Super Pro Kids Boxing Gloves – Gorilla

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Super Pro Kids Boxing Gloves – Gorilla

These Super Pro Children’s Gloves are made of sturdy material which makes the kickboxing gloves very durable. The padding is very comfortable and safe and absorbs the bumps.

In addition, the padding is shaped in such a way that making a fist is very easy.

The Velcro closure provides extra support on the wrist and the gloves can be easily put on and taken off.

The tough gorilla print has been specially developed for young fighters.

To determine the correct size / weight of your gloves, you can follow the schedule below:

  • <25 kg 4 oz
  • 25 – 35 kg 6 oz
  • 35 – 45 kg 8 oz
  • made of durable material
  • Velcro closure provides extra support
  • safe padding
  • good price / quality

Super Pro Combat Gear products have a one year guarantee on production failures.

Super Pro Combat Gear is already since 1973 well known for its great quality. They makes no concessions to the choice of materials or comfort. The Super Pro product range is developed by world leading trainers and world champion athletes. They are the real experts knowing how to produce high end combat gear products.

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