Fairtex Ireland

Fairtex is one of Thailand’s most recognised Muay Thai brands, producing a wide range of boxing gloves, kick pads, apparel and equipment for Muay Thai Boxing and MMA.

A brand that started life as Fairtex Garments Factory in 1971 went on to build their first Gym in Thailand and then became a promoter at the famous Lumpinee Stadium. The brand has risen through the Thai world to become one of the leading brands in the world. Now shipped and resold the world over, the Thailand made equipment is fantastic quality. The best cowhide leather goes into their main boxing gloves and shinguard lines whilst their Muay Thai shorts, vests and T-Shirts are second to none.
Through their ongoing dominance with training camps and sponsored fighters, Fairtex have become a world-wide force in the Muay Thai industry. Their range of nation print boxing gloves are one of the highest quality Thai boxing gloves in the world today and we stock a full range of gear here at Fightstore Ireland. The Fighter’s Choice!

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