Onnit Primal Kettlebells

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Onnit Primal Kettlebells:

Kettlebells are a staple of functional training and the reasons are obvious; they offer more efficient benefits pound for pound than any other training method available.

They are also incredibly versatile as there are literally hundreds of different exercise options so whether you’re looking for a stronger core, arms or legs – or any combination thereof – kettlebells are the way to go.

The Onnit Primal Bells are famous for their durability, functionality, and savage appearance.

Cast from chip resistant iron, the Primal range have enlarged handles for enhanced grip strength and are perfectly balanced for an optimum workout.

We have four different weights/varieties available making the range suitable for any fitness level and diverse enough to work with any fitness program.

  • Howler = 18lb / 8kg
  • Chimp = 36lb / 16kg
  • Orangutan = 54lb / 24kg
  • Gorilla = 72lb / 32kg

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Please note, free delivery does not apply to the Gorilla kettlebells do to their size. Please contact us for pricing.

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Howler 18lb / 8kg, Chimp 36lb / 16kg, Orangutan 54lb / 24kg, Gorilla 72lb / 32kg


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