Super Pro Combat Gear Hand Wraps

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Super Pro Combat Gear Hand Wraps

These semi elastic hand wraps are very easy to use. Perfect protection and support for hands and wrists.

Because of the elastic material it is very easy to wrap these hand wraps as tight as you wish. The Velcro is very good and keeps the wraps in place. The hands wraps have the Super Pro Lion logo on one side and the written Super Pro logo on the other hand.

These hand wraps are suited for all athletes wanting to protect and support their hands on a very easy manner.

In which colors and sizes are these gloves available?

  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Pink
  • Red/White/Blue/White/Red striping

And in sizes 4,5 and 2,5 metres.


  •  Semi-elastic
  • Velcro strap
  • Perfect protection for hands and wrists
  • Easy to wash

Always use hand wraps or inner gloves during training to give more support and protection to your hands.

Super Pro Combat Gear is already since 1978 well known for its great quality. Super Pro makes no concessions to the choice of materials or comfort. The Super Pro product range is developed by world leading trainers and world champion athletes. They are the real experts knowing how to produce high end combat gear products.

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What do you think of the Super Pro Combat Gear hand wraps?

Additional information


250cm, 450cm


Black, Red, Blue, White, Pink, Red/White/Blue

3 reviews for Super Pro Combat Gear Hand Wraps

  1. philip.s.77
    24th February 2023
    Worst Wraps to Date
    I originally ordered 2 pairs of the booster pro hand wraps. Was super excited to get them but the following day I received a call telling me that they...More
    I originally ordered 2 pairs of the booster pro hand wraps. Was super excited to get them but the following day I received a call telling me that they were on back order and that I could get three airs of these super pro wraps instead. I didnt think much of this and agreed. I later received a pair of black wraps, pink camo ones and a pair that was the red white blue thai flag. upon use I noticed straight away that the wraps with the thai flag colouring were extremely hard to keep straight due to the fabrics of different colours being different lengths aswell. Okay so an unpleasant quirk, fine. No problem. But then the velcro closure started coming apart! This is after 2 weeks of training. Upon washing the pink camo wraps they immediately faded in colour. But the worst thing about these wraps was that upon wrapping them on my hand or on to themselves the velcro wouyld over-hang by a solid inch which is ridiculous. This was on both wraps! The black ones were the least flawed of the three but all three pairs have been the worst wraps I've ever used to date. I never want anything to do with this brand again. If they cant get hand wraps right I cant imagine what theyre gloves are like. I am not trying to blame the workers in the shop for this. It was my own fault for agreeing to this change. I just regret the decision. Will promptly throw these wraps out and get nicer ones. Adding photos to show how wrinkly the thai wraps are and that the velcro stitching came undone. Also showing a picture of the how badly the pink camo wraps faded in colour.
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    Super Pro Combat Gear Hand Wraps
    24th April 2022
    not bad
    not bad for the price.
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    Super Pro Combat Gear Hand Wraps
    Mark S.
    14th April 2021
    great wraps
    fast delivery
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