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Let’s Bands – Powerbands Resistance Bands from Fightstore Ireland:

Let’s Bands - Powerbands Resistance Bands from Fightstore Ireland

The Powerbands, available from Fightstore Ireland are high-quality resistance bands that are the most portable and versatile training tool you can buy for a comprehensive workout anytime, anywhere.

Athletes of all disciplines who want to increase strength, speed, agility and even vertical leap will see major improvements with regular use of Powerbands.

Powerbands improve all movement, making you more dynamic and ‘explosive’; and you can tailor your Powerbands workouts to ensure you perform at peak level. The benefits of Powerbands are endless.

  • Improve plyometrics, speed, and agility training
  • They are completely adaptable for beginner to professional athletes
  • Suitable for prehabilitation and rehabilitation
  • Provide targeted resistance for muscle activation
  • All exercises are progressively effective

Let’s Bands stands for the best-in-class training equipment, workout programs, cutting-edge education courses, and innovative group fitness concepts. Nina Romm, Niko Schmitz, and Uno Gomes, who created these popular powerbands, founded this formerly European based company in 2013. Check out the full catalogue below:

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