Ian Tims beats Michael Sweeney for the second time

Ian Tims beats Michael Sweeney for the second time

Michael Sweeney vs Ian Tims was an eight round warfare at the National Stadium tonight.

The pair previously fought in 2011 with Tims getting the decision.

This time around there was only one point in it and Ian Tims was awarded the victory. But both men deserve credit for an enthralling encounter.

Following a successful opening three rounds for Michael ‘The Storm’ Sweeney, round four was when his moment came.

Sweeney knocked Tims to the floor following a succession of blows. Tims did well to last the round but he appeared weary as he went to his corner.

But this was Sweeney’s first bout since 2013 and as the fight went on, it began to show.

Tims responded positively in round five as Sweeney looked the fighter who was short of breath.

For much of the sixth Sweeney had Tims against the ropes but it was the Dubliner Tims who got the better of the exchanges with uppercuts.

The final two rounds were difficult to score as neither man was the dominant fighter.

In the end Tims edged it to obtain the Cruiserweight Celtic title in one that could have gone either way.

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