Carbon Claw Punch Bag Chain 6 Strand

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Carbon Claw Punch Bag Chain 6 Strand:

Boxing equipment products are constantly being worn down so the design and durability in conjunction with the practical day to day use of our products enables us to understand the key features, strengths and sometimes the vulnerable parts of the product that will take the most abuse.

Having punch bags consistently swinging and rotating causes additional strain on items such as the chains and wall brackets which in turn increases the wear and tear factor.

Incorporated into the top of the chain is a swivel fixing with a snap lock clip above and below it, and if this was to wear through a replacement can be purchased saving the expense of buying the whole chain unit.

The plated steel chains have separately welded links and incorporate their own snap lock fixing to clip to the punch bag D-rings so as not to shake lose.

Carbon Claw Punch Bag Chain can hold a maximum of 45kg

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