‘Second Coming’ Weigh-In: Intense Peter McDonagh and Dean Byrne face off

Peter McDonagh said at the press conference yesterday that come Saturday we will “see who the real Irish man is”.

‘Second Coming’ Weigh-In: Intense Peter McDonagh and Dean Byrne face off

But we only had to wait until Friday to find out.

At the weigh in, there was no question of McDonagh’s nationality as he looked to prove a point to Byrne by stepping on the scales holding the Irish flag.

Byrne recently suggested that Galway boxer McDonagh was a fake Irish having spent a lot of his life in England.

McDonagh made the 147 lbs welterweight limit but the same couldn’t be said for Crumlin man Byrne who was slightly over the mark.

Then the highlight of the event at the National Stadium occurred. Both fighters were brought together for a head to head and the tension between them could be detected anywhere in the building.

The pair talked to each-other and both pushed forward with their heads. It didn’t come to blows as both were separated but on Saturday night nobody will be there to restrain them.


Michael Sweeney and Ian Tims made weight at the Cruiserweight 200 lbs division.

Ian ‘The Tank’ Tims was so confident of not being over the limit that he wore runners and tracksuit bottoms as he stepped on the scales.

During their face off both competitors looked stern and ready to exchange shots on Saturday. There was no trouble between them.

Sweeney told FightstorePROi this morning that he respected Tims and that their rivalry wasn’t personal.


Added into the mix was some light entertainment also. Sean ‘Big Sexy’ Tuner’s opponent wasn’t at the Stadium, but that didn’t prevent the Dubliner from having a face off.

Brave Olympian Paddy Barnes stepped up to square off with his heavyweight pal Turner.

Thankfully it was only for fun because a light-flyweight fighting a heavyweight probably wouldn’t end well.


Jamie Conlan, along with the other MGM fighters, all made weight.

Speaking to FightstorePROi outside the Stadium super-flyweight Jamie Conlan confirmed that he was straight off to get some food with his brother.

Earlier in the day the Belfast man said that it will be a relief to get the weigh in concluded so he can relax.

Conlan told FightstorePROi that from now until the fight he won’t even think about boxing as it wastes nervous energy.

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You can watch the ‘Second Coming’ show this Saturday on BoxNation. Also featuring on the bill are Declan Geraghty, Jamie Kavanagh, Jamie Cox, Vijender Singh, David Magurie, Ciaran Mullen and Ciaran McVarnock.

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‘Second Coming’ Weigh-In: Intense Peter McDonagh and Dean Byrne face off