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Super Pro Combat Gear from Fightstore Ireland.

In 1978 one of the first martial arts shops opened in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Rotterdam was always considered a boxing city. Home of Bep van Klaveren “the Dutch Windmill”, Olympic champion of 1928, former WBO world champion Regilio Tuur, former WBU world champion Don Diego Poeder ands many others.

After the shop became a big success the owner founded the brand Super Pro Boxing Gear. With the slogan “the champions choice” the brand conquered its place in the Dutch boxing community in no time. For many champions, the brand was literally their choice to train with. Also internationally the brand made a name and was exported all over Europe.

In the late 90’s the shop and brand were taken over by Tom and his former business partner. Because of other priorities they teamed-up
with famous kick-boxing trainer Dennis Krauweel as the person responsible for the brand. In the mid 2000’s Dennis continued solo and the
brand gained a big audience as the sponsor of the Super League events, which were broadcasted through the whole Europe.

Super Pro makes no concessions to the choice of materials or comfort. The Super Pro product range is developed by world leading trainers and world champion athletes.

They are the real experts knowing how to produce high end combat gear products.

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