Warrior FC III

WARRIOR FC III taking place this Saturday 31st of January

WARRIOR FC III is taking place this Saturday 31st of January in Ayrfield Sports and Leisure Center, Blunden Drive, Dublin 13.

Warrior Fighting Championship is a K-1 style event that aims to create a format where all striking styles can compete against one another, in a mixed martial arts of striking styles.

Warrior FC III Poster

The fight card for the night is as follows:

Running order is determined in order of experiences, with novices fighting first, and progressively moving to more experienced fighters.  Fight No.1 is the first fight of the night, scheduled for 6pm. Fight No.21 is the final fight of the night. Card is subject to change.


1. Deborah OSullivan (C-MAC MMA) vs Sarah McGowan (Strike KB) 57kg

2. Ashleigh Gallagher (Strike KB) vs Paula Delehanty (Balance MMA) 70kg

3. Chris Brandaras (Bridgestone MT) vs Conor O’Flaherty (Naas KB) 79kg

4. James O’Rourke (Trials MMA) vs Emmanuel Alphion (Chaiyo MT) 70kg

5. Aidan Lehane (Bridgestone MT) vs Tony Campbell (Kamikaze MA) 88kg

6. Jenny Deane (Strike KB) vs Eimear Codd (Valhalla MA) 60kg

7. Dennis Maslennikov (Bridgestone MT) vs Andy O’Regan (Fermoy MT) 70kg

8. Jimmy Long (Strike KB) vs Jamie Wilson (Heat MMA) HW

9. Ivan Walsh (SBG) vs Dan Tully (Force MT) 75kg

10. Steve Owen (Strike KB) vs Jacub Poczatek (Naas KB) 79kg

11. Adam Dempsey (SBG) vs Patrick Maughan (Force MT) 66kg

12. Shane O’Brien (Trials MMA) vs Stefan Triffo (Kamikaze MT) 61kg

13. Dan O’Toole (SBG) vs Eddie Dalton (Jai Sua MT) 62kg

14. Brendan Morris (Trials MMA) vs Dylan Wilson (309 MT) 62kg

15. Eliot Levy (SBG) vs Bjorn Gillsbro (Hammerhead MT) 73kg

16. Lee Walton (Dublin MT) vs Adam Gallagher (Go MT) 62kg

17. Sam Slater (SBG) vs David Fustos (Dublin MT) 78kg

18. Michael O’Donovan (Trials MMA) vs Miceal O’Hare (Newry MT) 63kg

19. Liam Kelly (C-MAC MMA) vs Sean O’Hare (Chupasart) 70kg

20. Adrian Polcik (Naas KB) vs Lee Morgan (Newry MT) 68kg

21. Paul O’Brien (C-MAC MMA) vs Neil Tucker (Kamikaze MT) 77kg

22. Dan Cullen (Chupasart MT) vs Declan McAleenan (Newry MT) 68kg

23. Richard Kiely (SBG) vs Brett Egan (Deise KB) 84kg (Middleweight Title Eliminator)

Tickets are available at the door and they go for €20 each.

For more information please check out the official Facebook event page.

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