Nuvo Clean

Clean your sports equipment quickly and easily with the Nuvo Clean gym cleaner!

We are the Irish distributor for Nuvo Clean Sports. The distribution is made in cooperation with Nuvo Clean from the Sportief BV warehouse in Sittard, NL. The demand for Nuvo Clean Sports was enormous after the launch on the biggest Sports Fair in Europe, the ISPO in Munich. The demand for a product that really attacks the bad sweat smell turned out to be huge.

Become also a distributor or reseller of the product that really helps! Because of the huge applicability of the product it will become a success in every sports store. Think about products like sport shoes, (boxing)gloves, shin guards, skates, helmets and many others, in general all products that got dirty because of sweat and are hard to wash.

Why Probiotic Cleaning?

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