Fightstore Premium Waterbag – Yellow/Green Limited Edition

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Fightstore Premium Waterbag – Yellow/Green Limited Edition

A punching bag filled with water made from a special plastic. The bag filled with water absorbs the punches very well and give a lifelike training.

The advantage of the waterbag is that you can fill it yourself with water. The bag has an eye with a harp closure on which you can hang the Punchbag.

The eye of the bag is further reinforced with a metal ring so that the eye does not hang because of the weight. To hang the bag a very strong and durable rope is supplied with which you can vary the suspension height.

The waterbags are currently an absolute hit in both the martial arts and the fitness market.

The finishing touch is a plus point for the premium bag. The seams are tighter. The ball feels a bit softer and is extra reinforced with the suspension. The valve is equipped with a turning plug.

The Fightstore Premium Waterbag must be filled with water. The wider filling opening ensures that you can easily fill the punch bag and let it run empty with water. A valve is supplied to fill and close it.

The bag is suitable for both recreational and professional use.

  • Waterpro Punchbag
  • Filling plug
  • Locking plug
  • D-Ring
  • Black rope


  • 50/38 cm – 24 kg
  • 58/46 cm – 45 kg
  • 71/55 cm – 70 kg

Always use boxing (bag ) loves or hand wraps during your training on the bag.

NOTE: bags come empty.

The boxing bag comes with a 1-year warranty on production errors.

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21" – 70kg, 18" – 45kg, 15" – 24kg


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