BlazePod Ultimate Team Bundle – 12 Pods

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Step into the future of training with our special offer bundle! Boost performance, elevate physical & cognitive skills, and reach better results faster with BlazePod’s innovative light-up Pods and interactive app.



BlazePod Ultimate Team Bundle – 12 Pods

Take your team, gym, and clinic to the next level with the must-have bundle for large groups, organizations, and facilities. The selection of BlazePod’s essentials and the app Pro membership boost motivation and engagement with multiple stations and simultaneous work while maintaining a personalized experience for every session.

Train your reaction speed more effectively with this innovative new BlazePod trainer kit (including 12x pods) and perfect your agility through agile training. The BlazePods work with light sensors and can be adjusted in different colors and color ranges depending on the training.

The BlazePod shuts down by intentional touch. The BlazePods can be attached in a variety of ways or simply used for floor training. The battery life of a BlazePod is approximately 8 hours.

The accompanying and free app already contains integrated training for different training areas. It is free to download for iOS and Android users in the relevant app stores. This allows you to create your own tests and record and analyze response times.

BlazePod Features:

  • Powerful RGB LEDs with 8 color options
  • Durable: Water resistant (IP65), UV Protected
  • Simple and intuitive: No power button, no moving parts
  • Portable: small and lightweight
  • Sticks to any surface with specialty harnesses
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge
  • Space saving Smart Stack & Charge Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication with immediate smartphone pairing and up to 40 meter device-to-pod range

BlazePod Ultimate Team Bundle – 12 Pods includes:

  • 12 x Pods
  • 12 x PodBases
  • 12 x Functional Adapters
  • 6 x Cone Adapters
  • 6 x BlazePod Starps
  • 6 x BlazePod Suction Cups
  • 2 x Carry Case for 6 pods
  • 2 x Charging Bases

1-Year Warranty

Check out our FAQ for more information and the Academy for training Ideas.

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