Declan Geraghty boxes smartly to outpoint opponent

Declan Geraghty boxes smartly to outpoint opponent

Boxing is about hitting and not getting hit.

And to Declan Geraghty’s credit that’s exactly what he did in this contest against Reynaldo Cajina at the National Stadium.

Geraghty was patient and relaxed in the ring as he showcased his boxing skills in front of his home fans at the National Stadium.

Cajina didn’t throw much but when he did the slick southpaw Geraghty picked him off cooly.

Cajina unloaded more in the second round but Geraghty evaded his shots effortlessly. He even added in some Ali shuffles for the benefit of the audience.

‘Pretty Boy’ Geraghty had superior head movement and footwork. Unlike some of his previous fights he didn’t rush in recklessly.

At the end of round three he began to unleash.

He executed a smashing punch at the end of round five with a sickening left to the head but the Barcelona fighter stayed in there bravely.

Geraghty landed some damaging power shots in round six which worsened the swelling under the left eye of Cajina.

It was no surprise when Geraghty was awarded the decision. It was a controlled performance and one that Geraghty will be more than pleased with.

The Dubliner moves forward with his pro career with ten wins and one loss.

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