8 WEAPONS Eight Ways Yant T-Shirt – White

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The 8 WEAPONS – Yant is an athletic shirt for leisure and sport. The shirt is grey with traditional Sak Yant print. 8 Weapons print on the back of the neck.

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8 WEAPONS Eight Ways Yant T-Shirt – White

Sak Yant are the traditional Thai tattoos and it’s said that a magical tattoo is protecting it’s bearer.

The yants are used for a wide range of protection and most of them a against bad luck and negative influences. The yant has to be made in a traditional ceremony and sanctified by the tattoo master.

Many Muay Thai fighters are wearing yants to gain the protection. The Paed Tidt Yant will give you protection in whichever direction you are traveling and ward off evil spirits.

The design of the Paed Tidt Yant also incorporates eight representations of the Buddha. These are the groups of 3 ovals each increasing in size from the top.

This T-Shirt is ahtletic fit with prints on front, neck and sleeve.


  • Soft cotton t-shirt with an athletic fit
  • High quality screen printing
  • Small logo print on the neck
  • Woven logo label at bottom

Wash inside out at 30 degrees. Hang Dry.

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8 WEAPONS is a collective of Muay Thai lovers from Germany & Thailand. We share a love of sports, artwork and great products.
We combine high-quality craftsmanship from Bangkok with European designs.

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