ELION Paris Arrogant Boxing Gloves Dragon Ball Z Limited Edition Gohan

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Hand made in Thailand.  L’Arrogant de Boxe, as its name suggests, was particularly intended for the most fierce and determined boxers in the practice of combat sports.

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ELION Paris Arrogant Boxing Gloves Dragon Ball Z Limited Edition Gohan

Fans of Akira Toriyama’s cult manga and combat sports practitioners thought that this moment would never come, but as the popular adage likes to repeat: impossible is not French!

For a world first, the cult Manga and Shonen Dragon Ball Z, pillar of Manga culture around the world, is teaming up with ELION Paris, a sports brand specializing in boxing and combat sports equipment, to release a collection of 6 pairs of Limited edition boxing gloves in the colors of the iconic characters from the animated series.

Whether you are a fan of Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu, we have brought all our expertise and know-how to reproduce on a pair of boxing gloves as faithfully as possible the characters that made you vibrate but while keeping the minimalism and elegance dear to the Parisian brand.

The Elegant is made from the best materials available for a boxing glove and to honor the honor that Dragon Ball Z does us, we went even further.

Made from top-of-the-range full-grain Nappa leather, this type of leather seemed obvious to us in order to provide increased resistance over time.

The Elegant boxing was obviously reserved for the emblematic heroes of the saga that are Goku, Gohan and Vegeta.
But with one detail!

ELION Paris is the first combat sports brand to use a thermochromic synthetic material on its pair of boxing gloves for the first time in the world!

Indeed, we have reserved this exclusivity for and only Dragon Ball Z!

The black eye representing the ELION signature and logo starting from the thumb and descending towards the base of the glove changes color depending on the ambient heat.

From 30 degrees Celsius, the black fades to become golden, reminiscent of the hair color change of all Saiyans turning into super Saiyans!

The popular expression says that the devil is in the details, an expression that we have tried to follow to the letter!

The Sleek Gohan is all matte purple in color and has lightning bolt prints reminiscent of the electricity from Gohan’s Super Saiyen 2 aura during his fight against Cell.

The entirely blue Velcro topped with the embossed logo and on the other side is the size in OZ of the pair of boxing gloves representing the number one crystal ball and the “Z” from Dragon Ball Z.

The inside of L’Elégant is also white, reminiscent of Gohan’s cape, on which one of the paddings is printed in purple with Gohan’s name in Japanese.

On the grip bar is mentioned in Gold “Masenko” referring to one of Gohan’s most devastating attacks.

The nylon interior is fully printed with 7 crystal balls while obviously retaining its anti-perspiration properties.

Just below at the wrist is printed the portrait of Gohan.

Elegance is synonymous with graceful and light beauty, which is why we wanted this pair of boxing gloves to be fine and sleek.

The style and design of this pair of boxing gloves is a continuation of the products in the Collection Paris range.

Signature boxing glove par excellence, L’Elégant is, with its streamlined shape, an attack glove, ready to thwart all defences!
To do this, we have used a new absorbent foam so that the glove can protect your hands and metacarpals from all impacts during your intensive training, but without the glove being too imposing or bulky, elegance requires.

In addition, we have added padding on both sides and along the entire length of the hand to play two important roles:

  • The first to provide more protection and cushioning when defending.
  • The second to provide optimal wrist support.

For this Dragon Ball Z X ELION Paris limited edition, L’Elégant is delivered in its matt pearly white and hot-gold plated box opening in the center and revealing in the background The Hyperbolic Time Chamber, a place of training mythical in which a year corresponds to a day on Earth.

Also included in this box is a shiny purple velvet and breathable black mesh pouch represented by the golden embroidered Dragon Ball Z X ELION Paris logo.

In the lower right corner is also embroidered the name of Gohan in Japanese.


  • Officially licensed product ©Bird Studio/Shueisha, Toei Animation.
  • Premium cowhide exterior for excellent durability.
  • High quality triple density foam to combine lightness and excellent protection.
  • Nylon canvas interior for better perspiration wicking and internal foam insulation.
  • The set forms a contoured glove for perfect support and interior comfort.
  • Large Velcro closure for excellent wrist support Thick reinforced seams.
  • Elion training boxing gloves are available in sizes 10oz to 16Oz
  • Hand made in Thailand

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ELION was created in 2014 in Paris, France by Boxingshop Paris, the only Boxing store in the center of Paris the last 25 years.

With its experience in the sale and design of high-end equipment for boxing and combat sports, ELION was born with the aim of bringing an image that is both sober and chic, like Paris, capital of fashion and elegance. All this without sacrificing beauty for performance with a range of equipment entirely hand made in Thailand, a guarantee of quality and know-how.

If you are lucky enough to be different, never change, Fight Different! ELION.

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