Booster 6ft Freestanding Boxing Bag

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Booster 6ft Freestanding Boxing Bag

This brand new Booster 6ft Freestanding Boxing bag is really everything you are looking for. The boxing bag is a total of 180 cm high. A freestanding punch-bag suitable for home & gym use.

Ideal for kicking up, both high kicks and low kicks, and punches for every level! Please note, the foot is higher than in the picture.

For which martial artist is the bag suitable?

The boxing pole is suitable for anyone who is involved in martial arts, or who wants to work on his condition alone.

Ideal to use for all striking sports such as : kickboxing , boxing , muaythai , karate , …

How should the punching bag be moved?

Due to the heavy weight when the punching bag is filled, it is very difficult to move. The punching bag may not be tilted by pulling / pushing on the top. Turning around until the punching bag is in place is also not allowed.

The only correct way to move the punching bag is by means of a rope / belt that you put around the foot. You can easily pull the boxing bag aside.

In what sizes and colors is the Booster 6ft Freestanding Boxing Bag available in?

The standing boxing bag is available in black. The part against which you can kick and bump has a length of 140 cm and a diameter of 42 cm. The robust base has a height of 40 cm. The standing punching bag is always at the right height! The punching bag is 180 cm high in total.


  • Reinforced semi leather coating and thick foam layer.
  • High : 140 cm (bag) + 40 cm (base).
  • Diameter : 42 cm.
  • Circumference : 135 cm.
  • Empty flexible base (fill with water – until 70 kg / 152 lbs).
  • Bag Size : 180 cm


Before you can use the standing punching bag, you need sand or gravel to weight the foot (not included).


Use punching bag gloves or bandages while training on the standing punching bag.

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