Rival RFX Guerrero V Bag Gloves – HDE-F – White/Black

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The Guerrero glove is a traditional “Mexican-Style” pro boxing glove which we have adapted for bag use. A great fit, with a firm, solid, hard feel, this is definitely considered a “punchers glove”.

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Rival RFX Guerrero V Bag Gloves – HDE-F – White/Black

From the feedback Rival received, they have succeeded in producing simply the best, most comfortable and certainly the most power-

One of the most power-transmitting gloves on the market today, this glove offers a great fit with a firm, solid feel. Endorsed by some of boxing’s best, it has been carefully adapted for bag use and features our innovative Hook & Loop V-Strap for a secure fit.

Handcrafted using only the finest cowhide leather, the HDE-F version of our RFX-Guerrero-V Bag Glove is padded with a unique combination of layered foam, and laminated with a high-density EVA, giving them a stiff, firmer feel with the accent on power and hand protection.

We’re sure you will love the comfortable fit, the protection and, most importantly, the transmission of power that this glove provides while you train on the bag or pads.

Rival RFX Guerrero V Bag Gloves – HDE-F – White/Black FEATURES:

  • Multi-Layered Inner Foam Padding (HDE-F)
  • Premium Quality Leather
  • Rival’s V-Strap Wrist Lock 2 System
  • Printed and Embroidered Rival Graphics

As well, Rival integrated their innovative and unique Velcro “V” Strap for speed and ease of fitting for your Bag and Pad Work.

The Guerrero V Bag gloves have been highly endorsed by some of boxing’s best!

We are more than confident that you will love the custom fit, the protection and most importantly the transmission of power that this glove can create.

SF-S vs HDE-F explained:

  • On the SF-F version, Rival use a soft, simple, polyurethane foam giving this model glove a soft, “broken-in” feel.
  • On the HDE-F model, the leather is laminated with a high density EVA giving this glove a stiffer, firmer feel with the accent on power and protection.

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These bag gloves must never be used for sparring or hitting another person. They are designed specifically for bag and punch mitt use only. The layered foam padding used in the construction of these bag gloves are of a hard, high density nature not intended for sparring.

Rival Boxing is one of the fastest rising brands in the world!

With quality emphasised over all else, their gloves exude supreme design. They are built for boxers the world over. Innovative design choices and commitment to performance. They have developed uniquely styled boxing gloves and head guards that are both durable and highly functional.

Based in Canada but seen all over the world, Fightstore Ireland is the only store in the Republic of Ireland to stock this powerhouse brand that is emerging as one of the best equipment brands in boxing.

Their mission statement is “To revolutionise the boxing world” and through their range of high-end equipment they are certainly on their way. Rival is of the highest standard and they are a real contender in the modern boxing gear market.

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