Uvais Bisayev interview with Fightstore PRO Ireland

Uvais Bisayev’s interview with Fightstore PRO Irl

Fightstore PRO Ireland had the opportunity to recently interview Uvais Bisayev, who is originally from Chechnya but used to train in Ireland under Bridgestone. We appreciate him sitting down with us and hope you will enjoy this interview!

Q. First off, for all the readers that don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Uvais Bisayev, I’m married and I’m originally from Chechnya. I’ve been involved with sports most of my life, from karate, wrestling and judo to kickboxing, Muay Thai and recently taking up Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
I never liked violence but I’ve always enjoyed sports, it teaches you discipline and respect!!

Q. How did you get into Muay Thai?

When I met the guys in the old Bridgestone gym. I enjoyed the way the guys were training… Paul Kelly, Wayne, Tommy, Didler… so much love in Muay Thai, and respect.

Before Bridgestone I used to do kickboxing, but after my first day in the gym I went home and watched Muay Thai fights. It was a litttle brutal and not what I wanted but I stuck with Muay Thai because I liked the guys in gym.

Q. What made you move to Austria?

My relatives live in Austria. My uncles and cousins are here, It’s like a big family sport here in Vienna…

Q. How would you describe yourself as a fighter?

I don’t know. I think a real man and a fighter should never speak about himself to big and must be humble. The people around him should describe him.

Q. How do you spend your days training and what are you doing outside of the gym?

I’m training the young fighters and helping them achieve their goals. I enjoy spending time with my family and friend. Whenever I can, I get involved with charities with my guys!!

Q. What do you consider to be your best fight?

I think every fight is the best for me because you fight only to win. But the hardest fight for me was the K1 Max title fight because on the plane from Thailand I got sick and was a bit ill on the day of the fight.

Q. What is your relationship with Tiger Muay Thai?

I’m sponsored by Tiger Muay Thai. I represent them when I fight.

Q. If you weren’t fighting, what would you do for a living?

Maybe I would be doing business 🙂 But you never know 🙂

Q. Who are your idols and who inspires you?

I always like the way Andy Souwa fights and Masato. In Boxing, it has to be Mohammed Ali.

My inspiration comes from a very humble man. His name is Buvaisar Saitiev, a 4 times wrestling Olympic Gold medalist.

Buvaisar is a Russian wrestler of Chechen heritage, who has won nine world-level gold medals in freestyle wrestling. He Is widely considered the greatest freestyle wrestler of all time

Q. What’s your favorite fight of all time?

There is no favorite fight. All fighters deserve respect, win or lose.

Q. What is your plan for 2016?

Should be taking a big step with the new fighters we have in our gym. Will see…

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In UFC with the guys haha

Q. When are we going to see you back in Dublin?

I’m not sure, probably September to visit my family.

Q. What is your advice to someone looking to take up Muay Thai, or any other contact sport?

Be constant in what you do. Less talk and more actions. Respect your coach/trainer and work hard.

Q. Your message to the readers?

Message to readers…. Help people in need and then you will find someone helping you when you are in need.

You can find Uvais Bisayev’s club Facebook page here.

Also, check out his YouTube channel here.

Uvais Bisayev interview with Fightstore PRO Ireland

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