UXC Fight Night 4 Results

UXC Fight Night 4 Results

UXC Fight Night 4 Results started with an interesting format of  4 man tournament( with the best lightweights in IRELAND an NI Ireland), then continuing with a fight card of 9 fights ahead. The event was a great platform for a lot of the debutants and without a doubt some promising talent was noted. With such events you can witness the growth of young fighters and seeing that Irish MMA is rapidly growing, it is obvious that some fighters and their teams are putting an incredible amount of work taking their performances to the next level at each show.

UXC Fight Night 4 Results

The first fight of the night Karl Bell (EFR) taps Jay Ar Campos(KOKORO) via armbar. Karl securing himself a place into the lightweight final of the 4 man tournament. The Second fight Decky McAleenan( TORRES NEWRY) defeats Ron Butler(RYOSHIN). Getting him a place into the final now facing Karl Bell for the belt.

The third fight of the night Jamie Horner(RAPID FIRE) submits his opponent after 2:08 seconds. Next fight Ross Quearny (C-MAC MMA) KO his opponent after 17 seconds into the fight.On the 5th fight Nathan Kenna(G1 MMA) caught his opponent with an armbar in the first round showing his impressive jiu-jitsu skills.

UXC Fight Night 4 Results

Ryan Daye(FAI) faces Stuart Graham(CHUM SUT),both guys keeping a good distance, throwing punches in and out .S.Graham working from close guard almost locking up a triangle at the end of the first round. Onto the second round after 2:31 seconds Graham get caught by R.Daye with a nasty liver kick, surprising his opponent and the crowd.

On the 7th fight John Paul Mc Mullen(YOUNG SPARTANS) defeats Marcin Postolachi(RYOSHIN) with a TKO 2nd round.

Next fight Lukas Dawidowicz wins over Elliot Levi(SBG). L. Dawidowicz dominating the whole match, scoring a few takedowns and maintained the top position most of the time. Elliot doing a good job by getting up quick or trying to work from the bottom. But his opponent had and answer for everything. Last round, Lukas takes his back and submits Elliot with RNC. An incredible battle by both guys.

UXC Fight Night 4 Results

Robert Burke (C-MAC MMA) showed some impressive ground skills, taking down hisopponent then maintaining the top position and getting an armbar over Stewart Kenny(CRFS).

Eric Nolan(RYANO) won with a TKO over Joe Mc Mahon(FAI). Eric mostly working from the body clinch against the cage trying to get the takedown, Joe almost pulls a guillotine. The fight goes to the ground and Eric feels really comfortable by showing good transitions.While both fighters are standing Eric throws a few combinations and TKO’s his opponent.

Mark Doughan(SUDDEN IMPACT) submits Julian Oreagan(HEAT MMA) with a standing guillotine.

Next bout Sean Paul Power (RYANO) faces Gerry Smyth(TORRES NEWRY), a great performance by both guys, but Sean Paul seemed more prepared in the fight. Sean Paul dropped Gerry a few times with a strong right hook. Gerry working from the bottom, then almost taking Sean Paul’s back. Sean doing a great job escaping, standing up, he then dominated the whole fight scoring a dominant decision.

UXC Fight Night 4 Results

The last fight of the night ended up with Karl Bell facing Decky McAleenan in the final for the lightweight title. McAleenan rocket Bell in the first few seconds, then lands a head kick, the fight goes to the ground and McAleenan gets the back and submits Karl Bell via RNC.

The night ended with 5 subs and, showing that most of the fighters are taking in consideration the ground game, by using their ground skills wisely and calculated. Very impressive BJJ skills were shown by some fighters, with good timing and understanding of the BJJ guard. Most of the teams are extremely active on the scene by getting involved in BJJ tournaments, K1 and Thai Boxing events on top of the MMA shows.


UXC Fight Night 4 Card

  • Decky McAleenan (Torres Newry) Def. Karl Bell (EFR) by RNC, 02:34 in round 1
  • Sean Paul Power (Ryano) Def. Gerry Smyth (Torres Newry) by Decision, 03:00 in round 3
  • Mark Duggan (Sudden Impact) Def. Julian O´Reagan (HEAT MMA) by Guillotine, 01:15 in round 1
  • Eric Nolan (Ryano) Def. Joe McMahon (FAI) by TKO, 1:04 in round 2
  • Robert Burke (C-Mac MMA) Def. Stewart Kenny (CRFS) by Arm-bar, 1:36 in round 1
  • Lukas Dawidowicz (C-Mac MMA) Def. Elliot Levy (SBGi) by RNC, 00:34 in round 3
  • John Paul McMullan (Young Spartans) Def. M Postolachi (Ryoshin) by Verbal Submission, 02:03 in round 2
  • Ryan Daye (FAI) Def. Stuart Graham (Chum Sut) by TKO, 02:31 in round 2
  • Nathan Kenna (G1 MMA) Def. Patrick McNally (PHK MMA) by Arm-bar, 01:24 in roudn 1
  • Ross Quearny (C-Mac MMA) Def. Glenn McVeigh (FAI) by KO, 00:17 in round 3
  • Jamie Horner (Rapid Fire) Def. Krystian Feist (Ferocity MMA) by Guillotine, 02:08 in round 2
  • Decky McAleenan  (Torres Newry) Def. Ron Butler (Ryoshin) by TKO, 00:21 in round 1
  • Karl Bell (EFR) Def. Jay Ar Campos (Kokoro) by Arm-bar, 01:40 in round 1

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