Fightstore Ireland

Being a FightstoreIRE Sponsored Fighter

Being endorsed or a sponsored fighter is more than just some free equipment, it´s a relationship. We hope to help develop fighters careers, spread the message, push the fighters media and over time develop a relationship with brands who can help the fighter at different stages of their career, however, this is not a one way street.

At FightstoreIRE we have a policy of quality not quantity and if you are on this list we value you very much and want to see you reach your maximum potential. We want you to also believe in what we do; share values and work together to spread our message as well as influence and inform your training partners, students and fans as to who you work with.

Word of Mouth:
There is nothing more powerful than word of mouth in business. The trust and strength of an influential fighters direct word is worth a thousand tweets or Facebook posts so this is where we need your help most; please make sure your direct circles use / as their main place to purchase equipment; Its those Euros in the bank that allow us to help support you guys.

We’ve been lucky with lads like Dec Larkin who not only has great skills in the cage but has recommended us to several traders and gyms which really helps us… Please mention us to your coaches too… our Club Trade Scheme is a great thing for your gym to be involved with too.

Fights and Photos:
It´s actually very difficult for us to keep on top of where everyone is and what they are up to so it´s very much up to you guys to keep us informed. We are lucky enough to have Liam and Alastair as part of our staff so a little update once a week would be really helpful as well as a great scoop on up coming fights never going a miss… Please provide us materials, training photos, a little video and we will help you promote your endeavors too!

Social Media:
Please make sure you Retweet on Twitter and Share on Facebook as many of our posts a day as you can. Even if its once every two or three days over all post those shares really help us grow our media!

Also please add each other in as friends plus a few other people so you are following all the right people! These are our official social media accounts:
Twitter @fightstoreIRE
Facebook @FightstoreIreland

The fighters we currently work with are as follows and in no particular order!

  • Cian Cowley
  • Senan Coakley
  • Jay Counsel
  • Victor Rabei
  • Tony Browne
  • Tiernan Bradley
  • Ryan O’Rourke

All these guys old and new are looking great for us and we appreciate the efforts they are placing very much!

Please follow each other and share materials where you can….
We have some major plans alongside the brands next year and we are developing some great platforms which will aid all of you guys careers.  As FightstoreIRE we are also very happy to have you all on board and are very happy with the work and effort many of you have put in for us too.  Here’s to a great partnership!

If you are reading this and wish to be a sponsored fighter then think carefully about what you really have to offer; Do you use the brand you want to be sponsored by right now? Have you ever used those products? If the answer is no or I’m not sure then you best plan more carefully as there is an awful lot of competition out there for these spots. Prove your worth and you never know….good things might just happen!