Adidas Combat Speed 5 – Black/Silver

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Adidas Combat Speed 5 – Black/Silver: The classic minimalist wrestling shoe that never goes out of style

The Adidas Combat Speed 5 is the latest update of the all-time classic Combat Speed wrestling shoe line. The original Combat Speed was one of the first wildly popular shoes when it first hit the mat back in the 70’s and 80’s. Yes, that was probably before you were born, and they were brand new when your uncle was rocking a perm, a gold chain, and hitting the roller disco on weekends. The Combat Speed is a shoe most other wrestling shoes have been modeled after for decades after its debut. For some unknown reason, the Combat Speed mysteriously left the market for some time, and was recently brought back by popular demand as the Combat Speed 4. The design updates in the 5th version of the series is meant to improve durability, support, and give the shoe a modern, up-to-date look and feel.

The Combat Speed 5 has all the same design features that you know and love about previous models, with a few improvements. The first thing you’ll notice when you try on a pair of these is the amazing sock-like comfort, and the way they seem to melt onto your foot when you lace them up. The upper is mostly made up of a single-layer mesh that provides incredible breathability, and makes this one of the lightest wrestling shoes on the market. For added support and durability, the upper is reinforced with a mix of suede and synthetic leather. The flexible TPU support stripes and side panel offers more support and stability than previous models. The unique split-sole of the Combat Speed is designed for wrestlers who like to be quick with their footwork, without any extra baggage to slow them down. This minimalist outsole has two rubber traction areas under the heel and the forefoot, mixed with suede leather so you can seamlessly switch between attacking, defending, evading, and scrambling. The die-cut EVA midsole (it’s like a little wedge. It’s cool, we just looked it up too) helps provide some extra padding in the heel and keeps you slightly more on your toes for a better attack stance. Don’t get caught on your heels, that’s how you get double-legged! This shoe also offers ridiculous flexibility and range of motion, unlike some other more boot-like shoes. However, you’ll still get great support due to the high-top lace-up design. When you do finally finish lacing these up (there are lots of laces here) there’s a handy little lace strap up at the top to keep things nice and tidy.

If you’re wondering what kind of wrestler wears this shoe, just watch Jordan Oliver, who is a big fan of the Combat Speed and even had his own JO color scheme. Jordan is known for his quick and fluid footwork, and funky scrambles. It is also important to note that the Combat Speed has been a regular favorite among boxers, grapplers, and other mixed martial artists who prefer more flexibility and less grip. Boxers also like them because they are much lighter than most boxing shoes, allowing for quick foot movement, and they have good ankle support. Grapplers and Jiu Jitsu practitioners like them because they’re the closest you can get to the feeling of grappling barefoot, if you need to occasionally wear shoes for training.

Adidas Combat Speed 5 FEATURES:

  • Mesh upper delivers unmatched breathability and comfort
  • Flexible TPU support stripes and integrated side panel (Integral Support Strap) offer a snug fit with awesome lock down support
  • Die-cut EVA midsole provides added cushioning and perfect attack stance
  • Split-suede leather outsole delivers exceptional grip for improved spin on the mat

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