SBG’s newest addition Cian Cowley – “I’ll smile when I’m rich!”

Cian Cowley – Remember his name because this former ISKA Irish K1 Champion is tipped to make a huge name for himself in the world of MMA. An accomplished Thai boxer, Cian has been taken under the wing of one of the world’s best MMA coaches, John Kavanagh. The switch from his home at Warriors Muay Thai to Straight Blast Gym (SBG) has been a difficult transition but one which he is relishing. Under the tutelage of Coach Kavanagh, Cian is determined to become a well-rounded MMA fighter and aims to make his professional debut in 2016.

It has been two months since Cian walked through the doors at SBG and it has taken him a while to adjust to his new surroundings. Cowley said, “It’s been difficult going from being at the top of Thai boxing to a day one beginner in Jiu Jitsu. It’s hard on the mind because you’re going in and beginner level lads are throwing you around the mat and I’m not use to that, but I’m really enjoying it. I’m starting to get the bug for Jiu Jitsu as well.”

The transition from being an expert in stand-up to day one Jiu Jitsu was a tough challenge for Cian but it is something which he has not taken lightly. “Some lads in the gym are high level grapplers and they go to stand-up and say that it’s so hard to learn but I think it would be easier going from the ground up. There’s not a lot to stand-up technique wise, it’s more so how you use it and you’ve to be smart with your footwork but in Jiu Jitsu there’s an answer for everything and there’s so much to learn. It’s a never ending puzzle and that’s why I would rather have had experience in Jiu Jitsu and went to Stand-up,” he said.

Many have questioned his decision to leave Thai boxing and pursue a career in MMA but it was a move which Cian felt he needed to take in order to make a living from martial arts. “I wouldn’t say it was because I saw the success of everyone else; I’m not trying to copy anyone. I have followed some of the lads from SBG but even by looking at the media exposure MMA has now; it made sense for me to move into the sport. I dedicated ten years to Thai boxing and I could have dedicated my life to it; I had a good name in the Thai boxing world but I’m not going to have money at the end of it. There is only a small majority of people like me that depend on this for their livelihood; I’ve no other job or qualifications so I have to fight, and fighting to make money won’t happen in Thai boxing so that’s why I had to move to MMA,” he said.

Cian Cowley - Warriors - FightstorePRO Ireland

The move has been met with criticism as some people have said that he is turning his back on Thai boxing but that couldn’t be any further from the truth in Cowley’s mind. “I don’t really care what anyone thinks, that’s my mentality inside and outside of fighting. I’d rather have everyone hate me rather than love me. For the people who are saying that I’m turning my back and I know I’m getting a lot of stick from them saying all I want is fame, and obviously money and fame are nice but I do it because I love mixed martial arts. In my opinion you have to be a complete fighter to do it. I’ve the opportunity to end my career by being able to say that I fought at the highest level of MMA where everything is put together. I think anyone who does martial arts should be able to say that they’ve done it. You can’t call yourself a true martial artist if you’ve not competed using every discipline. The ones saying that, are the ones who are jealous because they can’t do it. Real recognise real and they’re the true supporters,” he said.

“The real people in the Thai boxing community will see the true side of it and it’s not because I don’t love the sport anymore. At the end of the day it’s about my career and I need to make a living for myself so I’ll chase the money. I don’t care what anyone says I’ll never make any money in Thai boxing or K1. There’s only a handful of fighters out there who make decent money and I know lads in the game twenty years with real good names but still can’t afford their own house. I’m not going to be the one in my thirties looking back on a missed opportunity. We’ll see in a few years’ time who’s smiling at the end of it,” he added.

Cian carries a certain confidence going into MMA. He has been a multiple champion at elite level Thai boxing and he’s sure he can match any fighter on their feet. “I know I could fight anyone in the MMA world and I look at the UFC roster and I’m 100% certain I could stand with any of them. That will give me a lot of confidence going into the fights knowing that when they’re standing I can put them away. When I think about that it makes me real eager to jump in and do it because I know that I’d blow them away in stand up. At the same time it’s not just stand-up so anything can happen,” he stated.

SBG was the only gym that Cian wanted to join when he decided to move into MMA. John Kavanagh was a huge influence on his decision and he has learnt a lot from him already since joining. He explains that, “I didn’t really know what to expect from him because he’s so busy with everyone else so I was a bit optimistic. But after meeting him the first time and the first couple of sessions in the gym I can’t really put into words how grateful I am to him. He’s a huge influence on everyone in the gym and I can see why there’s such a good buzz. He’s really down to earth and a very smart coach. Even when I was thinking I’m not going to be good at this he was posting stuff on Facebook about me which gave me that belief to keep going and now I can’t see myself stopping at all. I don’t think I would have got that in any other gym so I’m grateful for that.”

The confidence which Coach Kavanagh has shown in him has been a huge boost and kept him focussed on getting better at Jiu Jitsu. “I’m not saying no other gym would have done the same thing but it’s just the way he’s been pushing me on to do it. I didn’t think he was even going to take notice of me but he said it himself that he’s been following a bit of my career before I joined SBG so he’s clued in and he knows that I’m here to learn. I taught he was going to think that I’m just another kick boxer wanting to do MMA because there’s a lot of people that do that and he’s probably seen dozens of them come through his door. I’m now working on the pro MMA team and that’s a privilege because usually it takes years to get to that stage. With John driving me on and giving me a good plug on social media it has definitely given me a boost and now it’s real,” said Cian.

Cian Cowley - Alastair Magee - Warriors - FightstorePRO Ireland
Alastair Magee (Left) – Cian Cowley (Right) – Warriors Gym

Cian has been training six days a week in SBG since joining with double sessions every day. Being surrounded by so many big names in the world of MMA has been a surreal experience. He explained that ‘it was mad at the start’. “I’ve been around martial arts my whole life so training in that environment doesn’t phase me but it’s a reality check when you see who’s on the matt with you. I don’t realise when I’m there in the class but then when I look back on photos or think about training with a UFC world champion and other world champions from different organisations it’s very strange. Last week John was teaching a class and I was taking part in it; at the time I didn’t realise but then I saw a picture afterwards and there was Gunnar Nelson, Conor McGregor, Ryan Hall, Paddy Holohan and Aisling Daly – all these big names and then there’s me coming from Thai boxing to train with some of the best in the world. I definitely see it as one of the best MMA teams in the world because people travel from all over the world to train in the gym. You’d think that fighters would go to America but now people come to SBG and for me to be a part of that it’s a surreal feeling. It’s pushed me on to succeed and I’m delighted that I’m a part of it,” said Cian.

Cian Cowley has big plans for 2016 and he is sure to be followed closely by everyone involved in MMA. “I’ll have my MMA debut in 2016 and I want to hit the ground running. Once I have my first one I’ll try to stay as busy as I can because I really want to get my name out there as much as I can. I don’t know what John has planned for me but I want to fight often and stamp my name in the MMA world. By this time next year I want people in the MMA world to know who Cian Cowley is, that’s my goal for 2016. Then I can start thinking about bigger things like the UFC,” he said.

You can find Cian Cowley on FacebookTwitterInstagram 

Mariusz Brozda and Ger Kennedy impress at ‘The New Bloods III’

The UFC wasn’t the only combat event that struck Dublin on Saturday night.

‘The New Bloods III’ Muay Thai show may not have been as glamourous as the UFC, let alone comprised of guests like Conor McGregor, but the fighters at the Kilnamanagh Community Centre possessed the same courage and desire to win as the pros across the city in the 3Arena.

And speaking of pros, Kamikaze’s Mariusz Brozda made his professional C-Class Thai debut against Hammerhead’s Diarmuid Dunne in Tallaght at 70kg.

Baroza was notorious as an amateur with a reputation for executing consecutive first round KO’s.

His first pro clash didn’t go to plan though, as the judges controversially awarded the taller Dunne the decision.

But Brozda produced an exciting performance. His low centre of gravity mixed with powerful punches was reminiscent of a Mike Tyson style of fighting.

In round three Brozda landed a stunning overhand right to the chin which knocked his opponent down.Mariusz Brozda and Ger Kennedy impress at ‘The New Bloods III’

Dunne deserves credit for rising from the canvas and continuing to battle.

In the final two rounds he endured some heavy blows but he also had success with the clinch.

When Dunne was given the decision following five tough rounds, Brozda, despite being disappointed to be denied victory, was gracious in defeat and immediately congratulated his fellow fighter.

Mariusz Brozda, in particular his infamous hands, are ones to look out for on the fight scene in the future.

The other highlight of the night was crowd favourite and 309’s own Ger Kennedy’s amateur contest against Warriors’Anthony O’Gorman at the 70kg limit.

When Kennedy approached the ring the audience erupted with noise. Along with being Mr popular that evening, he had the skills required to warrant his overwhelming support.

When the opening bell was about to sound, O’Gorman smiled to his coaches, an expression that symbolised the realisation that the audience craved his downfall and one that emphasized his determination to take on the challenge.

But in the end, his mental strength wasn’t enough to succeed. Kennedy was too clever and clinical throughout the five rounds.

O’Gorman kept attempting a push kick to the mid-section but Kennedy was ruthless enough to catch the leg with one hand and fire a punch with the other to floor his opponent. Kennedy scored three knock downs in total.

After the sensational spectacle, Ger Kennedy spoke exclusively to FightstorePROi.

Asked about the atmosphere, Kennedy reflected: “It’s great when you have the home crowd with you. I have to say the atmosphere was brilliant right through the whole fight. It’s what kept me going.”

He also spoke of the durability of his opponent.

“He (O’Gorman) just kept coming back no matter what I threw at him. In the third round he caught me with a good dig and I was seeing stars. I shook it off with the crowd and came back,” said the delighted fighter.

Kennedy concluded by stating that he thrives under the support of the audience instead of being pressured by it.

He added: “You kind of tune out but when you hear them cheering and when you’re in a bit of trouble it motivates you to go again and again.”

‘The New Bloods III’ show had everything you would expect from a Muay Thai event.

Brutal finishes, teenagers with potential to go far, close encounters, an exhilarated crowd and an overall good night of entertainment provided by the sport appropriately known as the art of eight limbs.

Mariusz Brozda and Ger Kennedy impress at ‘The New Bloods III’
Mariusz Brozda and Simion Gicu getting ready back stage.

Article by Liam McInerney

WARRIOR FC IV Review and Results (Sept 12th 2015)

WARRIOR FC IV took place at the Ringside, National Boxing Stadium, and it was a great event with a card of 16 amateur fights plus 3 Pro bouts:

Sasa Svirlica (KBK SINDJELIC) vs Michael O’Donovan (Trials Martial Arts Ireland) 65KG

Ladis Plachky (309 Phuang malai) vs Jeanderson Castro (Swords Fight Club) 65 KG

Gergo Bodis (Hori’s Gym Muay Thai Dublin) vs Keith McCabe (Balance Martial Arts) 77KG

The show ran smoothly without any delays, satisfying the public with some amazing fights. The First fight kicked off with an aggressive start, LEE CLARKE (CHAIYO) VS CRAIG O’NEILL (FANTOM) at 62KG. WARRIOR FC IV Review and Results (Sept 12th 2015)O’NEILL winning over with a dominant performance over his opponent. Second fight EOIN KELLY (BMMA) defeats TONY McSWEENY (TRIALS) at 62KG, EOIN showing better footwork, landing vicious middle & low kicks following some good combinations. JULIE SIMPSON (STRIKE) VS CIARA DOYLE (JAY SUA THAY), a very close fight between these two amazing girls, showing some impressive skills. SIMPSON swept DOYLE numerous times from the clinch,throwing knees and using her legs, also having a better reach advantage. DOYLE kept coming forward with heavy shots. JULIE scored more and won the fight.

WARRIOR FC IV Review and Results (Sept 12th 2015)

KEVIN TEE (KAMIKAZE) making a successful debut defeating PADDY DOYLE (JAI SUA THAI) by judges decision. PEPE TORRES (FANTOM) won over ( KELVIN HEALY). TORRES dropped his opponent in the 1st round, making clear that he had some power in those shots with an aggressive style landing numerous hooks and uppercuts. Outstanding performance by both competitors.

JORDAN COOPER (CHAIYO) wins with a knee to the face defeating ANDY WILDERS (SBG), ANDY showing a good first round then getting caught in the second. Next bout JENNY DEANE (STRIKE) won by decision against ULA MYDLOWSKA (FANTOM). ULA kept landing the right-hand feinting with the left, moving forward and cutting the distance with her jab. JENNY did a good job defending and using her tip to keep ULA away, JENNY having an advantage being a bit taller, landing a lot more leg kicks to the body.

GREG KOPIEC (C-MAC) won over Pol MacCnaimhin( SBG) by unanimous decision after 3 rounds. SARAH O’BRIEN (DUNDALK c.a) came on top victorious against ANN MARIE LEONARD (FORGE), after hurting her opponent in the second round, ANN still kept moving forward, SARAH landing her strong tip and low kicks.

PAUL O’BRIEN (C-MAC) scores a decision after 3 rounds of battle with NIALL TUCKER. Both fighters having a crafty skill set, NIALL possessing impressive boxing skills and PAUL using the clinch wiselyWARRIOR FC IV Review and Results (Sept 12th 2015) landing knees to the body. DAN O’TOOLE (SBG) had himself a birthday present winning the ISKA TITLE at 63.5 KG facing GLEN 7KELLY (FORGE). DAN had an effective one-two combo with a good speed, long jab, and good timing. GLEN felt a little awkward facing the southpaw stance and kept getting caught, and had no answer for that quick left cross.

MICHAEL O’DONOVAN (TRIALS) defeated SASA SVIRLICA (KBK SINDJELIK) with the first PRO fight of the night starting off.An absolute war,MICHAEL looked sharper and confident in his performance.

Next in line (PRO FIGHTS) JEANDERSON CASTRO (SWORDS) Knocks Out LADIS PLANCHY (309 PHUANG MALAI) in the second round. Castro looked more prepared during the fight putting on a good show. The main event of the evening GERGO BODIS (HORI’S GYM) VS KEITH McCABE (BALANCE) 77KG, what a fight, both guys giving everything they had until the last second. Exchanging strong punches until the final round neither of the two didn’t back down the whole fight. GERGO had an aWARRIOR FC IV Review and Results (Sept 12th 2015)ctive rhythm, a better understating when using the clinch and looked more aggressive. KEITH landed his dangerous left hook a few times following a sequence of nasty low kicks. The Last round both fighters pushing forward at each other, Keith hurting him with some heavy punches. Overall GERGO was more technical and scored more,taking the win via decision over Keith.

Great job by all the fighters and those who putted in the effort to organise such a great event and fill up the night with entertaining fights. Every step counts and this is another step to the next level, at each event the fighters are showing a huge improvement in their performance. Looking forward to WARRIOR FC again on the 5th of December.



Ladis Plachky (309 Phuang malai) vs Jeanderson Castro ( Swords Fight Club )
Gergo Bodis ( Hori’s Gym Muay Thai Dublin )vs Keith McCabe ( Balance Martial Arts )
Sasa Svirlica(KBK SINDJELIK)vs Michael O’Donovan ( Trials Martial Arts Ireland )


1.Lee Clarke( Chaiyo) vs Craig O’Neill ( Fantom) 

       2. Tony McSweeny( Trials) vs Eion Kelly (BMMA)

       3. Julie Simpson(Strike) vs Ciara Doyle(Jai Sua)

       4.James Bronte(Envlove) vs Mark Fairman(SBG)

       5. Kevin Tee ( Kamikaze) vs Paddy Gaffney ( Jai Sua)

       6.Ronan O’Kane(Mayhem) vs James Crown(BMMA)

       7.Kelvi Healy(Trials) vs Pepe Torres( Fantom)

       8.Jordan Cooper(Chaiyo) vs Andy Wilders(SBG)

       9.Jenny Deane(Strike) vs Ula Mydlowska(Fantom)

      10. Jamie Flynn(Waterford Thai) vs Glen Kavanagh(SBG)

      11.Gavin Kavanagh(Forge) vs Andrei Jentimir(Naas)

      12.Gregor Kopiec( C-MAC) vs Pol McCnaimhin(SBG)

      13.Anna Marie Leonard(Forge) vs Sarah O’Brien(Dundalk)

      14.Darel Paluszkiewicz(Fantom) vs Alan Kavanagh(SBG)

      15.Paul O’Brien(C-MAC) vs Niall Tucker(Kamikaze)

RAGNAROK #3 Review & Results

RAGNAROK #3 Review & Results

RAGNAROK 3 was a great opportunity for the amateur fighter to show their skill level and it was the best-case scenario for many fighters to test themselves. The event was well organised and the card looked prominent with 18 fights and an exhibition fight performed by DEMO MICHAELA DOUGLAS (DTB) and JODIE FAGAN (WATERFORD). This being a very technical and calm fight with some impressive low kicks shown by both girls.

The first fight of the night was off to an impressive start by CIARA DOYLE(JAI-SUA) and KATE HEALY(WATERFORD THAI).  C.DOYLE landing her strong right hook and K.HEALY using her long and effective jab following some good low kicks and knees by both girls. KATE HEALY winning by decision after 3 rounds.

ragnarok #3 pic

The second fight started with an aggressive tempo by NICKY CUNNINGHAM (ENVOLVE) facing EOIN KELLY( BLACKROCK MMA) both guys impressed the crowd. Even though EOIN landed a few impressive combinations, N.CUNNINGHAM looked better with his  low and high kicks which got him a win over his opponent. Following next fight JORDAN DEMPSEY (FANTOM) defeats BEN JUDGE(8 LIMBS MUAY THAI). POL Mc CNAIMHIN(SBG) puts heavy pressure on his opponent landing heavy punches and winning over OISIN GAVIGAN(Fantom).

The crowd was already warmed up by the previous performances  when PAUL O CONNOR (309 PHUANG MALAI ) surprised the crowd with a spectacular 1st round TKO. Following the next fight by a 1st round KO by GARY ELLIOT(JAI-SUA).

ragnarok #3 pic

LEE COAKLEY ( LION HEART) and GLEN KELLY (FORGE GYM) had  the most exciting fight of the night. Both guys went to war and gave everything they had until the end. COAKLEY started  with some aggressive combinations keeping the same pace until the final bell. His opponent using his legs wisely, also looking sharp till the final round. Both guys ended scoring a draw.

ragnarok #3 pic

Another great performance by CE GORDON(BRIDGESTONE) VS EIMEAR CODD(VALHALLA). CE looking sharp from the first round both girls using sweeps from the clinch. EIMEAR showed her strong leg kicks while CE cleverly used her tip to manage the distance and showing the ability of her hands and knees coming on top with an impressive decision over EIMEAR.

ERLA PAPLAUSKAS(309 PHUANG MALAI) looked very confident throughout his performance getting a dominant win over his opponent BJORN(HAMMERHEAD). ERLA dropping him in the first round, continuing with a few impressive high kicks, head movement and a strong right overhand which he continuously landed followed by an accurate uppercut in the second round, and keeping the same paste until the 3rd round.ALEX O’SULLIVAN(C-MAC) left the crowd impressed in the 1st round  with a KO, putting on a brilliant show towards the end of the event.

ragnarok #3 pic

All the fighters showed a respectful attitude towards each other. Some fighters performing with an evident talent and an impressive set of skills. It is amazing to see how the THAI-BOXING scene is growing in Ireland at the moment with fighters riding the wave successfully and growing with the sport. Looking forward to RAGNAROK #4!

RAGNAROK #3 Fight List: 

Exhibition fight : Demo Michaela Douglas ( DTB) vs Jodie Fagan (Waterford)

1. Ciara Doyle (Jai-Sua) vs Kate Healy (Waterford Thai) Win

2. Nicky Cunningham (Envolve) Win vs Eoin Kelly (Blackrock MMA)

3Jordan Dempsey (Fantom) Win vs Ben Judge (8 Limbs Muay Thai)

4. Niall Murphy (Envolve) vs Ger Hartigan (BMMA) Win

5. Osin Gavigan (Fantom) vs Pol Mc Cnaimhin (SBG) Win

6John Mitchel (Siam Warriors) Win vs Ivan Walsh (Jai-Sua)

7. John Marrey (SBG) vs Paul O Connor (309 Phuang Malai) Win

8. Jack Olin (Lionheart) vs Steve Mooney (309 Phuang Malai) Win

9. Joe Scott (Bridgestone) vs Gary Elliot (Jai-Sua) Win

10. Greg Kopec (C-Mac) vs Jordan Matthews (Langka) Win

11.Lee Coakely (Lionheart) vs Glen Kelly (Forge Gym) Draw

12. Chris Meaney (Newry Thai) Win vs Stephen Conner (Waterford Thai)

13. Brian Daly (Bridgestone) Win vs Fares Faroo (309 Phuang Malai)

14. Steve Mc Carthy (Hammerhead) vs Stephen Ogilvy (309 Phuang Malai) Win

15.Ce Gordon (Bridgestone) Win vs Eimear Codd (Valhalla)

16. Bjorn (Hammerhead) vs Erla Paplauskas (309 Phuang Malai) Win

17. Alex O’Sullivan (C-mac) Win vs James Cummins (Waterford Thai

18. Diarmuid Dunne (Hammerhead) vs Tom Nolan (Forge Gym) Win

Uvais Bisayev’s interview with Fightstore PRO Irl

Fightstore PRO Ireland had the opportunity to recently interview Uvais Bisayev, who is originally from Chechnya but used to train in Ireland under Bridgestone. We appreciate him sitting down with us and hope you will enjoy this interview!

Q. First off, for all the readers that don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Uvais Bisayev, I’m married and I’m originally from Chechnya. I’ve been involved with sports most of my life, from karate, wrestling and judo to kickboxing, Muay Thai and recently taking up Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
I never liked violence but I’ve always enjoyed sports, it teaches you discipline and respect!!

Q. How did you get into Muay Thai?

When I met the guys in the old Bridgestone gym. I enjoyed the way the guys were training… Paul Kelly, Wayne, Tommy, Didler… so much love in Muay Thai, and respect.

Before Bridgestone I used to do kickboxing, but after my first day in the gym I went home and watched Muay Thai fights. It was a litttle brutal and not what I wanted but I stuck with Muay Thai because I liked the guys in gym.

Q. What made you move to Austria?

My relatives live in Austria. My uncles and cousins are here, It’s like a big family sport here in Vienna…

Q. How would you describe yourself as a fighter?

I don’t know. I think a real man and a fighter should never speak about himself to big and must be humble. The people around him should describe him.

Q. How do you spend your days training and what are you doing outside of the gym?

I’m training the young fighters and helping them achieve their goals. I enjoy spending time with my family and friend. Whenever I can, I get involved with charities with my guys!!

Q. What do you consider to be your best fight?

I think every fight is the best for me because you fight only to win. But the hardest fight for me was the K1 Max title fight because on the plane from Thailand I got sick and was a bit ill on the day of the fight.

Q. What is your relationship with Tiger Muay Thai?

I’m sponsored by Tiger Muay Thai. I represent them when I fight.

Q. If you weren’t fighting, what would you do for a living?

Maybe I would be doing business 🙂 But you never know 🙂

Q. Who are your idols and who inspires you?

I always like the way Andy Souwa fights and Masato. In Boxing, it has to be Mohammed Ali.

My inspiration comes from a very humble man. His name is Buvaisar Saitiev, a 4 times wrestling Olympic Gold medalist.

Buvaisar is a Russian wrestler of Chechen heritage, who has won nine world-level gold medals in freestyle wrestling. He Is widely considered the greatest freestyle wrestler of all time

Q. What’s your favorite fight of all time?

There is no favorite fight. All fighters deserve respect, win or lose.

Q. What is your plan for 2016?

Should be taking a big step with the new fighters we have in our gym. Will see…

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In UFC with the guys haha

Q. When are we going to see you back in Dublin?

I’m not sure, probably September to visit my family.

Q. What is your advice to someone looking to take up Muay Thai, or any other contact sport?

Be constant in what you do. Less talk and more actions. Respect your coach/trainer and work hard.

Q. Your message to the readers?

Message to readers…. Help people in need and then you will find someone helping you when you are in need.

You can find Uvais Bisayev’s club Facebook page here.

Also, check out his YouTube channel here.

Uvais Bisayev interview with Fightstore PRO Ireland

Anything we missed on Uvais Bisayev? Please comment bellow and we can ask on our future interview.

Enfusion Live #30 – Saturday July 11th 2015

Primal Fighting Championship presents: Enfusion Live #30
Spin Roller Disco Arena, July 11th 2015.

The Number One Televised Fighting promotion in Europe returns to Ireland, July 11th 2016, at Spin Roller Disco Arena on the Long Mile Road.

Enfusion Live #30 will showcase the very best fighters fighting Enfusion Rules & Full Thai.

Fighters have been selected to represent their own countries and will be flown to Ireland from across the world to show their talents on Enfusion Live. This is a very special edition of Enfusion LIVE as there will be two massive Enfusion World Title fights on the same night. The card will showcase the very best talent from all around the world, and the very best Irish fighters.

Check out the promo video for Enfusion Live #30:

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More Information

Some of these fights have been confirmed as follows, with more being released over the next few days: 

  1. Karl McCallig (Ireland) Vs Mattew Janik (Poland) – 3X3 -75Kg
  2. Iman Barlow (England) Vs Samantha van Doorn (The Netherlands) – 5X3 -54Kg
  3. Connor White (Northern Ireland) Vs Antonio Gomez (Spain) – 3X3 -70Kg
  4. Conor Cooke (Northern Ireland) Vs Ibrahim El Boustati (Morocco) – 3X3 -85Kg
  5. Ilias Bulaid (Morocco) Vs Simon Santana (Norway) – 5X3 -67Kg
  6. Alan Philpott (Northern Ireland) Vs Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco) – 3X3 -70Kg

Enfusion World Champion Iman PK Barlow will defend her title against Dutch Dynamite Samantha Van Doorn and Enfusion World Champion Ilias ‘The Blade’ Bulaid will defend his Enfusion World title against the very tough Simon Santana.

European and World Champions from MGM gym in Spain and fighters from Poland, UK & Holland will also be present on the night.

The show as always will have state of the art full professional production in lighting, effects, sound and video.

MC Noel O’Keeffe will be on the mic as always.

Doors open at 5:30pm. First fight at 6pm sharp.

Full bar and the beautiful Enfusion Ring Girls and Enfusion Hostesses.

Tickets from following outlets:
Fantom Gym on Mary Street
FighstorePro on Harold’s Cross Road
All fighters & participating gyms
Ticketmaster and by phone: 085 101 3222

Enfusion Live #30 at Spin Roller Skating, Walkinstown Cross, The Longmile Road, Dublin, Ireland.

A night not to be missed!

Enfusion Live - Saturday July 11th 2015 poster

The official Facebook page for the event can be found here.

Please share this article with friends on Facebook if you think they would be interested.

Enfusion: Ireland v Poland on May 16th 2015

Enfusion & PFC presents: Ireland v Poland
Plus 2 World Title Eliminators and
Enfusion International 4 Man Tournament.

Spin Roller Disco Arena, May 16th 2015.

The Number One Televised Fighting promotion in Europe returns to Ireland, 16th May 2016, at Spin Roller Disco Arena on the Long Mile Road.

The show will showcase the very best fighters fighting Enfusion Rules & Full Thai.

Some of these fights have been confirmed as follows, with more being released over the next few days: 

  • Keith Coady (SBG – Ireland) v Andy Young (Next Gen – Northern Ireland )
  • Connor White (Northern Ireland) v Krzystof Lipowski (Poland)
  • Jay Doyle (Ireland) v Jerzy Wronski (Poland)
  • Richard Kiely (SBG) v Keith McCabe (Balance)
  • Ferial Felix Ameeroedien (Ireland) v Sam Nanu Brown (Australia)

The 4 Man Enfusion Tournament at 90kg is made up of:

  • Colly Murphy (Ireland): Trained by the very experienced Jamie Crawford from Langka Muay Thai. Colly comes to this tournament with a perfect record in K1, with mainly stoppages. Colly is a very strong fighter and is the one to beat in Ireland at the moment in his weight category.
  • Cian Erraught (Ireland): Trains out of the very sucessfull SBG, and he has some of the best sparing partners and coaches in the world. Cian has a good bit of experience in MMA, but has took to K1 extremely well, with very good hands and lethal leg kicks. He also comes to this tournament undefeated in K1.
  • Tomasz Bukowski (Poland): Trains in Poland and has fought twice in Ireland and picked up a lot of support on the way. He is a former world Tae Kwon Do champion and a Polish boxing Champion, and now wants to become the Enfusion 4 Man Tournament Champion. Tomasz has lightning hands and feet.
  • Lee Balmer (Northern Ireland): Trains out of also the very successfull gym Next Generation and is trained by the very experienced Rodney Moore. Lee is a well known face in MMA and has made a good name for himself in the MMA world . He also has some of the top sparing partners in the world to train with. Lee’s striking is exceptionally good and he is one to watch. He comes to this tournament with a very good record and known as an agressive hard hitter.

Whoever wins the 4 man 90kg tournament will fight Ibrahim El Boustati, the Enfusion World Champion, live on Enfusion Live in Dublin July 11th 2015.

There will also be an ISKA title on the night with the biggest domestic match ups for Irish ISKA titles.

The show as always will have state of the art full professional production in lighting, effects, sound and video.

MC Noel O’Keeffe will be on the mic as always.

Doors open at 5:30pm. First fight at 6pm sharp.

Full bar and the beautiful Enfusion Ring Girls and Enfusion Hostesses.

Tickets from following outlets:
Fantom Gym on Mary Street
FighstorePro on Harold’s Cross Road
All fighters & participating gyms
Ticketmaster and by phone: 085 101 3222

Please share this article with friends on Facebook if you think they would be interested.

A night not to be missed.

The official Facebook page for the event can be found here.

Wu Lin Feng – China Vs Ireland on 21st of March

World famous Wu Lin Feng (WLF), the Chinese K1 Championship, is pleased to announce, in conjunction with Chris Boyne and PFC, that it is coming to Ireland this March 21st 2015.

Since its launch in 2004, Wu Lin Feng (WLF) has held multiple fighting tournaments all over the world including cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Las Vegas, Hamburg, Auckland and Dubai.

The championship applies various mixed styles of martial arts techniques but particularly resembles the K-1 kickboxing style. It prohibits elbows to the head and does not count trips to the ground as knockdowns.

On March 21st, WLF China Vs Team Ireland, will be broadcast to over 900 million homes in China. The card will feature the top 10 Chinese fighters in China versus the Top 10 Irish fighters from Ireland.

We will also have prestige bouts, and an undercard of the best domestic Irish pro and amateur fighters on the card.

Tickets are available from all fighters, participating gyms, and ticket master.
General €26.50. Ringside starting at €36.50
VIP tables €500.

The event will take place at Spin Roller Skating, Walkinstown Cross, The Longmile Road,

Production and sound, as always, will be top class.

Wu Lin Feng - China Vs Ireland on 21st of March

Main card consists of:

  • Jamez Barber (Ireland) V Deng Zeki (China)
  • Keith Levins (Ireland) V Qi Chengong (China)
  • Karl Mccallig (Ireland) V Chen Zhiknag (China)
  • Jeanderson Ortsac (Ireland) v Lu Wan (China)
  • Mark Casserly (Ireland) v li Qiankun (China)
  • Paul Norton (Ireland) v Lu Jianbo ( China)

The above list will be updated with all the fights as soon as they will be announced.


WARRIOR FC 3 – Results

WARRIOR FC 3 took place last Saturday, the 31st of January, and was bigger and better than the previous shows. Fight fans packed into the Ayrfield Sports and Leisure Center, for a sold out show, to see many talented Thai Boxers participate in a well run show. Tomas Satas and C-MAC did a great job putting the show together.

All the results from the night are listed below with a few photos taken by Aga Warzala. The full photo album can be seen here.


1. Paula Delehanty (Balance MMA) WINS by UD vs Ashleigh Gallagher (Strike KB) 70kg

Warrior FC 3 - Paula vs Ashleigh

2. Conor O’Flaherty (Naas KB) WINS by UD vs Chris Brandaras (Bridgestone MT) 79kg

Warrior FC 3 - Conor vs Chris

3. Bjorn Gillsbro (Hammerhead MT) WINS by SD vs Eliot Levy (SBG) 73kg

Warrior FC 3 - Bjorn vs Eliot

4. Emmanuel Alphion (Chaiyo MT) WINS by SD vs James O’Rourke (Trials MMA) 70kg

Warrior FC 3 - Emmanuel vs James

5. Aidan Lehane (Bridgestone MT) WINS by TKO vs Tony Campbell (Kamikaze MA) 88kg

Warrior FC 3 - Tony vs Aidan

6. Jenny Deane (Strike KB) WINS by UD vs Eimear Codd (Valhalla MA) 60kg

Warrior FC 3 - Jenny vs Eimear

7. Dennis Maslennikov (Bridgestone MT) WINS by UD vs Andy O’Regan (Fermoy MT) 70kg

Warrior FC 3 - Dennis vs Andy

8. Ivan Walsh (SBG) WINS by SD vs Dan Tully (Force MT) 75kg

Warrior FC 3 - Ivan vs Dan

9. Jimmy Long (Strike KB) WINS by SD vs Jamie Wilson (Heat MMA) HW

Warrior FC III - Jimmy vs Jamie


10. Jacub Poczatek (Naas KB) WINS by TKO vs Steve Owen (Strike KB) 79kg

Warrior FC III Jacub vs Steve

11. Adam Dempsey (SBG) WINS by KO vs Patrick Maughan (Force MT) 66kg

Warrior FC III - Adam vs Patrick

12. Stefan Triffo (Kamikaze MT) WINS by UD vs Shane O’Brien (Trials MMA) 61kg

Warrior FC III - Stefan vs Shane

13. Dan O’Toole (SBG) WINS vs Eddie Dalton (Jai Sua MT) 62kg

Warrior FC III - Dan vs Eddie

14. Brendan Morris (Trials MMA) WINS by UD vs Dylan Wilson (309 MT) 62kg

Warrior FC III - Brendan vs Dylan

15. Lee Walton (Dublin MT) WINS by UD vs Adam Gallagher (Go MT) 62kg

Warrior FC III - Lee vs Adam

16. Alexander OSullivan (C-MAC MMA) vs Miceal O’Hare (Newry MT) EXHIBITION BOUT

Warrior FC III - Alexander vs Miceal

17. Sam Slater (SBG) WINS by UD vs David Fustos (Dublin MT) 78kg

Warrior FC III - Sam vs David

18. Liam Kelly (C-MAC MMA) SPLIT DRAW Sean O’Hara (Chupasart) 70kg

Warrior FC III - Liam vs Sean

19. Adrian Polcik (Naas KB) WINS by MD vs Lee Morgan (Newry MT) 68kg

Warrior FC III - Adrian vs Lee

20. Neil Tucker (Kamikaze MT) WINS by SD vs Paul O’Brien (C-MAC MMA) 77kg

Warrior FC III - Neil Kamikaze Fight Academy

21. Declan McAleenan (Newry MT) WINS vs Dan Cullen (Chupasart MT) vs 68kg

Warrior FC III - Declan vs Dan

22. Richard Kiely (SBG)  vs Brett Egan (Deise KB) WINS by UD 84kg

Warrior FC III - Richard vs Brett


We are looking forward to the next Warrior FC show.

WARRIOR FC III taking place this Saturday 31st of January

WARRIOR FC III is taking place this Saturday 31st of January in Ayrfield Sports and Leisure Center, Blunden Drive, Dublin 13.

Warrior Fighting Championship is a K-1 style event that aims to create a format where all striking styles can compete against one another, in a mixed martial arts of striking styles.

Warrior FC III Poster

The fight card for the night is as follows:

Running order is determined in order of experiences, with novices fighting first, and progressively moving to more experienced fighters.  Fight No.1 is the first fight of the night, scheduled for 6pm. Fight No.21 is the final fight of the night. Card is subject to change.


1. Deborah OSullivan (C-MAC MMA) vs Sarah McGowan (Strike KB) 57kg

2. Ashleigh Gallagher (Strike KB) vs Paula Delehanty (Balance MMA) 70kg

3. Chris Brandaras (Bridgestone MT) vs Conor O’Flaherty (Naas KB) 79kg

4. James O’Rourke (Trials MMA) vs Emmanuel Alphion (Chaiyo MT) 70kg

5. Aidan Lehane (Bridgestone MT) vs Tony Campbell (Kamikaze MA) 88kg

6. Jenny Deane (Strike KB) vs Eimear Codd (Valhalla MA) 60kg

7. Dennis Maslennikov (Bridgestone MT) vs Andy O’Regan (Fermoy MT) 70kg

8. Jimmy Long (Strike KB) vs Jamie Wilson (Heat MMA) HW

9. Ivan Walsh (SBG) vs Dan Tully (Force MT) 75kg

10. Steve Owen (Strike KB) vs Jacub Poczatek (Naas KB) 79kg

11. Adam Dempsey (SBG) vs Patrick Maughan (Force MT) 66kg

12. Shane O’Brien (Trials MMA) vs Stefan Triffo (Kamikaze MT) 61kg

13. Dan O’Toole (SBG) vs Eddie Dalton (Jai Sua MT) 62kg

14. Brendan Morris (Trials MMA) vs Dylan Wilson (309 MT) 62kg

15. Eliot Levy (SBG) vs Bjorn Gillsbro (Hammerhead MT) 73kg

16. Lee Walton (Dublin MT) vs Adam Gallagher (Go MT) 62kg

17. Sam Slater (SBG) vs David Fustos (Dublin MT) 78kg

18. Michael O’Donovan (Trials MMA) vs Miceal O’Hare (Newry MT) 63kg

19. Liam Kelly (C-MAC MMA) vs Sean O’Hare (Chupasart) 70kg

20. Adrian Polcik (Naas KB) vs Lee Morgan (Newry MT) 68kg

21. Paul O’Brien (C-MAC MMA) vs Neil Tucker (Kamikaze MT) 77kg

22. Dan Cullen (Chupasart MT) vs Declan McAleenan (Newry MT) 68kg

23. Richard Kiely (SBG) vs Brett Egan (Deise KB) 84kg (Middleweight Title Eliminator)

Tickets are available at the door and they go for €20 each.

For more information please check out the official Facebook event page.

309 Phuang Malai – New Bloods: Oct 2014 Results

Below are the results for the New Bloods show hosted by 309 Phuang Malai on October 10th 2014.

  • Fight 1 – Jakub Zebura (EMS) Vs Jack O’Neill (Warriors) – AM 54kg – Winner O’Neill by PTS
  • Fight 2 – Pat Maughan (Force) Vs Adrian Kirby (Carrigaline) – Am -Winner Pat – PTS
  • Fight 3 – Simone Silombre (309) Vs Stefan Triffo (Kamikaze Fight Academy) – Am 60kg – Winner Stefan by PTS
  • Fight 4 – Ferdia Coughran (Carragaline) Vs Conor Keogh (Warriors) – Am 73kg – Win Ferdia by PTS
  • Fight 5 – Fares Faroo (309) Vs Szymon Stasiak (EMS) – Am 63kg – Winner Faroo by PTS
  • Fight 6 – Mariusz Brodza (Kamikaze Fight Academy) Vs Liam Kelly – Am 70kg – Winner Mariusz by TKO Rd 1
  • Fight 7 – Diarmuid Dunne (Hammerhead) Vs James Lawler (309) – Am 72kg – Winner Dunne by TKO Rd 4
  • Fight 8 – Daniel Cullen (Chupasart) Vs Sebastian Szuster (Force) – C Class 66kg – Winner Cullen by PTS
  • Fight 9 – Bjorn Gillsbro (Hammerhead) Vs Brian Lee (309) – Am 74kg – Winner Bjorn by PTS
  • Fight 10 – Turlough Walsh (Warriors) Vs Robert Haverty (Force) – B Class 61kg – Winner Rob by PTS
  • Fight 11 – Dylan Wilson (309) Vs Daryl Flood (Warriors) – Am 63kg – Winner Flood by PTS
  • Fight 12 – Alex Akimov (309) VS Justin Doyle (Chupasart) – K1 75kg – Winner Alex by KO Rd 2
  • Fight 13 – Eve Lynn (Chupasart) Vs Shenda Hughes (Warriors) – Am 51kg – Draw
  • Fight 14 – James Barber (309) Vs Ross Finnegan (Extreme) – B Class 65kg – Winner Barber by PTS

Mariusz Brodza (Kamikaze Fight Academy) Vs Liam Kelly – Am 70kg – Winner Mariusz by TKO Rd 1