The Spartner – Lifelike Sparring


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The Spartner offers the most lifelike training experience outside of a real life training partner, and in a fun and totally safe environment.

The Spartner is the ideal training partner for:

  • the pro fighter who wants to minimise blows to the head in the lead up to their big fight
  • the home trainer who just wants to spice up their bag workout
  • the kid who can’t yet spar for real but wants to be ready for when they can


  • Head and Foot Movement
  • Precision Punching
  • Counter Punching
  • Speed & Quicker Reaction Times
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Defensive Hands
  • Combinations
  • Leg Checks
  • Precision Kicks
  • Ability to Manage Fight Chaos
  • Flinch Resistance
  • Cardiovascular Fitness


  • Finest quality materials, constructed to last
  • Fits bags from 12 to 16 inches diameter
  • Can be positioned to suit all users
  • Works for both left and right-handed fastening
  • Simulate both punches and kicks
  • Velcro easy fix, adjust and release system, suitable for use with gloves
  • Arms are attached using the easy fix, adjust and release system
  • Arms can be adjusted to simulate different reaches
  • Number of arms can be adjusted
  • Arm positions can be adjusted affecting ball trajectories
  • Balls made from tough but supple foam
  • Balls are replaceable if damaged
  • Weighted inner cores help optimize ball trajectories
  • Swivel bearing accommodates any boxing bag
  • Bearing can help extend bag life
  • Locking karabiner ensures safe fastening
  • Custom Spartner stow bag

Each order includes:

  • 1 x main strap
  • 2 x weighted foam balls
  • 1 x karabiner
  • 1 x swivel bearing
  • 2 x arm straps
  • 1 x bag
  • 1 x box

The Spartner can be attached to a boxing bag very simply.

Our bearing swivel enables quick and effortless rotation of the bag when hit or pushed off center, allowing the weighted foam balls to swing up and fight back.

Because of The Spartner’s design, the movements of the balls are always random and difficult to learn, offering the most lifelike combat experience you can get without an actual sparring partner.


Early design involvement with the multi award-winning product design agency Design Partners based in Bray, Co. Wicklow. We have gone for a sharp timeless design that integrates features common in combat sports gear and apparel.

The main strap, arm straps, leather, webbing and carry bag are made to last with the finest quality genuine cowhide Italian leather and seat belt grade nylon webbing. All these components are hand stitched in Ireland by the multi award-winning, sustainable bag manufacturers Mamukko based in Kinsale, Co. Cork.


In these videos we go through a few options for setting up and using your Spartner, just to get you started.

Setting up & using the Spartner.

For clarity, there is no boxing bag included with this – The Spartner attaches to an existing bag. Make sure your bag is far enough away from walls and stands to allow it to spin freely and put up a good fight, and that you have a standard diameter boxing bag 12″-16″, as this version of the Spartner will not wrap around a larger diameter heavy bag.

Not what you’re looking for? Check out or freestanding part bars.

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