Reversible Premium Multi Purpose 20mm Jigsaw Mats – Red/Black

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Reversible Premium Multi Purpose 20mm Jigsaw Mats from Fightstore Ireland.

  • 45 degrees shore C hardness
  • 120kg m3 density
  • 1m x 1m
  • 20mm thick
  • Tough Top Surface
  • Durable EVA High Density Foam
  • Non-slip
  • Water repellent
  • Truly Reversible

Fightstore Ireland are supplying jigsaw mats to Boxing/Kickboxing/Karate/MMA/BJJ and other Martial Art Clubs across the country, the Irish Prison Service, Garda Service, Dublin City Council and many other Councils, Schools and Colleges, TV Studios, and much more.

If you do manage to find a cheaper Jigsaw mat then please contact us to see sample for comparison.

We have been selling these mats for many years so if at any point you wish to add to your matted area you can be assured they will have the same jigsaw pattern so will fit your previous order.

What is 35-45 hardness?

EVA mats can be made to any firmness, i.e very soft for children’s playing areas to very hard, for example a free weights area.

The standard hardness for martial arts mats is 35-45 degrees. This measurement is not a sign of quality, just the firmness of the mat. (35 degrees is slightly softer than 45 degrees)

What is density?

The foam density is not in fact a weight but a measurement of mass per unit of volume and it is measured in kilograms per cubic metre (kg/m3). Basically, the higher the density of foam, the greater level of impact resistance.

The impact resistance is the ability to push back against weight and prevent the foam from bottoming out. This means that the higher the density, the better the quality of mat.

We always recommends 120kg/m3 as this is very good at not just making a soft landing but more importantly absorbing much of the impact.

We would always recommend our premium grade jigsaw mats at the higher density of 120kg/m3, however, we appreciate customers may be looking for a lower cost alternative option. This is why we have introduced our standard multi purpose jigsaw mats. These are still a very high quality mat as we will not sacrifice quality for price, but they do have a slightly lower density of 90-100kg/m3

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Available in a number of colours and thicknesses.

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