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BV Sport from Fightstore Ireland:

BV Sport from Fightstore Ireland

In 1989, Dr. Serge Couzan was supervising Dr. Michaël Prüfer’s thesis on research into blood circulation problems associated with sportsmen.

Michaël Prüfer was then a multiple record holder and speed-skiing world champion. He won the gold medal in that discipline at the Albertville Winter Olympics in 1992.

The two vascular doctors combined their specialist skills, and thanks to their research among top sportspeople invented and developed a revolutionary concept designed to improve muscular performance and to speed up recovery : gradual support sock that places particular pressure in the calf area so as to speed up venous return, unlike standard support garments that place pressure upon the ankle. It was from this research that the patent was born.

Anti-Cellulite Garments – Support Compression Products

Specifically designed for women’s sports, these shorts improve muscle tone and reduce vibrations during effort.
Thanks to their firm support, they have an effect on the buttock muscles and the thighs, thus converting energy into a permanent micro-massage.

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