Valor Fightwear

Valor Fightwear is a BJJ brand based in Essex in the South East of England and have been selling BJJ GIs and other gear from their warehouse since 2010.

“We started our company because we felt there was a need for High quality gear at affordable prices. Something we still believe in today. Over the past few years we have improved and continue to improve every product we release and do our best to keep our prices affordable without compromising the quality.

Everyone involved with Valor trains in Jiu Jitsu, we don’t just sell the gear. We are passionate about BJJ and we have all benefited from this great martial art and we strongly believe in giving something back to the community so we sponsor and support over 15 athletes from blue to black belt, the British Army and RAF BJJ teams, the UK BJJ Youth team and some of the best tournaments and invitational’s in the UK including Super 15, Tuff Invitational, Kleos Grappling, BJJ 247, Roll Models and the Newquay, Southend , Chelmsford and Bournemouth opens.”
– Valor Fightwear

Fightstore Ireland is stocking a large selection of Valor gear. If you’re looking for something that’s not available below, please contact us.


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