Cleto Reyes Punch Paddles

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Cleto Reyes Punch Paddles

These paddles from Reyes are perfect for getting more speed in your punches.

The best training Punch Paddles you will ever choose. The Paddles have long-lasting, lightweight padding that keeps its shape to help you train safely and hit accurately.

The Paddles come as a pair and are made of synthetic material making them durable for continued use in training.

We stock the entire Cleto Reyes range in Ireland.

Who are the paddles suitable for?

These hand pads are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their technique, responsiveness and speed.


  • Manufactured from synthetic material
  • 2 pieces
  • Long-lasting, lightweight padding that keeps its shape

What are the advantages of the paddles?

  • Training of technique, responsiveness and speed
  • Sold in pairs

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