Rival Boxing – RS1 Pro Sparring Gloves

Rival Boxing – RS1 Pro Sparring Gloves

Today we are reviewing the 16oz RS1 Pro Sparring Gloves from Rival Boxing.

Rival Boxing have designed a comfortable and stylish sparring glove for serious athletes. RS1 Pro sparring gloves specifications:

  • 1.0 mm full grain all-leather construction;
  • Rival’s « Ergo Lace Track System »;
  • 15° angled “Lace Track” at wrist for anatomical fit;
  • “X-Lace Track” on cuff for perfect lacing every time;
  • The “Lace-Track” eliminates risk of lace burns;
  • Unique Conic design and snug fitting long cuff for optimal wrist support;
  • Over 40 mm (1,75″) of layered foam padding;
  • Ultra-comfortable laminated inner lining

Before going any further I have to say that the fit of the RS1 Pro gloves is amazing! Very comfortable. A great fist right out of the box.

Rival Boxing - RS1 Pro Sparring Gloves

When you slip your hand into the glove, it feels like you are putting on a well made, well padded winter glove. The moisture wicking capabilities work well and excessive heat should not be a problem. The glove has the grip bar feature, fits very well, and making a fist feels very natural. This model is listed as the “long cuff” version and should probably be more aptly named as, “the perfect length” version, for anyone who is interested in something other than a “short cuff” version. The longer cuff length, and lace up version provides excellent wrist support and padding.

Rival Boxing - RS1 Pro Sparring Gloves

The gloves are professional grade, and the design, material, and workmanship are high quality. The thick, full grain, high quality leather has a semi-soft broken in, yet very durable feel to it. The gloves are very well padded in the fist, thumb, wrist, and on any contact areas. The padding thickness is 1.75″+ and the composition is what I consider to be optimum for protection to your hands, and your sparring partner. The stitching is high quality, it does not wander, and it is reinforced in all stress areas.

The wrist support on the RS1’s is second to none. They are about the best that I have seen in that area and personally think that they feel better than the Cleto Reyes.

The RS1s are a high quality glove, but feel lighter than Reyes and no leather beats the leather on the Reyes IMO. The wrist support on the RS1s is superior and the padding is more protective for sparring than the Reyes. In the world of sparring gloves, often times compromises have to be made in regards to comfort for the sake of security; that is untrue in this case, because these Rs1 gloves are built in such a way as to be extremely comfortable during use.

Rival Boxing - RS1 Pro Sparring Gloves

The graphics are micro injected, and labels are well done and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The internal lining is a soft, smooth, snag free material that envelopes the hand and wrist, and the internal wrist area is stitched compartmentally to prevent any shifting or clumping of the internal padding. This is an additional plus in the design, as I do not believe the type of internal padding used would be prone to clump anyway.

Rival Boxing - RS1 Pro Sparring Gloves

The Ergolace “X-Track” System allows you to criss cross the laces around the glove cuff, and they are laid below the surface in tracks that run between the padding. Not only is it a more secure lacing method, but it should also just about virtually eliminate the possibility of lace burns. These features are an “innovative design”, and a long overdue, welcome design improvement.

The other feature is the 15 Degree Anatomically Angled Wrist. This feature is not excessive and not only feels very comfortable and natural, but it also aids in having the punch strike impact on the proper section of the knuckles and fist.

In terms of performance these gloves are 10/10, absolutely great. The RS1 gloves are exceptionally nice, well made, that the dedicated enthusiast would be very pleased to own. They are certainly very well worth the current asking price of €179.99.

Click here to buy the RS1 in Red or in Black.

Rival Boxing - RS1 Pro Sparring Gloves

Source: SherDog

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