Carbon Claw Recon Coaching Focus Pads – Blue

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The Recon MX-7 Series range has been designed for performance and durability.

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Carbon Claw Recon Coaching Focus Pads – Blue:

The Recon MX-7 series are our latest new addition pads. Designed for regular use which means they are light in construction. They incorporate many layers of padding to ensure impact is absorbed and slowed down through the pad. This lessens the stress forces on the wrist, elbows and shoulder joints.

The Recon MX-7 Series range has been designed for performance and durability.

Colour co-ordinated to match our Military Forces. The materials used and the finishing of the product is second to none. Designed for heavy combat training.

The hit area has a memory gel foam which helps to increase the durability of the pads.

The integral part of the mitt incorporates a domed palm feature. This enables the user to grip the pad more naturally thus reducing the grip stress to the inner forearm muscles and finger tips.

An inner anti-slip material allows additional natural grip to the fingers. This reduces further slip movement of the pad when being hit.

There is a generous layer of padding under the wrist to aid in the support of wrist flexion when training those hard hitting sessions.

This Prestigious Carbon Claw brand carries the Kudos of over 30 years of manufacturing traditions. With the ever evolving in-house design and technology it brings you a quality product that can perform to the growing pace and demands of today’s consumer expectations.

Not just relying on their many past years of valued customer reviews and experiences they continually assess and research current consumer trends allowing us to offer you the latest in design, technology and performance.

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