‘Daddy, do one thing, beat Ian Tims’: Michael Sweeney talks to FightstorePROi about family life

‘Daddy, do one thing, beat Ian Tims’: Michael Sweeney talks to FightstorePROi about family life

Michael Sweeney was in a relaxed mood as he sat down to speak exclusively to FightstorePROi this morning.

The Galway man, who fights Ian Tims tomorrow night, spoke of his biggest fans, his family.

“Two of my kids are coming up to see the fight. My little son Rocky is doing the ring walk with me and he’s eight,” said Sweeney.

Sweeney told us that Rocky also gave him some advice ahead of his rematch with the Dubliner. “Daddy, do one thing, beat Ian Tims” was what Rocky suggested to his father.

“He’s a smart kid. I was in the gym last week and Rocky was sitting in there and I gave him a book. I trained for 40 minutes and I came back and the girl behind reception said he’s brilliant at drawing. I had a look and he was doing Storm Sweeney logos. I think I’ll have to take one and use it,” Sweeney said.

Rocky plays soccer and boxing but his father said he wouldn’t influence his sons decision on what he wants to do in the future.

“He plays football and boxing. He looks good in both. It’s his decision. If he took up soccer it would be brilliant. There’s more money in that,” laughed Sweeney.

“Boxing is a lonely sport. A lot of people don’t realise it. On a pitch or on a bus you have your other teammates. No matter how strong you are you can go down in boxing quickly.

“You go to the gym, run, then come back home and watch what you eat and think of weight. I step on the scales two, three times a day.”

Sweeney confirmed there was nothing personal about his rivalry with Ian Tims and he said he respected his competitor.

He also doesn’t believe the fight will go the distance.

“I’m in the Stadium, it’s a big ring and I can move. I do believe, I could be wrong, but I don’t see it going eight rounds but I’m not going for a stoppage. There is too much heavy bangs on both sides and one of us has to go and it’s not me.”

You can watch how Michael Sweeney performs tomorrow night against Ian Tims live on BoxNation. Sweeney hasn’t fought since 2013 but says he is feeling sharp and better than ever mentally.

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