BlazePod Academy

BlazePod Academy

BlazePod Academy: Come and learn more about how to use BlazePod and start to truly get the best out of your Flash Reflex Training

Setup – Training – Track

Connect to your Pods

Learn how to connect your Pods to the app and all the actions you can perform in the Pods settings screen.

High level settings:

Now let’s look at the BlazePod settings that provide endless solutions to exercises, drills, competitions and more.

Choose a predefined activity:

Dive into BlazePod’s predefined activities that we’ve created for you. understand the layouts, the settings and how to customize them to suit your specific needs.

Create your own activity:

Your place to create drills that fit your training goals and requirements.

Analyze your results:

Check out where all your results and data are stored.


Base your activity on single Pods lighting up in a randomized order – Great for activities ranging from basic to highly complex exercises, drills and competitions.

All at Once:

Base your activity on multiple Pods lighting up at once – Great for big movement drills.


Base your activity on multiple Pods lighting up in distracting colors while only one Pod lights up in the color that you set – Great for brain processing training.

Home Base:

Base your activity on single Pods lighting up randomly with a home base Pod to return to after every hit – Great for shuttle drills or trigger based drills.


Base your activity on a predefined sequence of Pods lighting up in the order and colors that you set – Great for physical and cognitive testing.

BlazePod Challenges and Drills

Plank Challenge: Challenge yourself with this great classic BlazePod drill.

Squat Touch Press: Check out this amazing full body drill on the app.

BlazePod Triangle Competition: Challenge your clients, friends and family with this great BlazePod competition.

Train anywhere: Don’t forget, BlazePod is a solution for training almost anywhere you wish.

Have fun with the kids at home: Keep your kids active at home with obstacle courses and challenges that will get their brains working overtime and burn all that bundled up energy.

Get the free app. It already contains integrated training for different training areas. It is free to download for iOS and Android users in the relevant app stores. This allows you to create your own tests and record and analyze response times.

BlazePod Academy: Not seeing what you were looking for? Feel free to contact us.

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