Jordan Premium Urethane Dumbbells – Sets

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Jordan Premium Urethane Dumbbells – Sets

Jordan’s toughest dumbbell yet, these brand new for 2019 newly designed premium polyurethane dumbbells won’t be seen to scuff or mark your gym floor.

Heat-treated steel dumbbells with weights coated in heavy duty and odourless polyurethane.

Great for a comprehensive number of upper-body strength exercises, from shoulder press through to chest press and bicep curls.

Heavy weights available, so ideal for CrossFit, bodybuilding and heavy strength training.

  • 2.5kg-25kg – (2.5kg increments/ 10 pairs)
  • 27.5kg-37.5kg – (2.5kg increments/ 5 pairs)
  • 40kg-50kg – (2.5kg increments/ 5 pairs)
  • 2.5kg-50kg – (2.5kg increments/ 20 pairs)
  • 2.5kg-30kg – (2.5kg increments/ 12 pairs)
  • 52.5kg-62.5kg – (2.5kg increments/ 5 pairs)
  • 65kg-75kg – (2.5kg increments/5 pairs)

Rack not included.

Superior five-year warranty.

NOTE: Normal delivery rates only apply to INDIVIDUAL dumbbells up to 28kg! Please contact us for pricing on heavier dumbells.

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Weight Set

2.5kg-25kg – (2.5kg increments/ 10 pairs), 27.5kg-37.5kg – (2.5kg increments/ 5 pairs), 40kg-50kg – (2.5kg increments/ 5 pairs), 2.5kg-50kg – (2.5kg increments/ 20 pairs), 2.5kg-30kg – (2.5kg increments/ 12 pairs), 52.5kg-62.5kg – (2.5kg increments/ 5 pairs), 65kg-75kg – (2.5kg increments/5 pairs)


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