8 WEAPONS Shift Shinguards – Cyber

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Increased cushioning on the shin. High level of protection for hard sparring. Two wide Velcro fasteners. Two elastic bands on the footsection.

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8 WEAPONS Shift Shinguards – Cyber

Play it safe with the 8 WEAPONS shin guards from the Shift series.

We designed this model according to our ideas over a long period of development and tested it intensively in many training sessions. As a result, you get a pad that protects you comprehensively in every training situation and reduces the risk of injury to a minimum.

Multi-layered and firm padding prevents the shinbone from penetrating the padding. Even with hard kicks on elbows, the risk of bruises is greatly reduced.

For a stable fit you get two wide Velcro fasteners that can be easily opened and closed even with boxing gloves. In addition, two elastic bands hold the protector in place in the area of the foot.

The 8 WEAPONS shin guards are made of high quality synthetic leather and are delivered as a pair.

8 WEAPONS Shift Shinguards – Cyber Features:

  • increased cushioning on the shin
  • high level of protection for hard sparring
  • two wide Velcro fasteners
  • two elastic bands on the footsection
  • high quality synthetic leather

These shin guards are suitable for anyone who wants to protect their shins well with the necessary comfort. The shinguards are suitable for Muay Thai, K1 and Kickboxing.

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8 WEAPONS is a collective of Muay Thai lovers from Germany & Thailand. We share a love of sports, artwork and great products.
We combine high-quality craftsmanship from Bangkok with European designs.

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