Bob Torso Freestanding Bag

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Bob Torso Freestanding Bag Features:

This boxing bag has the upper body of a real person, so you can train perfectly on this. The dummy is the ideal sparring partner. The torso is made of a strong PU with Urethane foam on the inside. This way it can absorb both kicks and punches.

The connecting piece between the top and bottom springs slightly, so that the noise reduction is optimal. The foot will therefore remain even more firmly on the ground. The base of the torso can be filled with sand or gravel, so it can weigh up to +/- 150kg!

The base of the torso has a diameter and height of 48 cm. The upper body has a height of 92 cm. The total height of the freestanding bag is 170 cm.

Advantages of using Bob Torso Freestanding Bag:

  • strong PU with foam inside;
  • to be used both at home and in the gym;
  • very stable due to the heavy foot;
  • ideal sparring partner;
  • Easy to clean;

Before you can use the bag you need sand or gravel to fill the base. (gravel/sand not included).


Use boxing gloves or bandages while training on the freestanding bag.


This freestanding bag comes with a 1-year warranty on production errors.

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