Namman Muay Thai Cream – 100g

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Invented almost a hundred years ago, Namman Muay is one of Thailand’s best guarded secrets. This special formula dates back to 1937 and was made by a herbalist, Thongtos Intratat.

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Namman Muay Thai cream is used to soothe injuries and the aches and pains Muay Thai can bring on through heavy contact.

The cream warms and relieves through its analgesic properties. Suitable before or after training, the cream is completely safe with no known side effects and is part of traditional Muay Thai culture. This comes as an 30g and 100g tube. Not to be used on infected areas of skin. Active ingrediants: Menthol, Eugenol, Methyl salicylat.

Namman describe the product as: “The cream provides quick and soothing relief for joint and muscle aches and pains, strains and sprains. Indicated for relief of: – muscular aches – arthritic – rheumatic pain – strains – sprain”

Muay Thai, injury care


  • Suitable for muscular pain and arthritis
  • Suitable before or after training

NOTE: Due to new EU laws, the packaging has been updated. Please see second photo and please read below full details:

Slovenian company Tykhe d.o.o. is the exclusive European distributor for the Namman Muay since 2010. As of 2023, with the introduction of the law on Methil Salicilate for all cosmetic products, Namman Muay is produced in Slovenia. Tykhe d.o.o. have the IP license to produce new cosmetics products under the Namman Muay brand.

The Namman Muay Active cream, has been developed by a team of three scientists, and the base has been made by Devakam Apothecary Hall Co. LTD itself. We have added some extra ingredients to make the cream ideal for sportspeople to use before and after exercise. The cream is designed to improve mobility, aid muscle recovery, provide relaxation, and promote joint health. The cream still contains the cold and hot effect on the skin, but we have reduced the amount of methil salicilate to comply with the new regulations. The cream now contains only 0.06% of methil salicilate, as allowed by law.

All products under the Namman Muay brand will be produced in Slovenia for the entire European Union to comply with the new EU regulations.

As well as the cream there is also a lineament available that does much of the same thing.

Namman Muay Thai cream is not a medically endorsed product and is by no means a solution to arthritis etc, but it certainly aids recovery and soothes pain.

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