RAZE Women’s Premium Series Bar

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RAZE Women’s Premium Series Bar

When you take your Olympic lifting to the next level you really should be looking at the RAZE Premium bars. The shaft is formed from a special low carbon steel with a tensile strength of 216k psi, meaning it’s super strong yet elastic enough to return true after each lift, and during the production process each individual shaft goes through a stress test to make sure it reaches our exacting standards.

The shaft features the RAZE signature dual profile knurling which has been developed to ensure a consistent grip when lifting but at the same time to not too aggressive when receiving the bar.

The proprietary designed copper alloy bushing is hard, strong and corrosion resistant, and the lubrication system ensures a smooth rotation, whatever the load. The sleeve itself is made from seamless steel and is finished with a light ribbing to prevent collar slippage.


  • Weight: 15kg
  • Shaft diameter: 25mm
  • Bar Length: 201cm
  • Loadable sleeve length: 32cm
  • Knurl: IWF
  • Tensile strength: 216k psi
  • Sleeve: Bushing

Plates not included!

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