Michael Conlan tells Fightstore Media: ‘My main goal is to headline Croke Park’

The morning after Jamie Conlan dominantly defended his WBO intercontinental title, his brother Michael sat down to talk to Fightstore Media from his hotel.


The soon to be 24-year old oozes confidence. And why wouldn’t he when he’s the number one ranked bantamweight in the world following his gold medal triumph at the world championships last month.


After being a pundit for the first time at ringside for his brother’s fight, Conlan told us how it went and how he believes Jamie performed.

“I really enjoyed doing it. It was my first time with BoxNation. It was a great experience and I would love to do it again,” Conlan said.

“I’d give it (Jamie’s display) 10 out of 10. He didn’t over do anything or under do anything and he went in there with an injury. To finish the fight how he did was brilliant.”


Growing up, Michael Conlan’s favourite boxers were Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar De La Hoya, Erik Morales and more recently Manny Pacquiao.

To get to the level of those guys Conlan is having to work tremendously hard.

“I’ve sacrificed my whole life to boxing. Its been seventeen years and its been tough. I’ve given my everything to it and it has all paid off in the end,” added Conlan.


He wasn’t the only world champion at the National Stadium last night either as the Notorious Conor McGregor made an appearance.

We asked Conlan about the UFC and if he would hypothetically ever compete in an octagon.

“I think it’s (UFC) brilliant and a growing sport. Conor McGregor is making it a huge thing in Ireland and it’s great to see.

“Whether or not I’d like to fight in it, well I don’t like being in a headlock so maybe not,” laughed Conlan.


The Commonwealth, European and World champion also passed on advice to any young boxer.

He said: “No matter what happens never give up. If you lose just keep going because it doesn’t mean anything to lose.

“Paddy Barnes lost his first 12 fights and look where he is now. There’s people undefeated like Floyd Mayweather and it’s all false.”


And speaking of Mayweather, now the ‘Money Man’ has retired Conlan believes the new pound for pound king is either Roman Gonzalas or Gennady Golovkin.


Conlan has previously stated that after he wins gold at the Rio Olympics he will be switching to the professional game.

How will the transition be for Conlan from being Irelands greatest ever male amateur to a pro just starting out?

“I have a style that’s adaptable to anything. I think it will be very easy for me to change over.”

He continued: “I plan on being Irelands greatest ever athlete never mind boxer. Its 100% achievable for me and I will do it.”

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Michael Conlan tells Fightstore Media ‘My main goal is to headline Croke Park’
Michael Conlan with a set of 16oz white Cleto Reyes Velcro sparring gloves

Logan takes the Lightweight Title at Ryoshin Fighting Championship 8

Dylan Logan (SBG) wasted no time in defeating Ron Butler (Ryoshin Academy) when the two met on Saturday night at Ryoshin Fighting Championship 8.

The crowd was buzzing with excitement as both fighters made their way to the octagon but Logan kept a cool head and efficiently went about his work.

Speaking exclusively to FightStore Media after the victory he said, “At the start of the fight Ron hit me with a shot and I knew that he wasn’t messing but I composed myself, took a step back and landed my right hand. Then I felt that panic rush and I knew what was coming. He dropped his hand and I got him in a triangle. When I get that triangle, as Paddy Holohan says I make them go ‘Jingle Jangle’.

When asked about his game plan, Dylan was quick to say that he never plans any of his fights. “I don’t game plan. I literally go in and flow. At SBG we’re prepared for everywhere,” he said.

This fight was important to Logan because it was the first time that he’d brought people to one of his fights. “I had my dad, uncles, brother, my girlfriend and all my mates here tonight. I was a bit nervous beforehand because I didn’t know how I’d perform but once I got out there and heard all the cheers it filled me with energy. I felt like they could off done no time limit and I wouldn’t have got tired. At past fights I’d show up and two rounds in I’d be gassed. I felt a real hunger to perform. When I landed that check hook, he paused and then wobbled. I threw a kick and then he panicked and rushed. As soon as I locked the triangle there was no doubt in my mind that he’d tap,” said Logan.

Speaking about winning the Lightweight title, Dylan said that ‘it feels good to take it back to SBG’. But he has bigger aims than the Ryoshin belt, “At the end of the day this Ryoshin belt means nothing to me. I don’t want to be the best in Ireland or Europe. I’m looking to be the best in the world. That’s just the way it is and that’s bred into us at SBG. If you’re not in it to be the best then why are you in it?”

Logan felt like he was at a higher level than the rest of the fighters. “. I feel like I’m a professional and all these other guys are amateurs. I think that the difference between us is huge,” he said.

He told FightStore Media that, “The preparation up to this fight was correct, I trained like a pro and cut weight like a pro. For my last four fights I’d show up in the morning and have 3 kg to cut but I’ve been on weight since Tuesday for this fight. I was having three meals a day and six litres of water. I showed up to the weigh-in fully hydrated with breakfast in my belly.”

There is a sense that every fighter from SBG has huge respect for John Kavanagh and Dylan Logan is no different. “I can’t go wrong with John in my corner. He knows how I feel without me saying anything. I’d be bouncing around back stage putting on a front in front of the other lads but obviously you get nervous, I am human. The nerves build up and you try to cover it but John knows what to say and when to say it. His instructions are so clear. You don’t hear that from the other corners. When you do what he says you win fights. There are so many waves of fighter coming through SBG. I feel like we’re just going to take over the game and dominate,” he said.

Dylan Logan will go straight back to training on Monday but he has his sights set on turning pro in the near future.

Ryoshin Fighting Championship 8: A showcase of raw talent and exciting MMA prospects

It was a night of slick submissions and impressive KO’s in the Roadstone Sports Club as two belts were on the line.

The Ryoshin Fighting Championship 8 delivered some very exciting contests and we witnessed some of Ireland’s best MMA prospects in action.

The Lightweight title fight headlined the show and it delivered on its promise to be one of the fights of the night. Dylan Logan (SBG Concorde) made light work of his opponent Ron Butler (Ryoshin Academy) with a fast submission inside the first minute of their bout. The two exchanged strikes but Butler was caught by a right hook from Logan. The fight went to the ground and Logan did impressively to sink a triangle and forced Butler to tap out.

Speaking to Fightstore Media after the fight, Dylan Logan said, “As soon as I locked the triangle there was no doubt in my mind that he’d tap.”

In the Flyweight title fight Hughie O’Rourke (Team Ryano) defeated Matiss Zaharovs (Cill Dara MMA) via arm bar. It was a fight which Matiss had been dominating after a barrage of shots and successful takedown attempts but Hughie showed great determination to stay in the fight and got his reward with a well-constructed arm bar to take the victory. O’Rourke was presented with his belt by team-mate and UFC fighter Neil Seery.

Elsewhere on the night we witnessed an all-out war between Jamie Finn (Team Caveman) and Nathan Kenna (Full Power MMA). The flyweight bout will be well remembered by everyone in attendance as both fighters settled their feud inside the octagon. Kenna was very dominant in the first round, taking top position on the ground and attempting an arm-bar. For his part, Jamie Finn showed an impressive resilience to survive the submission attempt when many felt he would tap.

The second round was a more even contest with both fighters taking control on the ground. In the third round Nathan Kenna finished Finn by TKO. He caught Finn with a one-two and launched a vicious ground and pound which forced the stoppage.

After the fight Nathan Kenna told Fightstore Media, “I think it was an easy opponent. The first two rounds were hard. I couldn’t get the arm bar, that’s what I was going for but in the third round I saw the knock out and I took it. My brother told me to go for the one-two and it came off.”

Fresh from his victory Kenna wasted no time in calling out the new Flyweight champion, “I want to fight Hughie O’Rourke for the title next. I’m going for the belt and I’m going to keep it then I’ll think about going pro.”

Another highlight of the night was the contest between Ian Coughlan (Paul Cummins School of Judo) and Makinde Adeyami (Ryoshin Academy). This match showcased both fighters grappling abilities as they went back and forth on the ground. Both men had successful takedown attempts but ultimately Makinde won by split decision. He produced some great athleticism to spin out of trouble and proved to have the edge over Coughlan.

The preliminary card produced one of the most memorable moments of the night. Adam Nowak (Arena Wexford) finished Dillan Douglas (IMMA Next Gen) by tap-out due to strikes. Nowak caught him with a heavy knee to the body which left Douglas in agony. When Nowak launched his ground and pound straight after there was little that Douglas could do and was forced to tap out.

The Ryoshin Fighting Championship 8 was an entertaining night of MMA action. It is a great platform to develop young MMA talent and it’s clear that the future of Irish MMA is bright with so many exciting fighters on display.

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Ryoshin Fighting Championship 8: A showcase of raw talent and exciting MMA prospects
Dec Larkin, Alastair Mcgee, Rhys McKee

Demolition Job: Jamie Conlan blasts out challenger

Jamie ‘The Mexican’ Conlan returned to the National Stadium tonight with a bang to retain his WBO intercontinental super-featherweight title.

The Belfast man destroyed his Argentine opponent Adrian Dimas Garzon in round four.

It was a tight opening round but crowd favorite Jamie Conlan edged it by throwing the more shots and by being on the front foot.

Conlan was patient in his pursuit of Garzon which is understandable when considering his previous battle at the National Stadium against Junior Granados.

Round three saw a more familiar Jamie Conlan as he unloaded with some vicious body shots. Even his opponent nodded in appreciation.

Garzon then seemed to think Conlan pushed him to the floor and responded angrily by punching with a low blow. Conlan was unfazed as a few seconds later he landed a crushing right hand to floor his opponent.

After Garzon rose from the canvas, the ruthless Conlan showed no mercy. After another assault the referee rightly called off the contest.

It was a smart boxing exhibition from Conlan early on as he waited to see what his opponent had to offer. But when ‘The Mexican’ engaged in some more quality exchanges, his shots were too hurtful and quick for Garzon to survive the duration.

His brother Michael was one of the most pleased members of the audience as he sprang from his seat to congratulate  Jamie’s dominant display.

Demolition Job: Jamie Conlan blasts out challenger
Jamie Conlan talking to his brother right after his win

Ian Tims beats Michael Sweeney for the second time

Michael Sweeney vs Ian Tims was an eight round warfare at the National Stadium tonight.

The pair previously fought in 2011 with Tims getting the decision.

This time around there was only one point in it and Ian Tims was awarded the victory. But both men deserve credit for an enthralling encounter.

Following a successful opening three rounds for Michael ‘The Storm’ Sweeney, round four was when his moment came.

Sweeney knocked Tims to the floor following a succession of blows. Tims did well to last the round but he appeared weary as he went to his corner.

But this was Sweeney’s first bout since 2013 and as the fight went on, it began to show.

Tims responded positively in round five as Sweeney looked the fighter who was short of breath.

For much of the sixth Sweeney had Tims against the ropes but it was the Dubliner Tims who got the better of the exchanges with uppercuts.

The final two rounds were difficult to score as neither man was the dominant fighter.

In the end Tims edged it to obtain the Cruiserweight Celtic title in one that could have gone either way.

Declan Geraghty boxes smartly to outpoint opponent

Boxing is about hitting and not getting hit.

And to Declan Geraghty’s credit that’s exactly what he did in this contest against Reynaldo Cajina at the National Stadium.

Geraghty was patient and relaxed in the ring as he showcased his boxing skills in front of his home fans at the National Stadium.

Cajina didn’t throw much but when he did the slick southpaw Geraghty picked him off cooly.

Cajina unloaded more in the second round but Geraghty evaded his shots effortlessly. He even added in some Ali shuffles for the benefit of the audience.

‘Pretty Boy’ Geraghty had superior head movement and footwork. Unlike some of his previous fights he didn’t rush in recklessly.

At the end of round three he began to unleash.

He executed a smashing punch at the end of round five with a sickening left to the head but the Barcelona fighter stayed in there bravely.

Geraghty landed some damaging power shots in round six which worsened the swelling under the left eye of Cajina.

It was no surprise when Geraghty was awarded the decision. It was a controlled performance and one that Geraghty will be more than pleased with.

The Dubliner moves forward with his pro career with ten wins and one loss.

Sean Turner and Vijender Singh both execute round one KO’s

It was an explosive opening to the ‘Second Coming’ BoxNation show tonight.

Sean ‘Big Sex’ Turner (24) was devastating in his seventh pro fight against Hungarian Gabros Farkas at the National Stadium.

From the opening bell Turner landed a whopping right hand to wobble his opponent. Two more of them to the head was enough for the swift demise of Gabros Farkas.

The undefeated Dublin fighter eventually finished his opponent off with a brutal finish after already having him down twice in the opening minute.

Heavyweight Turner now has seven victories on the spin.


Vijender Singh’s second pro fight was just as impressive as his extravagant Indian themed ring entrance.

The India star made short work of England’s Dean Gillen with a devastating first round KO.

His opponent wasn’t the only one who found the canvas as the referee tripped over too during the round, much to the delight of the audience.

Singh was rapid, accurate and powerful and these characteristics should result in a bright future in the pro game for the 29 year old.


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Lynn Harvey demolishes opponent on special night in her career

The raucous atmosphere that was generated on Friday night at the Red Cow Hotel was mainly thanks to Lynn Harvey.

As she confidently made her way towards her first taste of professional boxing the crowd became electrified.

Harvey, whose son Tyler was present at ringside, pumped her fists and beamed brightly as her name was announced before the bell rang.


Once it was time to exchange blows, Lynn effortlessly sprang forward and fired a stinging jab at her Bulgarian opponent, Ivana Yaneva, which set up her attacks effectively.

She was relentless in the demise of her opponent and ruthlessly knocked her down within 30 seconds.

Yaneva managed to push herself up to carry on but 59 seconds into the bout, Lynn Harvey launched another assault to once again leave the Bulgarian on the canvas. This time there was no resurgence, the rapid yet thrilling contest was over.


The euphoria evident from Harvey was clear and she celebrated with exhilaration.

Harvey’s eight year old boy Tyler climbed the ropes to share the special moment with his mother.

The Dubliner was mobbed once leaving the ring as everyone present wished to congratulate the only second current Irish female pro boxer on her stunning display.


Speaking to FightstorePROi from her dressing room, Lynn said:

I wish I was in for longer to show the other stuff I can do. I wanted to stop her but I didn’t think it would be that quick.

“I was planning on ignoring the crowd but there was no way you could have. There was so much good will out there.”

“My coach Daniel told me to feed off the atmosphere and let it give me energy and it did. I always listen to my coach,” laughed Lynn.

“I always hit with my jab first because it always stuns them.

“I will be back in the gym Tuesday preparing for my next fight. I won’t drink tonight but maybe I will have one tomorrow at the MGM show.

“There’s so much more I can do but there’s plenty of time.”


Lynn Harvey is right. There is more she can do. But this is only the beginning of her pro career and in just 59 seconds she demonstrated her punch variety, accuracy and power.

It’s an admirable thing to feel on top of the world and be down to earth at the same time. As well as being an impressive boxer, Harvey has a warming personality that will soon make her one of Irish boxing’s most liked stars.

More photos available on our Facebook page.

Lynn Harvey demolishes opponent on special night in her careerLynn Harvey demolishes opponent on special night in her career

‘Second Coming’ Weigh-In: Intense Peter McDonagh and Dean Byrne face off

Peter McDonagh said at the press conference yesterday that come Saturday we will “see who the real Irish man is”.

‘Second Coming’ Weigh-In: Intense Peter McDonagh and Dean Byrne face off

But we only had to wait until Friday to find out.

At the weigh in, there was no question of McDonagh’s nationality as he looked to prove a point to Byrne by stepping on the scales holding the Irish flag.

Byrne recently suggested that Galway boxer McDonagh was a fake Irish having spent a lot of his life in England.

McDonagh made the 147 lbs welterweight limit but the same couldn’t be said for Crumlin man Byrne who was slightly over the mark.

Then the highlight of the event at the National Stadium occurred. Both fighters were brought together for a head to head and the tension between them could be detected anywhere in the building.

The pair talked to each-other and both pushed forward with their heads. It didn’t come to blows as both were separated but on Saturday night nobody will be there to restrain them.


Michael Sweeney and Ian Tims made weight at the Cruiserweight 200 lbs division.

Ian ‘The Tank’ Tims was so confident of not being over the limit that he wore runners and tracksuit bottoms as he stepped on the scales.

During their face off both competitors looked stern and ready to exchange shots on Saturday. There was no trouble between them.

Sweeney told FightstorePROi this morning that he respected Tims and that their rivalry wasn’t personal.


Added into the mix was some light entertainment also. Sean ‘Big Sexy’ Tuner’s opponent wasn’t at the Stadium, but that didn’t prevent the Dubliner from having a face off.

Brave Olympian Paddy Barnes stepped up to square off with his heavyweight pal Turner.

Thankfully it was only for fun because a light-flyweight fighting a heavyweight probably wouldn’t end well.


Jamie Conlan, along with the other MGM fighters, all made weight.

Speaking to FightstorePROi outside the Stadium super-flyweight Jamie Conlan confirmed that he was straight off to get some food with his brother.

Earlier in the day the Belfast man said that it will be a relief to get the weigh in concluded so he can relax.

Conlan told FightstorePROi that from now until the fight he won’t even think about boxing as it wastes nervous energy.

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You can watch the ‘Second Coming’ show this Saturday on BoxNation. Also featuring on the bill are Declan Geraghty, Jamie Kavanagh, Jamie Cox, Vijender Singh, David Magurie, Ciaran Mullen and Ciaran McVarnock.

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‘Second Coming’ Weigh-In: Intense Peter McDonagh and Dean Byrne face off

Jamie Conlan tells FightstorePROi: “Growing up I liked Arturo Gatti, every fight was exciting”

Jamie ‘The Mexican’ Conlan spoke with FightstorePROi this morning from his hotel and the Belfast man is ready for an “explosive” display over Adrian Dimas Garzon.

Following his war with Junior Granados it was no surprise when Conlan said that growing up he looked up to Arturo Gatti, the ultimate warrior.


After his fight on Saturday, what’s the first emotion that will arise for Conlan?

“The first thing after a fight is relief, no matter the result. People don’t realise that,” Conlan said.

“It’s not like football players, its 12 weeks of stress preparing. You can’t eat certain foods and you’re not living a normal life.

“We have one night to perform and look good whereas footballers have every week to impress. It doesn’t matter if we look good for 12 weeks, you’re only judged on that one night.”


Conlan told FightstorePROi that he was disappointed with his last outing but said his reputation was boosted because of it.

“I was down about the performance initially. It was below par but when I noticed the publicity, I learned I had to go through it to become a bigger name,” added Conlan.


With the fight only a day away Conlan gave some insight into how he spends his time with the bout being so close.

“I don’t even speak about boxing. My brother will come down now and we won’t even talk ten minutes about boxing. I will take it easy, watch tv and walk.

“I don’t even really speak about boxing when I get into the dressing room. There’s no point wasting nervous energy.”


Referring to his remarkable fitness in his previous contest, Conlan said: “I’ve always had stamina but at MGM it’s a different level, especially strength and conditioning. I’ve learnt so much about nutrition.”


The morning of his battle with Junior Granados, Conlan couldn’t get full and ended up over eating. He is sure that it will be a different story tomorrow.

“My conditioning coach stayed in Marbella but he’s here now and has everything prepared. Last time, I’ve never done it before, but I had porridge, then a full Irish and another porridge.

“Then I brought the croissants with the chocolate in them up to my room. I couldn’t move for the rest of the day. I don’t know why I did it, I just couldn’t get full.”


The undefeated Conlan, who is the WBO Intercontinental super-flyweight champion, believes 2016 will be the year he wins a world title.

He also said that he doesn’t care that his English rival Paul Butler will be doing commentary and revealed that he has no interest in hearing what Butler says on the night.

You can watch Jamie Conlan’s latest pro fight live on BoxNation on Saturday night.

‘Daddy, do one thing, beat Ian Tims’: Michael Sweeney talks to FightstorePROi about family life

Michael Sweeney was in a relaxed mood as he sat down to speak exclusively to FightstorePROi this morning.

The Galway man, who fights Ian Tims tomorrow night, spoke of his biggest fans, his family.

“Two of my kids are coming up to see the fight. My little son Rocky is doing the ring walk with me and he’s eight,” said Sweeney.

Sweeney told us that Rocky also gave him some advice ahead of his rematch with the Dubliner. “Daddy, do one thing, beat Ian Tims” was what Rocky suggested to his father.

“He’s a smart kid. I was in the gym last week and Rocky was sitting in there and I gave him a book. I trained for 40 minutes and I came back and the girl behind reception said he’s brilliant at drawing. I had a look and he was doing Storm Sweeney logos. I think I’ll have to take one and use it,” Sweeney said.

Rocky plays soccer and boxing but his father said he wouldn’t influence his sons decision on what he wants to do in the future.

“He plays football and boxing. He looks good in both. It’s his decision. If he took up soccer it would be brilliant. There’s more money in that,” laughed Sweeney.

“Boxing is a lonely sport. A lot of people don’t realise it. On a pitch or on a bus you have your other teammates. No matter how strong you are you can go down in boxing quickly.

“You go to the gym, run, then come back home and watch what you eat and think of weight. I step on the scales two, three times a day.”

Sweeney confirmed there was nothing personal about his rivalry with Ian Tims and he said he respected his competitor.

He also doesn’t believe the fight will go the distance.

“I’m in the Stadium, it’s a big ring and I can move. I do believe, I could be wrong, but I don’t see it going eight rounds but I’m not going for a stoppage. There is too much heavy bangs on both sides and one of us has to go and it’s not me.”

You can watch how Michael Sweeney performs tomorrow night against Ian Tims live on BoxNation. Sweeney hasn’t fought since 2013 but says he is feeling sharp and better than ever mentally.

Tension tangible at ‘Second Coming’ Press Conference: Best Bits

Despite Jamie Conlan returning to the National Stadium following his exhilarating war last time out, it was the fighters on the undercard who stole the show at the ‘Second Coming’ press conference this afternoon.


Peter McDonagh (37), who will clash with Dean Byrne (31), was particularly angered with his opponent, who didn’t attend. Second Coming - MGM - FightstorePROi

Galway man McDonagh said: “I’ve kept my mouth shut the whole way through this camp. He’s (Byrne) done all the talking but in a disrespectful way.”

The two-time Irish champion was responding to claims previously made by Byrne who said McDonagh wasn’t in fact Irish, having spent a lot of his life in England.

But McDonagh responded resiliently by stating that Bryne is “not that educated, come Saturday night we will see who the real Irish man is”.

In terms of the prospect of winning another Irish title (welterweight), McDonagh added: “A third Irish title would be very special. This is where I’m from. There all important but Saturday night will be the most memorable one.”


There was no love lost between Cruiserweights Ian Tims (35) and Michael Sweeney (32) either.

The pair previously fought in 2011 with Dubliner Tims getting the win over Sweeney.

When Tims was speaking about fighting in the National Stadium he mentioned that he had “some good nights” there to which Sweeney retorted “it’s your last now”.

Having not boxed since 2013, Sweeney said it would mean a lot to avenge a defeat and gain the Celtic title on the same night of his comeback.Second Coming - MGM - FightstorePROi

The two were due to fight this time last year before Sweeney became injured. During that build up they had to be separated when doing a face off.

At the weigh in tomorrow there may be a similar outcome with the mutual dislike between them palpable.


Unbeaten heavyweight Sean ‘Big Sexy’ Turner (24) produced some great one-liners ahead of his seventh pro bout.

Asked about how he looked in the best shape of his career, he replied by saying the reason for it was because “there’s no chipper or kebab shop” in Spain where the MGM heavy hitter trains.

Looking to the future he mentioned he would like to fight Martin Rogan (44). That’s if “he hasn’t died of old age by then”, added Turner.

“Martin Rogan is finished after I get my hands on him” warned the frank speaking Dubliner.


Lightweight Jamie Kavanagh (25) will have his first fight in Ireland as a pro after being based in LA throughout his career.

“It’s great to have my homecoming in the Stadium. The last time I fought here was seven or eight years ago. Everyone is excited to see me live.

“In my last fight I was patient and wasn’t rushing in as much. We’ve twigged a few things in this camp and in front of my hometown crowd I’m looking to impress,” said Kavanagh.

He will face fiery Hungarian Ozkar Fiko on Saturday night.


English super-middleweight Jamie Cox (29), will defend his WBO European title on the bill.

He had a message for any of the other super-middleweights in Britain.

“If they want it, come and get it. I think I’m the best and if Callum Smith or Rocky Fielding wanna fight, let’s get it on.”


The star man Jamie Conlan (29) will look to regain his WBO Intercontinental super-flyweight belt against Argentinian Adrien Dimas Garzon (39) on the night.

“The fights only an eight rounder but it’s important because if I lose I have to go back to the start,” said the unbeaten Belfast fighter.

He also acknowledged the “special” Irish crowd and referred to the National Stadium as a “cauldron”.

Inevitably Conlan was questioned about the possibility of fighting his English rival Paul Butler soon. Both guys are chasing a world title in the 115 pound division.

“It’s a fight I feel I can win with Butler. It’s going to be explosive,” added Conlan.


You can watch the stacked Dublin card exclusively live on BoxNation on Saturday. If the atmosphere between the combatants from the press conference is to transfer to the ring, it will be an exciting night of boxing.

Second Coming schedule can be found on the Box Nation website.

Second Coming - MGM - FightstorePROi