Getting to know Lynn Harvey, Ireland’s newest female Pro Boxer

Getting to know Lynn Harvey, Ireland’s newest female Pro Boxer

Despite being only the second current pro female boxer in the country, Lynn Harvey, 34, from Kilbarrack, isn’t making a big fuss about it.

“I only told my Da a couple of weeks ago that I was actually turning professional,” Lynn laughed as she sat down to talk with FightstorePROi.

“I just do my own thing. I only told my brother recently too because I was telling him he needs to buy a ticket.”


The bubbly, charismatic Harvey is making her pro debut at the Red Cow hotel on Friday 6th November at flyweight.

How did she feel when she received her pro licence?

“It didn’t really sink in until I got it in the door and I became very emotional seeing it. I knew it was coming but when I had it in my hand it got real then,” Harvey explained.


Many would expect her to be nervous with such an occasion approaching but Harvey is composed and raring to go.

“I’m more relaxed now than I used to be. I’ve had a lot of personal growth in the last few years.

“I will have a healthy amount of nerves that will keep me sharp on the day. I know I’m prepared and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t do the business.”


Harvey is the former Irish novice, Intermediate and Senior champion. Extraordinarily she only took up the sport at 29.

After working in various jobs such as at a restaurant and a day care centre, Harvey gave the sweet science a try as a personal achievement. Three years later she was the National Senior Elite Champion.

Harvey says that although the senior championship was her career defining moment, she is now aiming for greater glory.

She told FightstorePROi: “The world title is what I want. There is no point being in the Celtic Warriors Gym and around that talent if that’s not your goal.”


Boxing has helped Lynn Harvey in so many ways, from battling depression to building confidence. She would recommend for other women to get involved in the sport.

Harvey confirmed: “I’m always encouraging other girls in my fitness class to try boxing even if they don’t compete. It’s good to do something out of your comfort zone and it spills over into the rest of your life to do other things.”


The famous Celtic Warriors Gym is where Harvey is now based. She is under the guidance of trainer of the year Paschal Collins.

“It’s amazing, I even watch Paschal with other fighters to observe what he’s showing them. He’s away a lot in America or in England with Frank Buglioni and he’s left me with a good young trainer called Daniel. He’s been in the gym since it was opened. Daniel passes everything on to me that he’s learned from Paschal.”


Does Harvey sacrifice anything by being a boxer?

“I’ve never smoked and at my age I’m settling down. Maybe relationship wise but I progress better when I’m single. My love life would be the only thing sacrificed and I’m more than willing to do that for what I want,” said the Dublin fighter.


Harvey, whose favourite film is ‘The Colour Purple’, would be open for her eight year old son, Tyler, to one day become a boxer.

“When he’s ten I will start him with a bit of training. I think he would make a fabulous boxer, he’s left handed. I’ve done a bit with him and he’s a quick learner.”


When speaking to Harvey the question of ‘if she wins next Friday, how will she celebrate’ came up.

Harvey was keen to emphasise it was when she wins and not if.

After her bout, will she go on a mad night out to celebrate her pro debut?

“I will have a drink because I can but to be honest I don’t drink much at all. After the fight and the adrenaline where’s off I will be fit for bed. I’m going to the MGM boxing show the next night so I wouldn’t stay up drinking even if I wanted,” Harvey revealed.


Lynn Harvey will be sponsored by FightstorePROi on the night. She has an aggressive, old school style of fighting and you can catch her first step into the professional world of boxing at the Red Cow hotel next Friday.

You can find Lynn Harvey on Facebook.

Getting to know Lynn Harvey, Ireland’s newest female Pro Boxer




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