Demolition Job: Jamie Conlan blasts out challenger

Demolition Job: Jamie Conlan blasts out challenger

Jamie ‘The Mexican’ Conlan returned to the National Stadium tonight with a bang to retain his WBO intercontinental super-featherweight title.

The Belfast man destroyed his Argentine opponent Adrian Dimas Garzon in round four.

It was a tight opening round but crowd favorite Jamie Conlan edged it by throwing the more shots and by being on the front foot.

Conlan was patient in his pursuit of Garzon which is understandable when considering his previous battle at the National Stadium against Junior Granados.

Round three saw a more familiar Jamie Conlan as he unloaded with some vicious body shots. Even his opponent nodded in appreciation.

Garzon then seemed to think Conlan pushed him to the floor and responded angrily by punching with a low blow. Conlan was unfazed as a few seconds later he landed a crushing right hand to floor his opponent.

After Garzon rose from the canvas, the ruthless Conlan showed no mercy. After another assault the referee rightly called off the contest.

It was a smart boxing exhibition from Conlan early on as he waited to see what his opponent had to offer. But when ‘The Mexican’ engaged in some more quality exchanges, his shots were too hurtful and quick for Garzon to survive the duration.

His brother Michael was one of the most pleased members of the audience as he sprang from his seat to congratulate¬†¬†Jamie’s dominant display.

Demolition Job: Jamie Conlan blasts out challenger
Jamie Conlan talking to his brother right after his win

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