding conditioning regime. Unlike many other Martial Arts, Muay Thai is in essence a fighting art meant to be used in real fights. If you go and train in Thailand, the Thai people often don’t understand why foreigners want to train Muay Thai just for the passion and health benefits associated with it. This is because Thai people train Muay Thai to fight Muay Thai.

Once you get past the nerves and decide to train Muay Thai and become a Nak Muay (Muay Thai boxer), the next step is buying the appropriate Muay Thai equipment . When starting weightlifting, one does not wear football boots and when playing cricket, one does not show up on the field with a golf club. With that being said, you will need a minimum amount of equipment to increases the enjoyment and overall safety whilst participating in this sport.

Below is a list of Muay Thai equipment essential for training.

  • Handwraps:

Muay Thai Equipment - Revgear Hand Wraps

To protect the small bones in the hands from damage, hands must be wrapped prior to hitting pads or the bag. Conventional handwraps are non-elastic while Mexican-style handwraps are slightly elasticized and are more popular with traditional boxers.

The length of handwraps will vary depending on personal preference, hand size and the type of glove to be worn. A new alternative to handwraps are foam or gel-lined fingerless gloves as they take much less time and hassle than traditional handwraps, although, they are seen as being generally less effective. Some fighters use 2 sets of handwraps, adding more padding to the knuckles and wrists.

Personally, you can never own too many hand wraps. Carry a couple in your bag at all times, you never know when you might need an extra pair.

Get your handwraps here.

Also, setting your hand-wraps out in the gym or leaving them in the bag to dry without cleaning with a water/bleach solution or anti-bacterial solution is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

  •  Boxing Gloves

When it comes to choosing boxing gloves, the options can be overwhelming: bag gloves, sparring Muay Thai Equipment - Boing Gloves Revgear/Fairtexgloves, training gloves, as well as different weights, materials and styles.

Generally, Muay Thai beginners will have a set of training gloves or sparring gloves. These gloves are used for all types of training like hitting the bags and sparring. After a few months these gloves will have to be changed. Gloves are made with padding that, with time, will start to crack-up and soften when used for a long time, especially bag gloves, since you hit as hard as you can with them on the heavy bag. With time, the padding of heavy-bag glove you use will start to soften and if you spar with them, they will hurt your partner.

Guys who are more advanced or fighters will have at least two sets of gloves. One set of gloves cannot be used for all purposes.

  1. The first pair is used for sparring and drilling purposes. 16oz gloves are a standard in terms of safety for your partner, and also, the weight will give you a better workout. They generally have a foam core to protect your sparring partner and can be made from polyurethane or leather. They typically have a velcro close at the wrist, though more expensive brands have laces. A decent leather set will cost €50-€100 depending on how good they look. Anything less than €50 should be avoided as they tend to fall apart.
  2. The second set of gloves would be used for the bag or for pad-work. They are smaller and lighter and offer less protection than training gloves. Because bag gloves are lighter and you can punch faster, they actually give you less preparation for real sparring. It depends on what your goal is:
    • If you’re going to punch as hard as you can, you will need a larger glove size as you would need a lot of protection both for the knuckles and for your wrists. You will have to use a glove that has good shock absorbency for protecting your hands, and most importantly, you will need a glove that has very good wrist support. A good set of lace-up or velcro closure gloves that have an elongated cuff. More importantly, you will have to wrap your hands well.
    • If you’re looking for a good workout, you want to add some weight and get a 16oz set or higher.

Whenever you’re training, using a bigger glove offers your hands much better protection as it has more padding. If you’re beating on the heavy bag, you want the best protection possible so that you’re not damaging your hands over time. Training with a bigger glove will get you more accustomed to the weight and your hands will be faster when you use smaller size gloves during fights.

Every brand distributes the weight across the Thai, or traditional, boxing glove differently. Some offer more protection for your fist, others more protection for your wrist. A 14oz glove from a good company (Rival, Cleto Reyes) offers far more padding and protection than a 16oz glove from a cheap generic company (Ringside, Century, TKO).

Go to your gym or local sight store and try on different types of boxing gloves they have. Check out the shape, padding, and comfort. Check out our selection of gloves online or in store.

As with the handwraps, hygiene is important. It is recommended to thoroughly clean your gloves inside and out with bleach/water or “Dettol” anti-bacterial solution after each session.
Most gyms/clubs have equipment available to members to use. This is a bad idea as recent articles in the sports industry have discouraged the use of shared equipment to prevent the spread of bacterial infections.

  • Shinguards 

Muay Thai Equipment - ShinguardsIf you are planning on sparring, shinguards are a must to protect your training partners and yourself. They help to avoid cuts and bone bruises. Some gyms don’t use shinguards for light contact drills and light sparring so please talk to your coach before purchasing them.

Shin guards should cover the top of the foot, instep, and entire shin.

Don’t go the cheap route. If you spend €40 now and end up ruining your shinguards during sparring session, you’ll have to spend another €40 anyways. Spend the little extra to buy top quality Muay Thai shinguards so you don’t have to continuously spend more to replace the low quality ones. Also, if you can try them on before purchase. If you can head down to your local fight store, try them on to see if they fit… if they don’t buy a different pair.

  • Mouth GuardMuay Thai Equipment Revgear Pro Gumshield

Possibly the cheapest piece of equipment you can buy for combat sports. Even if you don’t spar, it is highly recommended to have a mouth guard. Accidents do happen, getting punched or kicked in the head by mistake is not pleasant. Dentist bills are quite atrocious for repairing broken teeth, so do yourself a huge favour and always have your mouth guard in your bag.

  •  Groin Protection

No need for an explanation as to why any man would want this. Getting kicked in the groin hurts! Spend €20 and avoid the extra pain.

  • Head Guard

Muay Thai Equipment Rival Head GuardThe jury might be out on whether or not a head guard prevents / reduces concussions, however they do reduce cuts. They are mandatory in some amateur fights (mostly in boxing) and some clubs don’t allow sparring without one, so you need to learn to work with one on.

Personally, a head guard is another vital piece of equipment, like a mouth guard, for advanced and beginner students alike. Spending money is never fun, but concussions are much worse…

While most headgear succeeds at this to some extent, there are many other factors to consider when purchasing a head guard, such as weight, visibility, durability, padding, and size. Make sure to try on the equipment before you make a purchase to ensure a comfortable fit. Don’t purchase the same head guard your sparring partner wears just because he or she said it’s great. Everyone’s head is shaped differently and that needs to be taken into consideration. Check out our range of head guards from Revgear, Rival and Cleto Reyes here.

So there you have the six basic, but essential Muay Thai Equipment you need in order to train. The following items are additional gear generally carried by the seasoned fighters that can make a great difference for you when the need arises.

  • Namaan MuayMuay Thai Equipment Namman Muay

The warming agent and recovery liniment that has been used by Nak Muay for years. This muscle liniment is fantastic for dealing with the aches and pains associated with contact sports. It is great pre-workout and awesome for massage after. Apply some before training to wherever you’re sore and you’ll be right as rain in no time.

Both the oil and the cream are available on

  • Ankle Braces

Pad hitting, bag hitting, and no shin guard light contact drills are all made much more pleasant with ankle guards. When you kick an elbow with your instep, you’ll wish you were wearing one. Get your set here.

  • Knee and Elbow Pads

As a beginner you wouldn’t know this, but, if you ever clash knees when sparring you will understand the importance of knee pads. Elbow pads are also important for sparring as they prevent your strikes from cutting your opponent. They can be found in our Muay Thai Equipment section of the shop.

  • Skipping rope

All real Nak Muay own a skipping rope. The skipping rope will help develop coordination, foot work, cardiovascular endurance, and arm strength.

  • Thai shortsMuay Thai Equipment Boon MT17-Black-Gladiator Muay Thai Shorts

Thai shorts are short, loose fitting, light weight, and they dry quickly. The benefits of Thai shorts is that they do not restrict leg movement in kicks and knees. At the end of the day, any shorts will do (boxing shorts, basketball shorts, board shorts, etc) but it is very difficult to wear normal gym shorts and do Muay Thai properly due to the constant kicking and kneeing.

  • T-shirt

Any t-shirt, vest, rash-guard will do. Most people don’t like wearing a shirt when training Muay Thai and in Thailand most Nak Muay train with no shirt on. Sparring with shirts can be dangerous since feet can get tangled up in loose fabric.

Remember to drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated is important during training.

Always shower after training and wash with antibacterial soap. There is never an exception to this rule. If you do not shower at the gym do so at home after you leave.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding our Muay Thai equipment in the comment section below.

At Fightstore PRO Ireland we have the best Muay Thai equipment range available in the Republic of Ireland. Starting with our Muay Thai clothing range we have a great range of t-shirts and Thai shorts all made in Thailand from the leading brands in the Muay Thai market today. As well as clothing we also have a wide range of Muay Thai Gloves and shin guards all authentic Thai brands.

We also have a wide range of different gear such as Anklets, Bag mitts, Body protection, Thai pads, Groin guards, Handwraps, Headguards and more Muay Thai Equipment available.

All the gear we have available under Muay Thai Equipment is shipped into us direct from Thailand.


Enfusion: Ireland v Poland on May 16th 2015

Enfusion & PFC presents: Ireland v Poland
Plus 2 World Title Eliminators and
Enfusion International 4 Man Tournament.

Spin Roller Disco Arena, May 16th 2015.

The Number One Televised Fighting promotion in Europe returns to Ireland, 16th May 2016, at Spin Roller Disco Arena on the Long Mile Road.

The show will showcase the very best fighters fighting Enfusion Rules & Full Thai.

Some of these fights have been confirmed as follows, with more being released over the next few days: 

  • Keith Coady (SBG – Ireland) v Andy Young (Next Gen – Northern Ireland )
  • Connor White (Northern Ireland) v Krzystof Lipowski (Poland)
  • Jay Doyle (Ireland) v Jerzy Wronski (Poland)
  • Richard Kiely (SBG) v Keith McCabe (Balance)
  • Ferial Felix Ameeroedien (Ireland) v Sam Nanu Brown (Australia)

The 4 Man Enfusion Tournament at 90kg is made up of:

  • Colly Murphy (Ireland): Trained by the very experienced Jamie Crawford from Langka Muay Thai. Colly comes to this tournament with a perfect record in K1, with mainly stoppages. Colly is a very strong fighter and is the one to beat in Ireland at the moment in his weight category.
  • Cian Erraught (Ireland): Trains out of the very sucessfull SBG, and he has some of the best sparing partners and coaches in the world. Cian has a good bit of experience in MMA, but has took to K1 extremely well, with very good hands and lethal leg kicks. He also comes to this tournament undefeated in K1.
  • Tomasz Bukowski (Poland): Trains in Poland and has fought twice in Ireland and picked up a lot of support on the way. He is a former world Tae Kwon Do champion and a Polish boxing Champion, and now wants to become the Enfusion 4 Man Tournament Champion. Tomasz has lightning hands and feet.
  • Lee Balmer (Northern Ireland): Trains out of also the very successfull gym Next Generation and is trained by the very experienced Rodney Moore. Lee is a well known face in MMA and has made a good name for himself in the MMA world . He also has some of the top sparing partners in the world to train with. Lee’s striking is exceptionally good and he is one to watch. He comes to this tournament with a very good record and known as an agressive hard hitter.

Whoever wins the 4 man 90kg tournament will fight Ibrahim El Boustati, the Enfusion World Champion, live on Enfusion Live in Dublin July 11th 2015.

There will also be an ISKA title on the night with the biggest domestic match ups for Irish ISKA titles.

The show as always will have state of the art full professional production in lighting, effects, sound and video.

MC Noel O’Keeffe will be on the mic as always.

Doors open at 5:30pm. First fight at 6pm sharp.

Full bar and the beautiful Enfusion Ring Girls and Enfusion Hostesses.

Tickets from following outlets:
Fantom Gym on Mary Street
FighstorePro on Harold’s Cross Road
All fighters & participating gyms
Ticketmaster and by phone: 085 101 3222

Please share this article with friends on Facebook if you think they would be interested.

A night not to be missed.

The official Facebook page for the event can be found here.

Wu Lin Feng – China Vs Ireland on 21st of March

World famous Wu Lin Feng (WLF), the Chinese K1 Championship, is pleased to announce, in conjunction with Chris Boyne and PFC, that it is coming to Ireland this March 21st 2015.

Since its launch in 2004, Wu Lin Feng (WLF) has held multiple fighting tournaments all over the world including cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Las Vegas, Hamburg, Auckland and Dubai.

The championship applies various mixed styles of martial arts techniques but particularly resembles the K-1 kickboxing style. It prohibits elbows to the head and does not count trips to the ground as knockdowns.

On March 21st, WLF China Vs Team Ireland, will be broadcast to over 900 million homes in China. The card will feature the top 10 Chinese fighters in China versus the Top 10 Irish fighters from Ireland.

We will also have prestige bouts, and an undercard of the best domestic Irish pro and amateur fighters on the card.

Tickets are available from all fighters, participating gyms, and ticket master.
General €26.50. Ringside starting at €36.50
VIP tables €500.

The event will take place at Spin Roller Skating, Walkinstown Cross, The Longmile Road,

Production and sound, as always, will be top class.

Wu Lin Feng - China Vs Ireland on 21st of March

Main card consists of:

  • Jamez Barber (Ireland) V Deng Zeki (China)
  • Keith Levins (Ireland) V Qi Chengong (China)
  • Karl Mccallig (Ireland) V Chen Zhiknag (China)
  • Jeanderson Ortsac (Ireland) v Lu Wan (China)
  • Mark Casserly (Ireland) v li Qiankun (China)
  • Paul Norton (Ireland) v Lu Jianbo ( China)

The above list will be updated with all the fights as soon as they will be announced.


John Wayne Parr – Blessed with Venom (Documentary)

Let me start by saying what a humble and down to earth person John Wayne Parr is. Blessed with Venom was released back in 2011 and is a must see if Muay Thai interests you.

John Wayne Parr travels to Thailand to visit his old camp, Loomingkwan, in Nonthaburi. John was allowed special permission to enter Lumpinee stadium before it was open to relive some memories of fighting there. He also interviews Yodsanklai about their 3 fights together, Lamsongkan, Saenchai, and Songchai.
Lot’s of old fight footage from Thailand, Contender, and Australia.

For those who don’t know, John Wayne Parr, also known as JWP, is an Australian middleweight kickboxer and boxer, fighting out of Boonchu Gym in Gold Coast, Queensland. He is a 10-time World Champion and runner up in The Contender Asia.

John Wayne Parr began training in taekwondo at the age of 11. Wayne competed in the Queensland titles at QE2 Stadium, where he won a silver medal after winning 2 fights and losing the final in 1988. In 1990 Parr started kickboxing, training for a few months before having to move to Sydney. In 1991 Parr moved to Richmond, New South Wales. Wayne found a new kickboxing gym and had his first fight aged 14, losing on a split decision. In 1992 the Parr family moved again to Mornington in Victoria. In 1993 at the age of sixteen, his family moved back to Queensland, and Parr began training with Blair Moore. Moore was one of Queenslands premier promoters of Muay Thai at the time.

Parr started participating in professional bouts at the age of 16. Moore trained Parr for 13 fights, with Parr winning an Australian title (63 kg) at the age of 17. Blair helped promote Wayne at Jupiters Casino for 3 fights before he fought for the South Pacific title against Scott Lovelock, winning by 5th round KO when Parr was 19. Since then, John Wayne Parr managed to obtain a record of 119 Muay Thai fights and 13 boxing fights.

Read the full BIO on Wikipedia.

WARRIOR FC 3 – Results

WARRIOR FC 3 took place last Saturday, the 31st of January, and was bigger and better than the previous shows. Fight fans packed into the Ayrfield Sports and Leisure Center, for a sold out show, to see many talented Thai Boxers participate in a well run show. Tomas Satas and C-MAC did a great job putting the show together.

All the results from the night are listed below with a few photos taken by Aga Warzala. The full photo album can be seen here.


1. Paula Delehanty (Balance MMA) WINS by UD vs Ashleigh Gallagher (Strike KB) 70kg

Warrior FC 3 - Paula vs Ashleigh

2. Conor O’Flaherty (Naas KB) WINS by UD vs Chris Brandaras (Bridgestone MT) 79kg

Warrior FC 3 - Conor vs Chris

3. Bjorn Gillsbro (Hammerhead MT) WINS by SD vs Eliot Levy (SBG) 73kg

Warrior FC 3 - Bjorn vs Eliot

4. Emmanuel Alphion (Chaiyo MT) WINS by SD vs James O’Rourke (Trials MMA) 70kg

Warrior FC 3 - Emmanuel vs James

5. Aidan Lehane (Bridgestone MT) WINS by TKO vs Tony Campbell (Kamikaze MA) 88kg

Warrior FC 3 - Tony vs Aidan

6. Jenny Deane (Strike KB) WINS by UD vs Eimear Codd (Valhalla MA) 60kg

Warrior FC 3 - Jenny vs Eimear

7. Dennis Maslennikov (Bridgestone MT) WINS by UD vs Andy O’Regan (Fermoy MT) 70kg

Warrior FC 3 - Dennis vs Andy

8. Ivan Walsh (SBG) WINS by SD vs Dan Tully (Force MT) 75kg

Warrior FC 3 - Ivan vs Dan

9. Jimmy Long (Strike KB) WINS by SD vs Jamie Wilson (Heat MMA) HW

Warrior FC III - Jimmy vs Jamie


10. Jacub Poczatek (Naas KB) WINS by TKO vs Steve Owen (Strike KB) 79kg

Warrior FC III Jacub vs Steve

11. Adam Dempsey (SBG) WINS by KO vs Patrick Maughan (Force MT) 66kg

Warrior FC III - Adam vs Patrick

12. Stefan Triffo (Kamikaze MT) WINS by UD vs Shane O’Brien (Trials MMA) 61kg

Warrior FC III - Stefan vs Shane

13. Dan O’Toole (SBG) WINS vs Eddie Dalton (Jai Sua MT) 62kg

Warrior FC III - Dan vs Eddie

14. Brendan Morris (Trials MMA) WINS by UD vs Dylan Wilson (309 MT) 62kg

Warrior FC III - Brendan vs Dylan

15. Lee Walton (Dublin MT) WINS by UD vs Adam Gallagher (Go MT) 62kg

Warrior FC III - Lee vs Adam

16. Alexander OSullivan (C-MAC MMA) vs Miceal O’Hare (Newry MT) EXHIBITION BOUT

Warrior FC III - Alexander vs Miceal

17. Sam Slater (SBG) WINS by UD vs David Fustos (Dublin MT) 78kg

Warrior FC III - Sam vs David

18. Liam Kelly (C-MAC MMA) SPLIT DRAW Sean O’Hara (Chupasart) 70kg

Warrior FC III - Liam vs Sean

19. Adrian Polcik (Naas KB) WINS by MD vs Lee Morgan (Newry MT) 68kg

Warrior FC III - Adrian vs Lee

20. Neil Tucker (Kamikaze MT) WINS by SD vs Paul O’Brien (C-MAC MMA) 77kg

Warrior FC III - Neil Kamikaze Fight Academy

21. Declan McAleenan (Newry MT) WINS vs Dan Cullen (Chupasart MT) vs 68kg

Warrior FC III - Declan vs Dan

22. Richard Kiely (SBG)  vs Brett Egan (Deise KB) WINS by UD 84kg

Warrior FC III - Richard vs Brett


We are looking forward to the next Warrior FC show.

Tenacity Clothing now available in Ireland!

Tenacity Clothing, the European “brand” from Jaco Clothing USA, is now available in Ireland through FightStore Pro Ireland!

Due to copyrights issues in Europe, Jaco Clothing USA had to re-brand their distribution in Europe. Tenacity / Jaco clothing is owned by Glenn Robinson.

Tenacity now available in Ireland!

(Tenacity’s elite athlete brand ambassador, 10-time World Kickboxing Champion and Pro MMA fighter, Tyrone ‘King of the Ring’ Spong)

Tenacity is a performance sports lifestyle brand that creates innovative apparel and accessories. Their clothing is designed to meet the needs of an ever growing range of hybrid training and conditioning disciplines including Mixed Martial Arts, Core Training, Cross Fit, Boot Camp Training, and Yoga.

Tenacity strives to use materials that give superior technical performance, and where possible are sustainable and kind to the environment. Tenacity’s parent company, Jaco Clothing, have four core beliefs and each character of the name represents one element:

  • J = Respect, for one’s self, others, and the environment
  • A = Strength, measured by mental fortitude that creates capabilities and accomplishments
  • C = Courage, to do what other’s only dream of doing
  • O = Tenacity, with the ability to view failure as a valuable part of the journey

Tenacity - BlackZilians

Jaco is pronounced as it would be in Brazilian Portuguese. The “J” sounds like “si” in the word Persia, the “a” sounds like the “a” in automobile, the “c” is pronounced like “k”, and “o” is pronounced as the “o” in the word go.

Many of their clothing items are created from a fabric that is made from bamboo. This is soft and silky feeling but is very strong, making it a great alternative to other natural and man-made fibres. Bamboo clothing has anti-bacterial properties which naturally inhibits body odour as the fabric wicks away moisture, Bamboo fabric t-shirts have double the absorbency of a standard cotton t-shirt and also dry twice as quickly. The fabric is wrinkle resistant and can be washed in cold water, which is handy for users.

As product guys with a long history in sporting goods and apparel, they looked at all of the apparel and gear that existed in MMA and decided that the fight short itself was great place to enter the market. When looking at most of the existing fight shorts that were being worn in the cage, they were either boardshorts from many years ago or they utilized fabric that did not stretch or breathe. Leveraging experience from their apparel and sports backgrounds which happens to include technical boardshort development experience; Tenacity worked with dozens of professional MMA fighters to find what problems they had with existing shorts. With a lot of intensive focus, they were able to combine the needs of the fighter with the best fabrics and technology to create their first fight short, the Resurgence.

Tenacity Resurgence Fight Shorts (Black / Silverlake)

The Tenacity Resurgence Fight Shorts are the most technical fight shorts that have ever been contemplated for MMA. The shorts have a clean, inspiring look; yet, are designed to withstand the rigors of MMA competition and training.

  • Ultra-durable STR-X™ fabric developed to provide the technical needs that are essential in MMA: durability, exceptional 4-way stretch, breathability, moisture wicking and comfort
  • Patent-pending compression waist-tightening system that can be tightened without creating “scrunching or cinching” around the waist while providing a comfortable, no-slip fit
  • Internal stretch pocket located at the bottom of the short allows for easy access to your mouthguard without having to untie the shorts
  • Fly backing panel construction to prevent rubbing and chafing from the flys hook and loop material
  • 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex

Check out the full Tenacity catalog in our online store.

WARRIOR FC III taking place this Saturday 31st of January

WARRIOR FC III is taking place this Saturday 31st of January in Ayrfield Sports and Leisure Center, Blunden Drive, Dublin 13.

Warrior Fighting Championship is a K-1 style event that aims to create a format where all striking styles can compete against one another, in a mixed martial arts of striking styles.

Warrior FC III Poster

The fight card for the night is as follows:

Running order is determined in order of experiences, with novices fighting first, and progressively moving to more experienced fighters.  Fight No.1 is the first fight of the night, scheduled for 6pm. Fight No.21 is the final fight of the night. Card is subject to change.


1. Deborah OSullivan (C-MAC MMA) vs Sarah McGowan (Strike KB) 57kg

2. Ashleigh Gallagher (Strike KB) vs Paula Delehanty (Balance MMA) 70kg

3. Chris Brandaras (Bridgestone MT) vs Conor O’Flaherty (Naas KB) 79kg

4. James O’Rourke (Trials MMA) vs Emmanuel Alphion (Chaiyo MT) 70kg

5. Aidan Lehane (Bridgestone MT) vs Tony Campbell (Kamikaze MA) 88kg

6. Jenny Deane (Strike KB) vs Eimear Codd (Valhalla MA) 60kg

7. Dennis Maslennikov (Bridgestone MT) vs Andy O’Regan (Fermoy MT) 70kg

8. Jimmy Long (Strike KB) vs Jamie Wilson (Heat MMA) HW

9. Ivan Walsh (SBG) vs Dan Tully (Force MT) 75kg

10. Steve Owen (Strike KB) vs Jacub Poczatek (Naas KB) 79kg

11. Adam Dempsey (SBG) vs Patrick Maughan (Force MT) 66kg

12. Shane O’Brien (Trials MMA) vs Stefan Triffo (Kamikaze MT) 61kg

13. Dan O’Toole (SBG) vs Eddie Dalton (Jai Sua MT) 62kg

14. Brendan Morris (Trials MMA) vs Dylan Wilson (309 MT) 62kg

15. Eliot Levy (SBG) vs Bjorn Gillsbro (Hammerhead MT) 73kg

16. Lee Walton (Dublin MT) vs Adam Gallagher (Go MT) 62kg

17. Sam Slater (SBG) vs David Fustos (Dublin MT) 78kg

18. Michael O’Donovan (Trials MMA) vs Miceal O’Hare (Newry MT) 63kg

19. Liam Kelly (C-MAC MMA) vs Sean O’Hare (Chupasart) 70kg

20. Adrian Polcik (Naas KB) vs Lee Morgan (Newry MT) 68kg

21. Paul O’Brien (C-MAC MMA) vs Neil Tucker (Kamikaze MT) 77kg

22. Dan Cullen (Chupasart MT) vs Declan McAleenan (Newry MT) 68kg

23. Richard Kiely (SBG) vs Brett Egan (Deise KB) 84kg (Middleweight Title Eliminator)

Tickets are available at the door and they go for €20 each.

For more information please check out the official Facebook event page.