Revvll Pro Rope Trainer

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Revvll PRO Rope Trainer

Endless Rope Training on a New Level.

An alternative to stand-alone and expensive rope training simulation machines – yet offers more versatility and fun!

The Revvll Pro is great for beginning or advanced use within all facility types. Ideal for functional training areas, personal trainers, circuit integration and group classes.

It was an Olympic sport once, now you probably only know it from movies: rope climbing. Even though the surge of CrossFit has reinvigorated some of its former meaning, rope climbing is rareley seen in today’s training world. This has several reasons but it is a real shame because rope climbing is such a great exercise.

The advantages of rope climbing

Rope climbing not only challenges your back muscles but also your shoulders, arms, and grip strength. Since you are working with your full bodyweight you need to invest a great amount of strength over a relatively long period of time which is great for cardio. Add to all of this the coordinative aspect of the movements. In contrast to pull-ups, a rope doesn’t give you a steady, even contact area so the neuromuscular requirements are much higher. So in short: rope climbing is a prime example of functional training.

Revvll PRO Rope Trainer Features:

  • Substantial exercise variety
  • Quick Adjustability – Variable Resistance.
  • Mobility – Mount the Revvll high to low and virtually anywhere.
  • Commercial Grade – Quality Construction.
  • No rope fraying or gloves required!

Where rope climbing falls short

The reasons why rope climbing isn’t found often in gyms these days stem from the nature of the exercise itself. Only a few gyms use great halls where the ceiling is high enough to allow for reasonable rope training with climbing ropes. Additionally, there are safety concerns for the gym owners. And even if there is a possibility to train with climbing ropes only a few would know how to start with this demanding exercise. Beginners, injured or disabled athletes will have a very hard time if they can do it at all.


There are rope climbing machines that allow the trainee to simulate rope climbing. However, these machines are big and heavy. The revvll was created to allow rope climbing everywhere and for every trainee. A positive side effect of the light weight is the fact that the revvll offers significantly more exercises.

With classic rope climbing you pull the rope towards your body, with the revvll rope resistance training, however, you can move the rope in various ways against a certain resistance: pulling, pushing, and rotating movements in different angles are possible. You don’t sit on a rope climbing machine or are clinging to a rope – you can choose your own position freely. Thus, revvll rope trainers give you an overall upper body training with adjustable resistance. All you need to do is change your own position towards the training tool or the mounting height of the revvll.

Workout programming with different resistances

The adjustable resistance is a central element of the revvll in order to allow rope climbing for every trainee, whether they are rehab patients or professional athletes. At the same time, the adjustable resistance is an important part of training programming. If you prefer strength training you choose a higher resistance, if endurance is your main goal the lighter resistances will be your choice.

More safety

The revvll rope trainer not only solves the space problem of classic rope climbing. The training is also significantly safer and the non-allergenic endless rope is easier to clean than hemp or nylon ropes.

Not sure how to use the Rope Trainer? Check out this YouTube video or contact us for more details.

Everyone touts the benefits of Pull Ups; upper body and core strength development that has a multitude of functional applications. Rope resistance training requires a different type of grip and arm strength than a regular pull up. The nature of pulling or pushing a rope forces you to stabilize using your legs and core to master control. The Revvll Pro is the ultimate training tool to provide fun and variety in a number of eccentric and concentric movements!

A full body workout that’s a great builder of strength and fun! Revvll exercises are excellent for upper body development as well for building a strong grip and improving agility and coordination skills. Integrating the Revvll into group training sessions provides an awesome addition to your programing. Feature it on the fitness floor as a great way to add a new and affordable dimension to your offering.

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