Boxia Air Focus Mitts – Black/Burgundy

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Made in Italy. 100% Italian leather. Double internal layer of polyurethanes that protect the hands of the boxer and the coach. Extra foam layer on the central carpus.

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Boxia Air Focus Mitts – Black/Burgundy

Some of the Boxia most incredible pads, as well as the external leather used to producethem. The Black and Wine colour AirMitt pads are created by artisans in Italy to create an exclusive product that every coach may wish to use.

Soft and shockproof internal foams, perfect hand hold and zip to change the internal foams after long and intense workouts.

The Italian leathers are very soft, but very resistant, as well as the foams which are cut in such a way that allow the coach to firmly grasp the internal padding while working with his/her boxers.

The boxing pads are structured for protection and softness. The 3.5 cm internal foam is combined with other malleable and durable materials to protect the hands of the coach and of the boxer.

The external foam is circularly cut with a notch that allows the coach to make the athlete dig the shot, while an extra protective part is added that makes the hitters hold firmly.

The opening for inserting the hands is of a size designed to allow easy entry, but at the same time not making it slip.

The external part is in Italian leather which guarantees use over time, while the foams, which are also very resistant, can possibly be changed thanks to a zip on the lower edge.


  • Double layer of foams that protects the hands of athletes and coaches
  • Higher absorbency than many pads on the market
  • Entrance opening designed not to drop the pad despite the hardest punches
  • Foam layer that allows you to tighten the carpus and keep the airmitt even more firm
  • Side zip to change the foams damaged by use in the gym
  • Resistant and aesthetically beautiful Italian leather
  • 100% Italian leather

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Boxia: unfortunately, despite hard training, sparring and dedication we have never reached levels that could be defined international, much less global. We fought many matches in various combat sports, such as boxing, thaiboxe and savate, but we never reached the top levels.

Disappointed but not defeated and for this reason we let our imagination fly.

We found the right partner that could help us producing a combat sports good that could be defined as world-class as quality and passion. A product that could send a message to every boxer and combat sport athlete. To not give up, to follow their passion and express theirselves in the middle of the ring and in life.

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