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Namman Muay Thai Cream – 30g

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Namman Muay Thai cream is used to soothe injuries and the aches and pains Muay Thai can bring on through heavy contact.
The cream warms and relieves through its analgesic properties. Suitable before or after training, the cream is completely safe with no known side effects and is part of traditional Muay Thai culture. This comes as an 30g tube. Not to be used on infected areas of skin. Active ingrediants: Menthol, Eugenol, Methyl salicylat. Namman describe the product as: “The cream provides quick and soothing relief for joint and muscle aches and pains, strains and sprains. Indicated for relief of: – muscular aches – arthritic – rheumatic pain – strains – sprain”

Muay Thai, injury care


  • Made in Thailand
  • No side effects
  • Suitable for muscular pain and arthritis
  • Suitable before or after training

As well as the cream there is also a lineament available that does much of the same thing.

Namman Muay Thai cream is not a medically endorsed product and is by no means a solution to arthritis etc, but it certainly aids recovery and soothes pain.

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    Namman Muay Thai Cream - 30g photo review
    Tony C.
    8th May 2016
    Great stuff
    Found this a brill product
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