Boxia GTX Leather Lace Up Boxing Gloves – White

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GTX is the best made in Italy glove you can find. An exceptional glove, with unique features and unobtainable color combinations. Sewn in Italy with entirely Made in Italy materials, to ensure resistance in use.



Boxia GTX Leather Lace Up Boxing Gloves – White

Gtx are an unique sparring gloves with X-stitched grooves on the back of the glove. It is impossible not to distinguish boxia and its black GTX from all the others gloves. The outer leather is inimitable and never used on boxing gloves.

The grain of the leather immediately catches the eye and the aggressive but elegant appearance of the total black, together with the soft and durable inside foams makes Boxia Gtx boxing glove the ideal partner for sparring.

Boxia GTX sparring gloves with laces are built for all-round professional use. Created with exclusive and resistant leather to ensure prolonged use at maximum intensity training.

They are soft and suitable for athletes looking for comfort and protection during sparring, bag or pads training with the coach. The laces allow a more efficient and protective closure of the hand compared to the strap and tighten the wrist more firmly.

The GTX boxing glove is one of a kind thanks to the composition of foams on the knuckles of the hand that protect the boxer during sparing, but also thanks to the seams on the wrist that facilitate the lacing of the laces and make it easier to close this glove for use professional


  • Internal material: polyurethanes of different densities, EVA
  • Made in Italy
  • Soft and resistant padding
  • Full protection of hand, thumb and wrist
  • Advice for use: “equipment” is ready for use as soon as it is received. No need to soften or work on the glove. It can be used for sparring, bag or coach training right away
  • Made in Italy tag inside the product
  • It cuts clearly visible on the outside of the product

Why are Boxia gloves the best?

Softness on first use. Open and close the hand freely inside the gloves. Safer knuckles thanks to the double protective layer. Strap of almost 10 centimeters to stabilize the wrist in an optimal way. Super resistant and sparkling metallic colors. Exposed grain leather to give the glove a unique look. Knuckles and wrist safer thanks to the double protective layer and the 4 inch strap.

Tips: “the equipment” is ready for use as soon as it is received. There is no need to soften or work on the glove. It can be used immediately for sparring, bag or technical training.

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Boxia: unfortunately, despite hard training, sparring and dedication we have never reached levels that could be defined international, much less global. We fought many matches in various combat sports, such as boxing, thaiboxe and savate, but we never reached the top levels.

Disappointed but not defeated and for this reason we let our imagination fly.

We found the right partner that could help us producing a combat sports good that could be defined as world-class as quality and passion. A product that could send a message to every boxer and combat sport athlete. To not give up, to follow their passion and express theirselves in the middle of the ring and in life.

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