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Fairtex Breathable Boxing Gloves Black

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The Black Fairtex Breathable Boxing Gloves are the “Breathable” version of the BGV1. Adding a ventilation strip across the palm of the hand allowing the glove to “breathe” and reducing internal moisture damage as well as helping to cool the glove whilst in use. As a result lower palm protection present on the standard BGV1 is removed. The Fairtex boxing glove is a small fit and has a short wrist cuff. Loved in the UK and USA by both Thai boxers & MMA Fighters. Engineered with a oversized hand compartment and triple-layered foam core to provide maximum protection during training and sparring these gloves have been handmade in Thailand the home of top quality Muay Thai equipment.

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Fairtex is recognized as the gear of champions and endorsed by world champion fighters, instructors, promoters and sanctioning bodies worldwide as the leader and innovator in high impact combat sports. Fairtex equipment is “Engineered for Top Performance” and students from all over the world train with Fairtex.


  • Full wrist wrap hook and loop closure
  • Available in 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz.
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Genuine top grain leather
  • “Breathable” strip across the hand compartment

The Black Fairtex Breathable Boxing Gloves are suitable for Muay Thai, Stand Up and Kickboxing.

The Black Fairtex Breathable boxing gloves are small fitted with a shorter hand compartment and an overall tighter fit.

Available in range of colours and weights with shinguards also available to match.

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