Fight Store Ireland

Welcome to Fight Store Ireland!

After five long months, Fight Store Ireland is finally up and running!

Fight Store Ireland is a newly opened Mixed Martial Arts store located in the KCR Industrial Estate, Kimmage, Dublin 12. This is a store run by fighters for fighters. Our aim is to provide the Irish market with the best fight gear from around the world.

Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ, Full Contact, Semi Contact, Traditional – you name it, we stock it!

Back in July 2014, Wayne Grant and I decided to open our own Mixed Martial Arts club. While looking for the premises, we decided to purchase some of the equipment necessary to set up a club i.e. bags, pads, gloves. It was decided we would buy the highest quality equipment we could find and it is at this point we got in contact with Alex Wright from After going back and forth for a number of days, we decided to buy the stock from Alex. A few weeks later we had obtained the premises and decided to place a second order from Alex, this time for resale as our friends were requesting some of our gear.

Coming to the end of August, we decided to open a small shop in the gym and stock a limited quantity of stock, which would be available to our members only. After telling Alex “the plan,” he suggested we should go out all the way and open a full fight store in Dublin. That weekend I flew to Newcastle to meet up with Alex and see what we can work out. I’ve explained my ideas to Alex; he explained his ideas, and the result? I took on Fight Store Ireland! Months of hard work later, here we are 🙂

As our “sister” company in the UK, we don’t support cheaply made alternatives. Fight Store Ireland only stocks high quality equipment for people who appreciate quality and who are passionate about Martial Arts.

With our main brands being Revgear and Fuji, we also stock Rival, Fairtex, Boon, Cleto Reyes, Carbon Claw, Grips, Wicked One, Unkut, DC Mouthguards, Sisu and many more. Our brands are guaranteed to withstand the punishment metered out by the rigors of the tough sports we cater for!

Aside from our online shop, you, as a visitor/customer, will also come across various upcoming sporting events around Ireland as we are trying to promote and support them. If you would like us to write/share any upcoming event, please feel free to contact us.

We have some big plans for 2015 and for the future of contact sports in Ireland and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone out there for supporting us so far.

The Fight Store Ireland team and I look forward to seeing you in our store!