8 WEAPONS Bone Island Boxing Gloves – Black

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The 8 WEAPONS boxing gloves “Bone Island” are the perfect choice for Nak Muay who value quality and style.

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8 WEAPONS Bone Island Boxing Gloves

The “Bone Island” boxing gloves are the perfect choice for Nak Muay who value quality and style.

The boxing gloves are printed with a striking skull wearing a traditional mongkol, reflecting the roots of Muay Thai. With their unique design and handcrafted in Bangkok, the “Bone Island” boxing gloves are a real highlight.

Very thick leather and sturdy seams create a resilient boxing glove that will be your faithful companion in your training bag for many years. The boxing glove was manufactured in our boxing glove factory, which has been producing high-quality gloves for many years.

The cushioning of the boxing glove is perfectly designed and offers a very pleasant feeling when hitting. The logo patch is a visual highlight and the shiny seams ensure a high-quality finish.

The internal grip bar is more pronounced than on other boxing gloves and creates a stable fit for the glove. This means that the hand is very firmly inside and offers a secure hold for all strike variations. The wide hook & loop fastener secures the glove tightly to the wrist.

The very compact boxing gloves are perfect for clinch training with gloves. The thumb is sewn on and offers optimal support with injury protection.

The boxing gloves are suitable for all sports in which striking techniques are used such as boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, etc.

8 WEAPONS Bone Island Boxing Gloves Features:

  • High quality leather
  • Multilayered foam provides ultimate shock absorption
  • Soft inner lining for ultimate comfort
  • Made in Thailand

The gloves are suitable for Muay Thai, K1 and Kickboxing.

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8 WEAPONS is a collective of Muay Thai lovers from Germany & Thailand. We share a love of sports, artwork and great products.
We combine high-quality craftsmanship from Bangkok with European designs.

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