Tatami Sega Altered Beast Rash Guard – Long Sleeve

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Tatami Sega Altered Beast Rash Guard – Long Sleeve

For many adults, they would have grown up playing classic SEGA video games. Working with SEGA Europe, we’ve mixed those childhood memories with your modern day passion to bring three nostalgia-inducing rash guards. These are based on three timeless classics – Streets of Rage, Altered Beast and Golden Axe.

The unmistakable box art of the Altered Beast forms the main part of this rash guard. With the beast front and centre, you can mimic your favourite character by powering up on the mats. This retro design maximises the nostalgia and with a pixelated look filled with colour and power.

The rash guards themselves are made from the usual high quality from Tatami. They combine comfort, style and a carefully combined specification to maximise performance.

A polyester-spandex fabric blend allows the rash guard to stretch and form around your body a good extra room for pulling to stand up to the rigours of your rolls. Moisture wicking material means that sweating and raised temperatures will not impact how you feel.

In addition to the comfort of the design, fully sublimated printing of this fantastic artwork protects it against any cracking, ensuring long term protection of your favourite game.

Stretchy, breathable polyester fabric.

Tatami Sega Altered Beast Rash Guard Features:
  • Moisture wicking material
  • Unique and exclusive designs
  • Polyester-spandex fabric blend
  • Sublimated printing
  • Durable and comfortable

Care: machine wash cold, tumble dry low, no bleach.

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